Best White Color for Walls for 2024 and Beyond

White is a classic – a great backdrop color to host your story and a definition of versatility that effortlessly combines with other colors and design styles. Still, choosing the best white color for walls may be challenging. There are lots of factors to consider even when selecting a neutral. Still, the natural reflection properties and adaptability of undertones hidden in white tones are limitless. White will always be a good color choice. 

How to Choose the Best White Paint Color?

If you follow the rules, you’ll find your perfect white shade. First, pay attention to exposure. You may want to choose a warmer white in a space with north-facing windows and a cooler shade in a room with southern exposure. Next, consider the undertones in white. They should resonate with other colors found in the same space. Don’t forget that white tends to bounce back the neighborhood colors, even from outdoors. The lighter and more neutral the shade, the more it will reflect the colors close to it. 

It’s hard to choose the perfect one with such a variety of white shades, from pure white to ivory or off-white. That’s why we prepared a list of the best white colors for walls. Enjoy and get inspired!

Benjamin Moore

Discover the go-to favorite white shades from the giant paint brand.

Chantilly Lace OC-65

Delightful like silk and soft like linen, this crisp white paint color resonates with everything simple and pure. No wonder it is one of the most popular and best white colors for walls. Enjoy the clean effect of this trendy white shade on its own or paired with any accent color.

White Heron OC-57

The slightest cool touch adds more class to one of the best white paint colors. This shade proudly enters the off-white category. Be aware of this color’s ability to reflect the neighboring colors, especially the outdoor or indoor greenery. 

White Dove OC-17

A reasonable amount of cream undertones adds just the right warmth to this charming white. Experts say this is the only white shade you’ll ever need if you crave comfort, undoubtedly found in this seemingly neutral paint color.

Simply White OC-117 

The light and crisp white with impressive invigorating abilities will be a perfect canvas for any colors, textures, and design styles. Tell your story through design, while Simply White will follow suit.

Cloud White OC-130

The harmony between a feathery-clean white base and the softest, warmest notes makes this one of the calmest and most welcoming white paint colors. Feel safe to use it on bedroom or living room walls.

White Down OC-131

A subtle greige undertone offers this gorgeous off-white shade a soft and relaxing feathery effect. It may resurface a few pale yellow notes under warm lighting conditions. It’s the best warm white color for walls so far. 


Explore the timeless, expert-pick white paint colors from one of the top paint manufacturers.

Pure White SW 7005

This expert-pick white shade, part of the Top 50 Colors, is one of the best white colors ever. The barest touch of yellow keeps this gorgeous color from seeming too stark. A perfectly balanced white like this will perfectly complement any design idea. 

Extra White SW 7006

This white shade is known for its property to bounce back large amounts of light, ensuring an airy and crisp look. The tiniest gray tinge keeps it under control. Enjoy the fresh effect of Extra White in your home.

Snowbound SW 7004

Explore the freshness of snow in your home with this slightly gray-pigmented cool white that pairs impressively with gray-toned accents. What makes this top white shade stand out is the visible character, all due to the gray notes.

Alabaster SW 7008

Experts recommend this best white color for walls if you want a harmonious combination of soft and cool. Choose this well-balanced white full of comfort and warmth, yet staying true to its light character. 

Shoji White SW 7042

This versatile off-white reveals a delightful combination of white, cream, and gray, providing just the right amount of light and cozy. Don’t give up on comfort or brightness; choose this designer-pick white shade for your interior walls.

Drift of Mist SW 9166

Despite this top neutral shade being close to gray, it is one of the finest white shades. This inviting yet airy neutral has more character than other white shades. Still, it doesn’t feel overpowering in spaces lacking natural light. 

White Heron SW 7627

This clear white diluted with the slightest amount of violet brings more color to a space, yet it remains neutral and unbiased. It is undoubtedly far from a pure white shade, making it a tremendous off-white option.

Ice Cube SW 6252

Unlike the previous shades, this cool white tone will impress you with its solid and unmatchable blue undertone. Nurture your need for a fresh, cooled-down color palette by pairing it with other cool colors. Or, balance a warm-colored space by adding a dash of Ice Cube color. 


Scroll through the top white paint colors from one of the most renowned manufacturers of interior and exterior paints.

Blank Canvas DC-003

This popular and versatile clear white with a soft lime note to it will transform any design idea into reality. The subtle, warm undertones make this edgy white shade stand out. The color of the year 2023 at Behr is definitely worth your attention.

Whisper White HDC-MD-08

Like an early morning breeze, this uplifting white shade with a whisper of greige will boost your mood. Feel free to use natural textures and bold colors on this canvas-clean backdrop color.

Bit of Sugar PR-W14

A drop of sweetness warms up this otherwise clean and crisp white tone meant to brighten any space. Experts associate it highly with pottery color palettes, making it a perfect choice for traditional and countryside design concepts.

Frost 57 

It is another cool white variation on our list. Breaking stereotypes and going against current trends with warm neutral colors, this crisp blue-green white stands out as a balanced cool shade that knows its way around modern and traditional design styles.

Polar Bear 75 

The subtle pink undertones in this bright white shade are responsible for the softest effect ever. Replace classic whites with ones that have a story to share through their rich undertones, such as this dusty white tone. 

Swiss Coffee 12

This soft creamy white has been a favorite for years in a row, and not without reason. Its appealing yellow undertones reveal a whole new story behind a seemingly neutral tone that reads differently under various lighting conditions. 


Get acquainted with this top paint brand’s best white paint colors and learn how to use them appropriately.

Natural White

One of the most beloved whites at this manufacturer, it provides the best-ever backdrop for any design endeavors. Almost the most neutral white available, it is slightly pigmented with warm notes, making it feel welcoming. 

Lexicon Quarter

The highly perceived blue undertone in this coolest white shade underlines its contemporary look. Pair this refreshing white paint color with design styles that thrive surrounded by relatively cold color palettes, such as the Nordic styles with their love for gray and blue.

Whisper White

This popular ivory shade will enrich any room in your house with endless relaxation. Give your interior design a timeless touch of elegance and enjoy the calm and unconditional tranquility reflected by this bright yet soft white shade.

Vivid White

Create a contemporary look in your home with this gorgeous shade of clean white devoid of noticeable undertones. Underline architectural features or enjoy the crisp and clean effect of this best white color for walls in any room in the house.

Casper White Quarter

One of the most adjustable and cleanest white shades that will adapt to any color palette. Its slightly perceived yellow pigment adds just the right amount of warmth, keeping this popular white from seeming too bright. 

Snowy Mountains Half

The classic shade of snow-clean white with the thinnest layer of warmth is your go-to paint option regardless of color palette and design style. This versatile and one of the best white color for walls will follow suit whether you opt for a crisp contemporary design or decide to uplift the interior with bold accents.

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