Black and white paintings for the interior – the sharpness and grace of contrast

Black and white paintings for the interior – the sharpness and grace of contrast

In the art of decorating a room, paintings play a unique role. Originals and copies of famous artists become essential accents of decor, emphasizing the consistency and artistic taste of the homeowner.

Black and white paintings are a vibrant and distinctive category of art paintings. With their help, you can give an extraordinary and purely unique decor, no matter in what style the room is decorated.

The combination of white and black is the perfect harmony of the two contrasts, like a white and black piano keyboard, yin and yang, day and night, the absorption and reflection of all the colors of the rainbow.

Black and white paintings for the interior – this is a majestic severity and charm, built on contrast. An attractive classic of a perfect combination of antipodes – light and darkness, capable of dynamically emphasizing almost any style.

Black and white paintings for the interior: the rules of choice and combination

A bold and exciting step in the design of the home is an attempt to introduce black and white paintings for the interior. People who like contrasts are prone to this. In the interior, the colors individually cause completely different emotions and moods, but in various combinations, they can give working and, at the same time, harmonious spirit. And black and white prints and paintings will be a universal option for any interior. In this article, we will show you how to implement such a two-color painting in the interior most correctly.

Psychology of contrast

The appeal of black and white canvases lies in the ability of each color individually to generate a diametrically opposite aspect. Nevertheless, together with white and black color, they bring the harmony of captured images and chic design worthy of a demonstration on the pages of glamorous glossy magazines.

The dynamic combination of two opposites colors for contemplation is a magnificent, unforgettable sight. Hang black-and-white paintings on the wall, and the invisible presence of yin as the beginning, and yang – the end will give a feeling of strength, stability and a clear prospect of further existence in the analogy of changing the day – at night, or the tunnel – the way out.

The blackness is relative, as is the cold of the surgery room in association with white. Multiple shades, tones, and mid-tones provide the richest range of creativity. To suppress possible shades of sadness, it is enough to add a few – two or three-color accessories to make bright notes drop into the atmosphere of the room.

Black and white oil painting

Many contemporary artists choose white and black oil paints for work. To correctly navigate in the necessary form and plot when choosing, you should know certain rules. So, if a non-standard interior is created in the room that uses irregular shapes, then to emphasize these features, it is better to choose a canvas with some abstraction. Black and white oil-painted works containing broken lines will perfectly resonate with a similar pattern on the wallpaper.

If the interior is dominated by the correct form with smooth lines, then the pictures need to look for the appropriate direction. Options with an interesting perspective of a female figure, a profile of a human face, landscapes look quite good.

Black and white paintings in the interior of each room

It is no secret to anyone that the combination of white and black has always been a classic. The avant-garde artists often apply these two contrasting colors, painting being laconic. Their work is still in demand by modern design. The most appropriate would be black and white paintings for the interior of the office, especially if such an abstraction, having the correct clear forms. For the living room, it is better to choose a black and white painting on a philosophical theme. If you find fun graphics, then hang it in the children’s room, and the bedroom of adults can be decorated with contours of figures in the style of nude.

Some people fear that black and white graphics can turn a room into a Gothic corner, and this is a fairly common, but still wrong prejudice. Any picture will come to life if other decorative elements are present in the interior. To make the situation more cheerful, you should emphasize more vivid details, for example, bright textile curtains, a red vase in the middle of the room, etc. First of all, you need to determine for yourself the main purpose of placing a black and white picture on the wall. It can serve as an independent masterpiece, intended for wide viewing or a simple addition that emphasizes the style of the room. The unusual wall pattern should not be supplemented with similar paintings. You should not abuse black and white painting, so as not to make the interior too gloomy and austere. The elegant sound of unpretentious tones of white and black graphics, clear straight lines and color unpretentiousness, will create a charming, but the controlled atmosphere in the hallway or dining room, decorated in a classic style.

Black and white paintings in different style decor 

The combination of black and white does not oblige a minimalist direction in design. Also, this combination is not considered the main feature in the interior in high-tech style. Unless the eclectic-style interior needs contrasting paintings written in absolutely any technique. The main thing is that the canvases should not contain bright and flashy tones of the color palette. In classic decor, black and white paintings will combine perfectly. Art deco, too, cannot be omitted by a monochrome painting with small golden details, which will accentuate its nonconformist style. Moreover, in the loft-style, such a painting is mandatory, which accentuates the dark walls.

Rules for placing contrasting canvases

In the decoration of the interior, there are certain rules for the placement of contrasting paintings. The Rules essentially overlap with the principles of building wall compositions from pictorial artwork.


Creating art galleries in his home is the fortune of a few. Most homeowners have a small number of paintings. Therefore, as a rule, one large canvas is placed in the center, and additions are carried out with smaller paintings, distributing them strictly symmetrically concerning the center.

It should be noted that the center of the wall is not always the center of symmetry.

Thus, a complex symmetrical artistic composition is created with a designated center outside the central part of the wall. Pictures can alternate both in a series on narrow stripes of walls, and one above the other, for example, in a niche between tall pieces of furniture.


Respect for a clear rhythm in the placement of paintings is a fundamental compositional rule. It can be achieved by placing one after another near the picture, the same in size.

A clear step between the paintings helps to increase the level of visual perception of the composition of works of art. Nevertheless, a balanced approach to the number of placed paintings. 


In the case of asymmetrically arranged furniture, an artistic canvas with a similar character or associated in the form with some elements of furniture should be selected.

In such cases, for decoration, black and white canvases are chosen as the dominant. Color paintings in such cases are used as small additions to the composition. 

The dominant

According to the Rule of Dominance, the central picture must be larger than the additional paintings. If painting with a black-and-white image is chosen as the dominant canvas, then the addition, as a rule, is carried out by secondary color paintings much smaller in size. 

Modular paintings 

Modular paintings are very popular in the design of a variety of rooms. Their peculiarity and originality are that the whole image is divided into several segments, each of which is a continuation of the previous one. Endless whirlpools, the exciting sea, shells, splashes of water, flowers enhance the walls of restaurants, offices, apartments, and houses. Such modern black and white modular paintings for the interior give any room originality, scale, and sophisticated taste, and will always attract attention.

The play of light and shadow

Properly directed illumination can revive the contrast of black and white images. Essential is the tint range and texture of the background on which the paintings are located. If the room can be used with posters in the style of old Hollywood, the background should be reserved, bright, and calm. All shades of cream color are perfect for these purposes. But a white wall will be an ideal option for decorating a room in the Scandinavian style.

Decorating the room in a simple classic style, the color of the walls should be white or very light, but not darker than the ivory shade.

To design rooms in hi-tech, techno, or strict Asian style, all shades of gray or gently pistachio colors are acceptable.

Black and white paintings for the interior – this is a rather bold and exciting step in the design of the room for people who like accents and contrasts. Each color individually carries an entirely different perspective; however, combining, they can create a harmonious and at the same time working spirit. 

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