Black and white bathroom design

According to many famous designers, the classic color will always be present when designing a bathroom. A black and white bathroom is a great and bold idea, and it can be guaranteed to say that 99% of your friends don’t have one.

After reading this article, you will learn about some of the finesse of black and white finishes.

Before you start decorating the bathroom look at the various options, read the recommendations and advice of the experts and only after all this, having made the project, start creating the design.

It must be remembered that any incorrect color can spoil the design of the bathroom. In this case, the bathroom is black and white, so it is necessary to seriously consider the combination of these two classic colors and distribute them correctly throughout the room.

Pros and cons of a black and white bathroom

The combination of white and black can cause various emotions for people in such a room. It will seem gloomy and depressing to one, spectacular to others.

The advantage of such a composition is its compatibility with other colors and shades. The interior will look modern, it can be made more vibrant with the help of decorative elements, furniture, accessories.

The disadvantage of this design is its impracticality. On achromatic shades, dirt clearly appears. Walls and furniture will have to be washed often.

In addition, you need to think in advance how to combine these colors.

Contrast can be used for different purposes:

  • A room with a large area without natural light sources will look stylish if black is highlighted. It is best to choose glossy black. White color is recommended for use in plumbing and decorative elements.
  • In a small room it is better not to use black as a background, because it will visually reduce the area. It is better to use it as a contour and on individual decorative elements. It will emphasize the style of the interior.
  • It is not recommended to make a black ceiling in a low or standard bathroom. This will create a depressing effect. This technique is used in rooms with high ceilings, because it visually reduces them.
  • Black and white background combined with many colors. In this regard, you can dilute this finish with colorful accessories.

Secrets of the right combination

The final composition will depend on the proportion and the correct combination of these colors. In order to properly arrange colors, you must follow some rules. There are many ideas for designing a black and white interior.


Different ways of alternating these 2 colors will make the room stylish.

Against the background of light shades, there must be some elements of black color, and vice versa. Such color contrasts will make the space aesthetic and expressive.

On the light walls, black shelves, lighting fixtures, statuettes, and textiles look beautiful. On black – white plumbing and household appliances.

As a decorative element, tiles with patterns or interspersed with the opposite shade are used. The basic principle of alternation resembles the keys of a piano – a clear sequence of using colors.

Black and white tiles with large floral ornaments look aesthetically pleasing and create a cozy atmosphere.

Use disproportionately

Do not make out the room, using black and white in equal proportions.

The dominant color should be chosen, otherwise a feeling of imbalance will appear.

Matte and glossy surfaces

These two types of surfaces should be combined as follows.

If the walls are covered with glossy finishing materials, then accessories and appliances should be matte. Conversely, if the walls and floor are matte, then everything else should be glossy.

Black and white design styles for the bathroom

Design in black and white is typical for such styles as:

  • High tech;
  • Vintage
  • Art Deco
  • Classical

High-tech bathroom style

High-tech provides for clear geometric shapes, right angles and lines. For it, the presence of accessories and other small elements is not characteristic. The main materials are metal, glass, and ceramic tiles.

Vintage bathroom style 

Vintage today is a bold combination of objects with a touch of antiquity, and modern. For example, in an ascetic interior there may be antique lamps, or vintage furniture.

The vintage style is characterized by the use of aged furniture combined with modern finishes and accessories. Apply various techniques to achieve a contrast effect.

Black and white range makes it possible to do this. You can make a frame for a black and white photo and hang it on the wall above the bathroom or in another suitable place for this. This technique will emphasize the style of the room.

Art Deco Style

Art Deco is the opposite of high-tech. Ornate details, carved elements, rounded shapes are inherent in it. Monumentality, pomp and elegance are the main features that characterize this style. It welcomes the availability of accessories, textiles.

Classical Style

The classic style in the interior implies beauty, simplicity and some pomposity, which can manifest itself in complex accessories. On the floor and walls – tiles, walls are decorated with large mirrors.

The nuances of finishing the bathroom in black and white

When choosing materials for decorating the bathroom, is best to choose moisture resistant.

Black and white shades emphasize all the flaws that can be on surfaces:

  • uneven installation of objects;
  • peeling paint;
  • dirt on surfaces, etc.

