Black accent table: trendy ideas to uplift your interior design

Black is back if it has never left, and so are the tiny details of interior designs that enrich the space with visual interest and add individuality. Put those two together, and you achieve a trendy piece of decor for any room of your house. Well, they can be functional as well, particularly when we speak about black accent tables that complement the interior design and store particular things. 

It is all clear with the classic black. What about the accent table? It is nothing more but a term to describe any table that complements the interior as a decor, which can be a coffee table, console, side table, sofa table. If you think of decorating your interior with such a piece, this article is more than useful to you, even inspiring due to the wide range of ideas that we prepared. Let’s dive into the world of black accents and see how you can make the most of it in your interior design!

Black accent table design

Let’s consider an all-black accent table that will surely serve as an accent due to the bold pop of color. The classic shade is undoubtedly a timeless option, although the result can be enhanced with a trendy design. We suggest you scroll through the list with the latest tendencies in this sense, including the irreplaceable black accent, and get inspired for a new piece of decor.

  • Round-shaped. The common rectangular tables are mostly a thing of the past, while the ones with round shapes add a sense of softness to the design and make the space feel more comfortable;
  • Sleek triangle shape. Geometry still rules the trends, and there is no other approach that would make a point of interest out of an accent table better than the triangle shape, which can serve as a minimalist piece of decor as well;
  • Abstract design. Stand out with seemingly simple yet unique shapes for a low accent table with smooth surfaces and massive parts for an impressive statement within a contemporary setting;
  • Modular design. Go with a set of two or more tables of the kind in the same style that can either be put together or separated both for style or practical reasons;
  • Functional table. Add a bit of practicality to this accent by opting for a multi-level or lift-top table that will look no less impressive as a point of interest and serve as a perfect storage place.

Black accent table materials

Consider pairing particular materials and colors, where black should be the prevailing one, for an eclectic combination of values that would add personality to your space. Feel free to use your imagination as regards the mix itself and be sure that the variety of available options will surely meet your preferences. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in this sense!

  • Metal and glass. The sleek pairing between those two opposite materials is outstanding, where the black-painted metal will underline the limitless glass borders;
  • Metal and wood. Black metal and natural wood – functional, stylish, and contemporary; a real find for transitional or modern settings;
  • Wood and brass. Consider black-painted wood and brass for a fabulous pairing between a natural accent and a gold replication to emphasize your style in an exquisite way;
  • Black marble. Pair black marble with metal wood or brass, and enrich your interior with a luxurious accent that will bring your design to the next level.

Black accent table style

A piece of decor, such as an accent table, should keep pace with the overall style and complement it at its finest. It should undoubtedly stand out but not go beyond the limits. Furthermore, such a piece of decor can be used to point at the particular style and even emphasize its effect. Adding a bit of originality, you can enhance the personality of your interior, and an accent table is a perfect tool to work on that. Let’s scroll through a range of styles you can opt for!

  • Minimalist. The simplicity of forms continue to prevail within interiors, and a similar approach to an accent table is a real complement to the style;
  • Vintage. A piece of this kind would work perfectly for contemporary settings, adding finesse to the overly simplified interiors;
  • Contemporary. Consider unique shapes and textures for an actual accent within the interior that would radiate contemporary functionality;
  • Industrial. Whether it is black-painted metal only, black-painted metal with wood, or an all-black metal and wood table, such a raw approach will surely add texture, even if in small amounts;
  • Elegant. A single element of this kind can add elegance to the fullest if chosen appropriately, and marble is your true companion in this sense;
  • Eclectic. Consider unusual combinations of materials, such as metal and leather or metal and stone, for an original statement within the interior.
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