What global brands showed at Maison & Objet 2020 exhibition

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The Maison & Objet exposition takes place in Paris twice a year – in September and January. Famous designers from different countries come here and present their latest developments. At the exhibition you can learn about the trends of the new season, be inspired by unusual interiors, see non-standard collections of furniture and textiles.

This year the exhibition was held from January 17 to 21. The works of eminent architects, designers and stylists were placed in the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition pavilion.

Traditionally, the exhibition was divided into thematic zones: modern interior items, furniture and accessories of luxury brands, decor items, home textiles, kitchen accessories, etc. This year the exhibition was attended not only by world brands, but also young art studios and workshops.

The three key highlights of the exhibition included a striking modern lighting design, eco-friendly furniture, and some creative ideas from the rising stars of France.

Lighting design

Spanish porcelain brand Lladró debuted with the Nightbloom lighting design, created in collaboration with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. An ethereal chandelier imitates a flower fluttering in the wind. Its porcelain petals dotted with gold gloss paint play with light and shadow.

Also at the exhibition, a new design of a tripod lamp from Florence Lemoine was presented, which was the result of a collaboration between a glassblower and a cabinetmaker.

Designer Michael Anastassiades from London won the Designer of the Year Award thanks to his creative lighting.

For his exposition, he collected 16 mobile chandeliers. Ultra-thin patinated steel strips suspended from the ceiling support luminous beads of light.

Eco green furniture

In honor of the celebration of the 25th anniversary, Maison et Objet analyzed the trends of modern designers and found that home furniture is designed and developed mainly from environmentally friendly natural materials, and this trend will continue. The attitude is to seek ideas for a better world, they change the rules and revolutionize consumer behavior.

Greenkiss is the new luxury and eco-friendly furniture brand launched by designers Hubert de Malherbe, Thierry Lemaire and Paolo Castelli.

Meanwhile, Ligne Roset, together with Kvadrat studio, are busy developing Really, a one-piece textile board made from recycled industrial textiles, including expired white cotton.

There were also many other creative projects that continued the theme of regeneration, such as wood vases and reed planters.

Expositions were filled with objects made from natural materials. Bistro chairs with painted wood frames and pale reed panels, chic perforated deck chairs and wardrobes with reed panel doors.

Ascendant talents

Each edition of Maison et Objet focuses on next-generation creations from a specific country to receive the Rising Talent Award. This year, the focus was on France, as six French novice designers were selected by a jury.

Rene-Jacques Mayer, one of the jury members and director of Ecole Camondo, said: “There are two main trends on the stage of young French design: First, designers are developing stronger ties with the craft. Such items are less different from industrial products than items produced in limited quantities using the traditional method of production. Secondly, they are more interested not in simple construction, but in the development of much more social projects. Their main goal is to solve problems and come up with new ways of application”.

Adret studio founder Adrien Garcia introduced a modular furniture system enclosed in a huge pink cuboid, pictured above.

World brands and Art studios at M&O 2020

Antonio Lupi

Italian design studio Antonio Lupi, which creates objects for bathrooms, became famous last year at the Maison & Objet exhibition for unusual washbasins. This year they presented even more interesting models.

The base of the washbasins is made of marble, and the bowl is made of transparent resin. Due to the contrast, sinks can be successfully fit into the bathroom with any surface.


Karpa is a designer brand that produces furniture of unusual shapes and textures. Each piece of furniture or decor is similar to an art object. In 2020, at the M&O exhibition, the brand presented massive metal and stone products: tables with a golden tint, as well as voluminous chandeliers that fascinate with their shapes.

Boca Do Lobo

At the exhibition, the Portuguese furniture manufacturer presented several new design solutions. In his room, Boca Do Lobo placed the Pietra marble dining table, Imperfectio sofa, Versailles armchair and Venice hand-made mirror.

This season, the “golden link” has become the “link”. It is in every new brand product. Creating furniture, Boca Do Lobo designers “mix” different styles using only natural materials: wood, brass gold and metal.

Ligne Roset

The Ligne Roset brand brought to the exhibition a collection of upholstered furniture and textiles. Among the new products: a waist cushion that wraps around the seats, a woolen carpet, a coffee table, a sofa bed with a control system, as well as chairs with armrests. Basically, the collection is made in pleasant pastel colors, part of the furniture and textiles are made in bright colors.

Dialma Brown

Dialma Brown creates furniture in different styles. Among the items are sofas and armchairs in a classic style, modernist chaise lounges made of metal and leather, urban upholstered furniture with textile pillows. The brand’s peculiarity is that they add elements of leather, metal and wood to each product.

Dome Deco

Dome Deco creates sophisticated collections of furniture and decor. The brand works in contrasts, combining products that are hard to imagine together. For example, combining warm and cold colors, unusual shapes, soft textures with rough edges. In addition, designers combine different styles.


The Spanish brand of furniture and accessories is known for not being afraid to use bright colors in the design of its products.

