Best paint color with cherry wood kitchen cabinets

Cherry wood is a truly unique material. And the point is not only in its practicality and durability, which, in principle, distinguishes all hardwood species but also in its amazing aesthetic properties. Unique shades, smooth texture, and soft veining make it ideal for elegant and solid furniture, including kitchen sets.

It should be noted that cherry wood kitchen cabinets are not a story about high-tech and not even about a loft. The natural and deep palette of the material rather symbolizes warmth and comfort, stability and inviolability of family traditions and hospitality with a slightly old-fashioned touch. Does this mean that cherry kitchen cabinets can only be used in classic interiors?

Actually, this is not true. You can easily give the kitchen with cherry wood cabinets a wholly relevant and modern look if you wish. The secret of such a transformation is quite simple and lies in the correct selection of the color background and accents for such furniture. And if you’re wondering what colors are best for cherry wood kitchen cabinets, let’s move on to a more detailed analysis of the most harmonious combinations.

Shades of cherry wood

Perhaps it is difficult to find other wood used in furniture production, which is presented in such a variety of shades. Sometimes only an experienced eye can distinguish cherry wood from different types of wood by color. However, it depends on him which colors are best used when decorating a kitchen with furniture made of such wood.

So, in general, there are four primary shades of cherry wood:

  • Light. It has a very soft beige color, in which shades of pink and earthy are clearly felt. This sophisticated shade, combined with the consistent veining pattern, makes it suitable for modern furnishings and harmonizes perfectly with neutral and cool tones.
  • Golden brown. Quite a versatile option that can be used for kitchen cabinets in a variety of styles. Gravitates towards warm and light shades of the background, which favorably set off the golden notes of wood.
  • Dark red. This rich cherry wood color requires a background against which it can display the various tonal transitions in all its glory. That is why achromatic and cool shades will come in handy.
  • Red-brown. The darkest shade of cherry gives furniture a truly luxurious look. Therefore it is most often used for classic kitchen cabinets. The best option for a color background that can emphasize the beauty of the solution will be light and warm tones or soft shades of white.

Colors to match the cherry kitchen set

Due to the complexity of the shades, cherry wood is quite erratic and does not accept any colors. So, the use of pure and bright colors, as well as shades of metallic and it is categorically contraindicated for it because they simply reduce the cost of such furniture visually. However, you will have plenty to choose from without them – we offer you colors that can create the most pleasing combinations with cherry kitchen cabinets.


Traditions with traditions, classics with classics – this is how you can briefly describe the relationship between white walls and a light floor with kitchen cabinets made of cherry wood. If you do not know exactly what color to choose for such furniture, feel free to choose white – and you will not be mistaken. Against such a background, the tone of the wood will look brighter and cleaner, and the lines of the furniture will be more precise and more expressive.

However, there are also some nuances here – namely, the dependence of the color temperature on the shade of the wood. So, for light and golden brown cherries, it is worth choosing warm shades of white with a slight bias to beige, while for red and red-brown cherry cabinets, cool white with a grayish undertone up to snow-white is suitable.


This warm yellow-beige shade with soft pinkish notes perfectly emphasizes the mesmerizing texture of cherry wood cabinets – especially the golden brown and light shades. Add pinkish textiles and some gold accents for an incredibly warming and psychologically comfortable atmosphere.


Cool gray tones are neutral – and this is their advantage for kitchen cabinets made of cherry wood. The gray will be a great alternative to white, especially if you want to emphasize the exclusivity of the kitchen cabinets made of red or red-brown material, and white and beige seem too straightforward to you.

In terms of lightness, you can use both dark and light shades of gray without going to extremes. Smoky, iridescent, pearl, silvery (of course, without shine), and soft gray tones will create the harmony you need. At the same time, it is essential to avoid heavy and dark gradations since cherry kitchen cabinets do not integrate into such a background and will look alien.

Natural browns

Natural browns include sandy, mocha, coffee, and earthy browns, all of which make excellent partners for cherrywood kitchen cabinets. Mainly playing on warm tones of wood, they accentuate the depth and brightness of color without distracting attention and are especially good in combination with red-brown and dark red cabinets.

Beige and cream

Beige and cream are warm, light, and in their own way, versatile tones that accentuate the friendly and sophisticated style of kitchen furniture in light and golden brown cherry wood. This combination creates the feeling of a constantly sunlit room and the inviolability of family traditions. Both retro accessories and modern decor fit perfectly into such an environment, depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Light yellow

If you want to competently shade the rich red or natural gold tone of cherry cabinets, take a closer look at light yellow wall paint. Warm, sunny tones will help make your kitchen cozier and welcoming while creating a calm and positive atmosphere in the room without intrusiveness and excessive intensity. When choosing a suitable light shade of yellow for cherry kitchen cabinets, look for golden yellow, as well as soft oily and honey tones.


Another way to add uniqueness to cherry kitchen cabinets is to use a green background color to match red or reddish-brown furniture. Green and red are complementary colors, meaning they are opposite each other in the color wheel. Therefore, they create a stunning contrast that can add depth, dimension, and visual interest to a space. Walls painted green can also make the rich cherry woods more visible and the vein patterns more expressive.

Of course, using absolutely any shade of green, in this case, will not work, but the list of win-win options is quite comprehensive:

  • Olive. Light green with yellow undertones creates a quiet and warm atmosphere and perfectly matches cherry cabinets, predominantly red and golden brown.
  • Pale green. In its way, a universal shade – specifically for cherry furniture. It harmonizes with the wood of any shade, adding softness to light and golden and favorably shading red.
  • Lemongrass. Able to create a modern, bright and cheerful space and the perfect match with cherry kitchen cabinets in light and golden brown woods.
  • Sage. Chilly light green with gray notes creates a relaxed yet highly noble backdrop – just what you need for dark red cherry furniture.

Choosing wall paint and color for cherrywood kitchen cabinets is one of the most challenging choices. If you are not sure you will make the right choice, stop at more versatile white and beige shades. If you want to experiment – try other colors. However, we have detailed the nuances of color matching depending on the shade of furniture – we hope our advice will come in handy.

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