Black kitchen design ideas

The black color in the interior seems to many too gloomy and certainly unsuitable for the kitchen. However, this is not entirely true – a dark upper cabinet can become the basis for great design. In spacious rooms and studio apartments, such a solution looks modern and solid; if the cooking zone is small, you can always choose a combined model in which the cabinet is complemented by white, wooden, steel elements. With a conscious approach, the black kitchen will favorably differ from standard design options, reflecting the confident and bold nature of the owners of the house.

Pros and cons

Black color leaves its mark on the interior design of the kitchen. Its application has its advantages and disadvantages. Pros:

  • Color fits almost any style of interior;
  • Perfectly acts as the main and background tone;
  • It goes well with any color;
  • This palette is suitable for lovers of experimenting with style;
  • With the right approach, the dark palette will successfully look in large apartments, and in a small kitchen.


  • The dark facades of the furniture set, despite the color, are quite susceptible to dirt;
  • Excessive dimming of the space can cause depressive associations and suppress;
  • May get you bored with time. In this case, you will have to change the kitchen cabinet;
  • Frequent care.

Black color in the interior of the kitchen

Consider all the options for using dark shades in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen cabinet. The black suite in the kitchen is courage and sophistication in the daily process of cooking and gatherings. This color is most often used in the style of high-tech, modern, classic. In studio apartments, this tone emphasizes spacious parameters and functionality. Stone countertops, chrome-plated components, glass inserts, wooden flooring are also appropriate. And more light: natural street light, spot lights, a glass chandelier. It is important to choose a good background for such a kitchen cabinet: contrasting and bright colors.
  • Equipment. A good design decision is the choice of household appliances in dark color. The dark exhaust system, hob and oven look especially luxurious against a light background. These elements emphasize the grace and severity of the kitchen. You can pick up light countertops, or you can install a completely black surface.
  • Cushioned furniture. If the owners decide to buy black furniture in the kitchen, then professionals advise to dilute it with light textiles, pillows. All this is necessary so as not to make the room too gloomy. The background in this case should be in a different tone. Furniture care will require more thorough and regular care.
  • Black table and chairs. Tables and chairs in the kitchen are the most important components for the family. They should not irritate and cause discomfort. A table with chairs must be chosen in the same style. It is best to choose a kit. Furniture in dark colors looks strict and concise, but requires careful care.

Finishing and materials

Since the design of the kitchen in black requires a lot of free space, such a choice in itself is an attribute of luxury. This means that expensive materials must be selected. High-quality finish is the key to a truly beautiful and durable repair, which will delight owners for many years.


Given the richness and solidity of the dark cabinet, it is recommended to make the base of the kitchen neutral: gray, sand, beige colors are suitable. Parquet in light and amber colors looks very relevant – it can be oak, walnut, pine, alder, pear. Snow-white floors will only be appropriate in a high-tech kitchen. In other cases, due to overly sharp contrast, it will give the interior a too austere office look.


A favorable background for coal-colored furniture should be selected based on the texture and style features of the kit. Modern kitchen cabinets are best installed indoors with white or light gray walls.

Sometimes you can experiment with bright colors such as lime green, neon blue, orange, purple, red. The combination of smooth black facades with a graphite surface looks interesting enough – for this, paint is used that creates the effect of a blackboard (you can even draw with chalk on it). In general, the decoration should be as simple and plain as possible, so painting or washable wallpapers without drawings will be the ideal solution.


The design of the backsplash has a great influence on the perception of the kitchen as a whole. From the point of view of aesthetics, it performs the function of a delimiter between the upper and lower parts of the upper cabinet, while being the central object of the interior.

When choosing the finish for the wall section above the countertops, stove and sink, you should first of all be guided by practical considerations – the best for this zone are smooth, moisture and heat resistant materials: glazed ceramic tiles, glass, polished stone.

For black loft-style kitchens, brickwork will be the ideal solution, vinyl-wallpaper with a golden or silver pattern will complement the classics, minimalism will not hurt to diversify the texture of wood (necessarily with wax impregnation), and modern style can be varied with glass with bright photo printing.

Black kitchen lighting

Black kitchen, by definition, needs a lot of light. During the day, a lot of sun should fall into the room, so it is permissible to leave only light curtains or semi-open blinds on the windows. In the evening, you will have to take care of artificial lighting – it should be spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling, diode strips or built-in lamps above the work surfaces, as well as one large or several small chandeliers for the central part of the room and / or dining area.

As for the shade of the glow, for glossy facades and hi-tech, a cool white tone, as well as diodes of blue, purple, green, are suitable. If the interior uses wood and natural stone, it is better to choose a neutral or warm yellow light. Golden-orange rays will create in the black kitchen, especially the classic, a pleasant atmosphere of home comfort.

Matte black vs. glossy black

If there is a choice between a matte and glossy option, then experts strongly recommend choosing a glossy surface. Glossy facades of dark color in a modern style look more elegant than in a matte counterpart. It is important to note that due to the reflective properties of the material, glossy facades visually add depth and volume to the kitchen space. In the dark decor, this fact is of paramount importance.The dark matte surface of the kitchen cabinet, with silver or golden patination will look advantageous. Matte furniture are coated with a special black coating. For cheaper analogues, the facades are made of chipboard, they are finished with durable plastic. The current trend sometimes involves a metallic effect coating. Sometimes the manufacturer uses tempered glass, it can be painted in a dark color.