In 2019, the brand presented unusual Bonnet mirrors at the M&O exhibition. They were developed by Milan artist, designer and illustrator Elena Salmistraro. The items are made in postmodern style and look like models from a science fiction film.

Missoni Home

Missoni Home is a manufacturer of furniture and interior decoration items. This year, the brand showed several collections in different colors. “Day Dream” products are made in the style of impressionism. This collection used bright colors, geometric and picturesque prints that will help soften any interior.

The Dolomiti collection is based on a pleasant range with reddish-brown and yellow hues. Modern Iconic is made in bright colors, and Magic Garden resembles marine motifs. It used a combination of cool blue and neutral tones.


The brand’s peculiarity is that Ebru designers avoid minimalistic shapes and try to use complex colors in their products. Thanks to this, their products are similar to paintings.


The Circu brand specializes in children’s furniture. This year, designers showed a “cloud” collection.

Among the novelties: the NODO hanging chair, a bed that looks like a pearl and a rocket-shaped chair. On its website, the brand mentioned that it created a collection based on the short animated film Pixar “Partly Cloudy”.


The Dutch brand Eichholtz creates furniture, accessories and decor in elegant shapes, colors and textures.

This year, designers presented upholstered and cabinet furniture at the exhibition: coffee and side tables, sofas and pouffes, shelving and dining tables. In addition, the brand again showed new stylish home accessories: candle holders, vases, ashtrays and caskets.


Guadarte has a sophisticated décor. Due to their style, they are known in the design industry as a luxury brand. In their work, designers use parts made of wrought iron, glass, marble, velvet. At the same time, the brand is not afraid to use contrasting colors.


The company presented at the exhibition two collections of porcelain tableware. The first – Sip of Gold – showed champagne glasses with a golden edge. The designer Michael Seager was inspired by the classic silver goblet to create such a product.

Second collection – MY CHINA! It is dedicated to Chinese culture. Sets of dishes are made in white with bright accents: prints and drawings. Thanks to the color palette, different cookware sets can be easily combined with each other.

Roberto Cavalli Home

The Italian brand Roberto Cavalli became popular due to its unusual ornaments on different materials: knitwear, denim, leather. The designers of this brand create bedding sets and elegant glassware.

By the way, in 2017 at the M&O exhibition, the brand “hooked” guests with gold serving items. The dishes that were presented at the exposition were made of fine bone china, crystal and silver, and prints were applied on some objects.


The Munna brand is distinguished from the rest by its exquisite flowing furniture. Like last season, designers added metallic accents to their furniture. Golden inserts were used in tables, design of lamps and chandeliers.


Moroso brand produces upholstered furniture. At the exhibition, M&O presented a new collection at its booth: several Precious chairs by designer Johannes Torpe, Pipe chairs by Sebastian Herkner and tables by Patricia Urquiola. The symbol of the M’Afrique collection is the Shadowy chair by Tord Boontje.


The British company Ochre creates furniture, lighting and decor. Last year at the M&O exhibition, the brand became famous for its amazing lighting fixtures. The lamps with which everyone was photographed looked like icicles.

This year, the brand also brought to the exhibition several of its lamps and chandeliers.


Pinetti is an Italian company that creates leather accessories. At last year’s exhibition, the brand introduced woven leather home products.

The most striking exhibits: thermo-jugs sheathed in genuine leather, baskets for storing firewood and pots.


The brand introduced the new Nineteen collection at the exhibition. It includes furniture, which is made of ash and walnut and supplemented with leather and metal elements. Among the bright novelties: a Dafto dressing table with a metal frame and bronze trim and a night zone with an impressive canopy, which was nicknamed the most “instagram” exhibit.


The brand creates upholstered furniture in bright colors and with unusual patterns. At the Milan exhibition iSaloni, which took place last year, designers impressed guests with a spectacular concept of home interior. On the stand were sofas, armchairs and round puffs with rich shades of wallpaper in the style of geometric abstract art.


Last year, the brand impressed those present with a composition of artificial silk flowers. This year, designers also decorated the entire stand with flowers in multi-colored vases of unusual shapes and different sizes.

Ginger & Jagger

Last year, two brands from Portugal presented products at a joint stand at the exhibition. The novelties that captivated the guests of the exposition are the asymmetric Meridiano chest of drawers, revetted with marble, and the brass wall lamps Banana in the form of banana leaves.


Portuguese brand Serip designs decorative lighting. This year they demonstrated products related to nature. Designers create fixtures and lamps in the form of sculptures of birds, leaves, branches. Such products are similar to fragile ice sculptures, so they fascinate even the most sophisticated guests.


This year, the brand presented bright pencil cases and cases made of printed fabric, as well as a neat side table with graphics created by designers Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

In addition, Seletti demonstrated new collections of lighting and upholstered furniture. One of the highlights is the Cupolone pendant lamp. It looks made of resin and is presented in two colors. All this looks hyperrealistic.

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