7 Fabulous black and gold kitchen ideas: from classic to glamour in one step

Although black kitchens are not as common as light-colored ones, their sophisticated look and dramatic environment are strong opponents to the cleanliness and freshness of light settings. Mysterious, confident, and even intimidating in a positive way, black tends to take the lead when it comes to contemporary interior designs. If emphasizing every line of your kitchen is not a priority, black perfectly ensures a private environment, which is not at all predictable since this neutral will impress you from every possible perspective. 

Black is a perfect contrastive color and suits light shades at its finest. In this respect, a light-colored background is the first to come in place, although such an approach is not mandatory. You could as well go with an all-black kitchen. Nevertheless, there is an element, which your black kitchen cannot go without – a little bit of sparkle. What can make your black cabinets shine brighter than gold elements? Black kitchen teamed with gold is the definition of sophistication itself, enriched with chic notes and elegant accents. 

As with any other design idea, there are always rules to follow for better integration. The same goes for a black and gold kitchen. Therefore, we came up with an array of options on how you can bring gold elements into your kitchen, followed by timeless ideas of combining them with black cabinets. This article serves as a source of inspiration for those ready to change the concept within their kitchen and ensure a stunning result.  

Main ways of integrating gold into the kitchen

Of course, by referring to gold, we mean the sparkling effect that adds a touch of elegance to the interior. This outstanding note of glamour can integrate into a kitchen by considering particular materials that replicate gold in various ways, depending on the style and effect you want to achieve. We suggest you take a look at the options below, followed by design ideas that involve their use, and get ready to fall in love with one of the suggestions that are ready to be discovered by you.

  • Traditional gold. Its yellow undertone and sparkling effect is all you need for an authentic gold accent to accompany the black cabinets;
  • Brushed gold. A perfect combination of traditional gold with a contemporary note to fit a modern black kitchen;
  • Rose gold. Irreplaceable accent element to enrich the cold cabinets with color and add a little bit of sparkle;
  • Matte gold. An outstanding pairing of traditional and contemporary values that will work for any style of a kitchen with black cabinets;
  • Copper. It is not as sparkling as traditional gold, although its note of pink warms up the cold-colored cabinets and works perfectly for both traditional and contemporary settings;
  • Brass. This vintage-looking material is ready to enrich a black kitchen with an antique note and add the inviting feature that suits traditional and transitional kitchens in particular;
  • Bronze. Its gold highlights are everything a black kitchen needs to add visual interest to the cabinets and enhance the effect of sophistication.

All black and gold

Since black covers such a wide range of features and gold is bold enough to add an accent to the background, there is no need to opt for any additional elements. An all-black kitchen, particularly if considering matte surfaces, with tiny sparkles of gold will lead to perfect teamwork. 

While the black cabinets and background will enclose a little bit the environment, adding a touch of drama, the gold elements, such as hardware, lighting fixtures, or other decorative units, will bring a splash of light to reveal only a part of the mystery; the rest will be played by your imagination.

Black, gold, and white

Let’s make it clear! Black and white – outstanding. Black and gold – irreplaceable. White and gold – fabulous. How much better can it get? That’s right! Put them together and double the effect. From white countertop, backsplash, island, or background, try and make it a complementary color without suppressing the black cabinets. The gold elements will play the role of connecting the two contrasts. 

There is more to come: go with a tuxedo style and opt for half-black and half-white cabinets to enlarge the space. One should note that adding white to a black and gold kitchen will perfectly work if you want to enlarge or brighten the space.

Black, gold, and marble

Following the same row of ideas, we suggest adding a scent of glamour and accompanying a black and gold kitchen with marble. Unlike the previous option, this one does not only include the use of a contrastive color but the integration of a new material that brings texture. 

Don’t hesitate and go with marble as bold as you want, particularly for the countertop or backsplash. Just imagine the look of a kitchen with classy black cabinets, splashes of marble, and reflective gold hardware or pendants. Is there something more you could add? Not at all. The combination is perfect.

Black, gold, and wood

Black is cold enough to set a solid environment, while gold will not cease to reflect this coldness unless you opt for traditional gold with yellow undertones. It seems that such a kitchen lacks warmth. It is time we spoke about wood, the irreplaceable material that will add coziness and lead to an appealing look. 

Additionally, you can add a little bit of white so that the room does not seem too dark since the combination of black with wood is quite a complex pairing to work with. One should note that wood can be reduced to small details, such as the window frame, and the result will speak for itself.

Now that you know the best ways to play with black and gold within a kitchen, including the integration of other elements, it would be useful to discover how all these contrasts can join each other within particular styles. 

Black & Gold kitchen: Farmhouse style

Bring together the black cabinets, gold details, and other elements for a cozy, inviting, and functional space. Accompany them with rustic units to warm up the environment and consider vintage pieces to add character. It is noteworthy that the particular combination of black and gold is the one that will keep it modern and make your kitchen embrace tradition.

Black & Gold kitchen: Art Deco style

We cannot speak about the pairing of black and gold and skip the style that is defined by these elements. An Art Deco kitchen with vintage units, extravagant pendants, elegant black cabinets, and sparkling golden lines will make this space shine in a glamorous way. It will surely become a piece of jewelry within your interior design.

Black & Gold kitchen: Contemporary style

For the lovers of minimalistic settings and functional use of space with a slight splash of elegance, we suggest embracing the contemporary style. Shape the aesthetics by keeping it low on details and high on practicality: black cabinets with simple handles to no handles at all and slick underlining gold elements to emphasize the simplicity itself. It is probably hard to imagine a minimalist approach while using the defining elements of the Art Deco style, but an appropriate combination will convince you that the balance of contrasts can always change the way you feel about a particular setting.

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