Black ceiling in the interior: charm and luxuriousness

Black ceiling in the interior: charm and luxuriousness

The black color in the interior is quite controversial, but at the same time, it is one of the most popular. It has been used successfully to create dramatic contrasts, saturation, and brightness in other hues. Recently, a black ceiling has become an unusual solution and a stylish trend in interior design. Such an element demonstrates the non-triviality and fresh look of the owners at the usual things.

There is a misconception that such a design will make the interior gloomy, cramped, and uncomfortable. In fact, by correctly using the black ceiling, you can achieve a sense of security, calmness, and comfort. But do not forget that this option is appropriate only in rooms with a height of at least three meters.

Reasons to paint the ceiling black

  • Focus on a specific area. The open layout of the apartment assumes competent zoning. You don’t need to use carpets, furniture, or partitions to do this. A matte black or glossy ceiling will help achieve the desired effect and clearly highlight the hallway, living room, or kitchen area.
  • Complete the composition with black interior accents. The black ceiling will be a logical addition to the ensemble of interior elements of the same color. These can be small details that carry an exclusively decorative function and larger items such as furniture, a large carpet, and textiles. The spectacular black ceiling goes well with black and white photographs, posters, and other accessories and gives them the status of gallery exhibits.
  • Draw attention to design. Few people choose such a bold solution as a black ceiling. But if you are one of those who are not afraid to violate the standards, such a daring element in the interior can really become the center of everyone’s attention and admiration. The starry sky’s effect will look incredible, which will instantly take you into space.
  • Accentuate the ceiling decor. You can draw attention to the luxurious architectural details on the ceiling by painting the surface around them in black. Such an interior move will create a colossal impression on everyone around you.
  • Visually brighten the height of the ceiling. Even though many admire the high ceilings, often it make the interior uncomfortable and cold. The black ceiling, harmoniously combined with the rest of the furnishings, will delicately brighten up the excess height.
  • Support the concept of a black and white interior. The trend for black and white design has not lost its relevance, especially in the bathroom’s interior. The black ceiling, in harmony with the black floor and black and white wall decoration, always looks stylish, expressive, and somewhat glamorous.
  • Add personality. One can only imagine a room without furniture and decor, as it immediately seems boring and impersonal. A black ceiling will add a certain charm and architectural interest to the room.
  • Hide communications. Disguising the vents near the ceiling is not easy. A suspended structure is not the best solution because it significantly take from the height and is quite expensive. It would be more expedient to paint everything black, which will make communications less visible while maintaining the ceiling height.
  • Enhance the panoramic effect of windows. The matte black ceiling surface of the oblong room combined with a panoramic window overlooking a luxurious garden or urban scene will significantly enhance the panoramic effect. In this case, it is better not to use traditional curtains, but to give preference to roller ones.
  • Emphasize the cheerfulness and brightness of the yellow, pink, orange, green, blue rainbow shades. Also, black is in perfect harmony with pastel, delicate tones.

The nuances of using in different rooms

Interiors with a black ceiling surface are perfect for creative and rather rebellious people. The correct combination of textures and shades will allow you to achieve an incredible effect of contrast, fullness, and space depth. Black is quite versatile and perfect for any room design, but each case has its own nuances.


The main task in furnishing a bathroom is to create an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and coziness. A black ceiling in a duet with dark tiles, necessarily diluted with white, will look very organic. Such a design will always be relevant and practical.


A black stretch ceiling structure can give a bedroom a special chic and originality or drastically spoil the impression with a thoughtless design. This room should have an atmosphere of warmth, calmness, and tranquility. Therefore, a matte black ceiling will be the most optimal option for her. And to make the space more romantic, you can add a projection of the starry sky.

But in a small room, such a solution is not the best option. A black ceiling surface will only darken and narrow an already small space.

Living room

Living room design should attract attention but not be overly provocative. The black ceiling is exactly the right accent that will make the interior interesting and non-trivial. Design options can be very different: simple or multi-tiered, matte, or glossy. The optimal stylistic directions for a ceiling in black will be minimalism, modern, hi-tech, loft. Styles such as classic, shabby chic, province, country will look ridiculous at the very least.

To prevent black from absorbing the space, you can decorate the room with white moldings; the walls are also better made white. This technique will significantly expand the boundaries of the room.


A kitchen with a black stretch ceiling will always evoke vivid emotions. This finishing option involves the use of minimalistic, simple furniture. A cabinet made of wood of a natural light shade is perfect. It is better to avoid excesses in the decor to preserve the freedom and lightness of the interior.

The importance of lighting with a black ceiling

Before deciding on a black ceiling in a particular room, you need to consider the lighting carefully. There should be a lot of light; otherwise, a dark ceiling will create a completely different effect than you originally expected. As for lighting fixtures, it is best to hang a bright overall chandelier, the glare from which will create a beautiful and unusual pattern. Lamps should be selected with increased power.

Choice of materials

What are the best materials for creating a black ceiling? Let’s consider the most optimal options:

  • Ceiling tiles. They look attractive, easy to install, but most often, they are made in white, so you will have to paint the ceiling yourself;
  • MDF panels. Due to the weight and massiveness of the material, their installation will be difficult. But such panels are durable and look beautiful in the interior;
  • Stretch ceiling. Does not require prior surface leveling or any other preparation. A matte ceiling will be appropriate in almost any room, but a glossy one should be used carefully, as it has a high reflectivity, which is not always appropriate;
  • Plasterboard false ceiling. Also does not require any surface preparation. But it is unlikely that you will be able to mount it yourself without experience with this material;
  • Black laminate. Easy to install and looks spectacular on the ceiling. Such an unusual solution will definitely surprise all guests.

Several options can be combined, for example, suspended and stretched structures. Professional designers often use this technique, as different structures add depth and some flavor to space.

Want to use a black ceiling in your interior design? If you are attracted by its charming depth, originality, and mystery, why not? Black can be a great base for experimentation. According to designers’ forecasts, such ceiling surfaces will be relevant for a fairly long period of time, so this option is suitable for creative people, lovers of change, and those who follow trends.

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