If there is a lot of black in the interior, this will create a feeling of discomfort and pressure. In this regard, you should correctly proportion and alternate colors.


To design the ceiling in the bathroom, the following materials are used:

  • drywall (moisture resistant);
  • plastic panels;
  • suspended ceiling structures;
  • polystyrene boards;
  • mirrors;
  • decorative plaster

In a room with high humidity, chalk and lime mixtures should not be used as whitewash. It will look unaesthetic, create favorable soil for the development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Most often, light shades are used to decorate the ceiling. This will make the overlap visually higher, creating a feeling of lightness. 

Decorative elements of a contrasting shade will decorate it. You can use patterns, ornaments, stucco molding, baguettes (according to the style of the interior).

Expanded polystyrene plates align the surface of the ceiling. For visual expansion of space, mirror panels are suitable.


Often in bathrooms, plastic panels and tiles are used as finishing materials. These materials can be combined in one room, having issued them different functional zones. You can also separate the top and bottom of the wall using these materials.

The panels in the upper part can be edged with black tiles, and the rest of the wall laid out in white.

Designers advice combining different textures, but the main color should remain white. Black is used less frequently and only in large rooms with high ceilings.

Vertical ornaments and other decorative inserts look good on a black and white background.

In addition to the materials listed, for wall decoration:

  • waterproof wallpaper;
  • waterproof photo wallpaper;
  • tile with photo printing or patterns;
  • mosaic tiles;

Lines located horizontally visually expand the room, and vertical ones make it higher.

White plumbing will organically look on a black background. Different zones are separated from each other by means of a fringing from drawings to ornaments.


To make the floors in the bathroom, use the following materials:

  • tile, porcelain tile;
  • natural stone or its imitation;
  • waterproof laminate;
  • bulk floor;
  • marble coating;
  • slate.

You can choose floor tiles that mimic the surface of stone, wood or marble. Mosaic tiles are also suitable for flooring. A tile of a square shape, laid out diagonally, will visually expand the space.

White plumbing and furniture will combine well with the floor.

Using a bulk coating, you can achieve a smooth surface in the absence of joints.

Choosing furniture and plumbing for black and white bathroom

Plumbing equipment must be selected in accordance with the style and the prevailing color in the bathroom.

Most often, the owners of such interiors opt for white plumbing. It is allowed to use black and white or black, but at the same time light shades should prevail in the room.

In the classic style, oval and rounded shapes will be appropriate. High-tech style requires rectangular or square elements.

Forged, curved bathtub legs accentuate  vintage style.

In a small bathroom it is better to use corner bathtubs, showers, built-in appliances.

Furniture is better to choose hanging. Thus, the floor space will be free, which will facilitate cleaning and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Narrow models of cabinets are in demand (cabinets, pencil cases, hanging cabinets).

Furniture items must match the style and color scheme of the interior.

Black and white bathroom lighting

To create a comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom, multi-level lighting is used.

As lighting fixtures for the bathroom are used:

  • LED strip – to illuminate certain areas (under the bathtub, around the mirror, around the perimeter of the ceiling, etc.).
  • Spotlights – they are used to illuminate dark areas, including on the floor.
  • Sconce – most often illuminate the area near the mirror and washbasin.
  • Chandeliers – are the main source of lighting, but they are not used in all styles.
  • Floor lamps – placed in the area of ​​the chairs (if any).

Thanks to the multi-level illumination, it is possible to adjust the degree of illumination of each of the zones, making the light brighter or more dim.

Accessories and decor

Accessories and decorative objects should be well combined with each other, as well as with the design of the room. Furniture is chosen in the same color, especially if it is located in one line (along the wall).

Metal accessories, including plumbing, need to be selected in one color scheme. Silver and chrome plumbing looks good on a black background, on a white – bronze, gilded.

Cold black and white colors will make wooden inserts and objects of warm colors more comfortable.

An important nuance: against the background of such contrasting colors, all other shades will look bright and defiant. When using several additional colors, it is necessary to provide for their compatibility with each other. The color of textiles should not be embossed from the overall design.

Bottles with hygiene and cleaning products are recommended to be stored in closed cabinets so that they do not violate the design of the room with a variety of colors and shapes.

Lighting devices, frames for paintings and mirrors, pots, candlesticks and other decorative elements are selected in accordance with the style of the room.

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