Which curtains are suitable for a black kitchen?

For black kitchens, curtains in beige, gray or other pastel colors that are minimally different from the overall composition will be appropriate. You can use paintings with small geometric prints, sophisticated silver ornaments or an original pattern in the form of dominoes. For the decoration of windows should not be used too dense and dark fabric products. Sheer curtains are ideal for decorating windows.

Due to the white curtains it will turn out to give the atmosphere a special effect. In a black interior with perfect geometry, you can hang filament curtains, blinds or Roman models.

Color combinations for a black kitchen

Characteristic and features of this shade:

  • Since black contributes to the visual reduction of space, it is used fragmentary in the form of accents in the design of a small kitchen.
  • Dark tones visually distance objects, thereby deepening or lengthening the room.
  • The black kitchen will look much better if you combine it with the living room.
  • This palette creates a calm and balanced atmosphere, which is perfect for purposeful and self-sufficient people with high status and for those who prefer original design experiments.
  • In psychology, black has a positive effect on the human psyche, motivates creativity and allows you to concentrate.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to use black as a basic background in the kitchen interior, as this will upset the balance of the elements of fire and water. This color is better to be used partially or to choose the most attenuated shades.

The dark monochrome interior causes a feeling of gloom, so it is diluted with other tones. Universal black color perfectly coexists and harmonizes with a large number of shades.

Black and red kitchen design

The most dominant color is red, and black is used to further emphasize the chicness of the fiery color and give the atmosphere a special sophistication and exclusivity.

Black and white kitchen design

A discreet, strict and noble contrasting combination will appeal to those who prefer conciseness and the presence of expressive forms and lines in design.

Black and gray kitchen design

Black favorably combines with silver tones, which are used in the execution of stainless steel sinks, refrigerators, ovens or other household appliances with steel cover. A similar interior in black and gray without additional bright accents can look boring.

Black and blue kitchen design

Spectacular black, combined with dark indigo, will create an oppressive atmosphere in the kitchen. Therefore, as a companion, turquoise or classic blue tones that fill the room with freshness is mainly choosed. The black and blue palette will harmoniously look in a duet with brown or white.

Black and yellow kitchen design

Intense color union. Deep black due to the tender or bright yellow, acquires a special emotional color and thereby adds a positive touch to the kitchen and a sunny mood.

Black and orange kitchen design

The orange color in combination with the dark facades of the cabinets allows you to achieve a very expressive interior composition.

To ensure that the atmosphere does not look too oppressive and tiring, it is better to choose restrained and muted carrot or tangerine shades.

Black and purple kitchen design

Dark kitchen with violet or lilac splashes, different non-trivial and extraordinary design.

A similar mystical combination is preferred for a spacious room with a high level of lighting. To soften the interior, light and pastel colors are added to it.

Black and pink kitchen design

Thanks to this combination, black loses excessive rigor, and pink tones become less infantile and intrusive. This design has a self-contained and catchy look and can combine a black-gray or graphite palette with a bright purple hue.

Black and wood kitchen design

Wood is the most commonly used material for creating a decor in any living quarters. Woody shades are very different – it is bogged and bleached oak, cherry and pine and wenge. Dark tones combine perfectly with beige – then the walls or facades of the kitchen cabinets are the last to be formed. Brown should not be excessively dark here – options that are closer to the orange color are preferred.

Black shades for a small kitchen

Black color has many shades. Some of them appear in the light. For a small kitchen room, it is better to choose a dark color with shades of purple, blue, chocolate. So the room will not seem visually flattened. Each can choose their own shade. It is important to remember that cold and warm shades do not combine. You should take a close look before the final purchase.

Black kitchen has long won the hearts of ordinary lovers of unusual interiors. And it doesn’t matter whether the apartment has a small room for the kitchen, or, conversely, a large one. There are a lot of possibilities and ideas on how to transform the kitchen, dilute the dark shades of the palette, create a bright spot in the home environment. The kitchen in dark colors is always elegant and majestic. On it you can cook unusual dishes, taste, dine slowly, receive guests, get together with friends and celebrate dates, arrange romantic evenings.

Black kitchen in different styles

The versatility of an achromatic palette cannot be called into question unless it is a completely black design. While white and light gray tones fit perfectly into almost any style, the so-called total black in the kitchen can be seen very rarely. In fact, it is a daring challenge to the established rules of repair, in which the preference is given to pastel colors and natural textures.

Nevertheless, in some areas the dark interior can look quite organic – for example, neat minimalism, thought out to the smallest hi-tech details, a few brutal loft details and even a modernized classic should be included in such areas.

Black modern kitchen style

Tired of overly decorative fashion of past centuries, modern townspeople increasingly prefer functional minimalism. This is a balanced refusal from pretentiousness and deliberate luxury in favor of simplicity of design and a truly high quality of finishing materials, furniture, and appliances.

A kitchen set in this style, as a rule, has smooth rectangular facades without any visible fittings. The coating can be either glossy or matte. Worktops are often made of natural or artificial stone, less commonly used solid wood.

Black furniture set in a modern style is complemented by a monochrome finish in white, sand-beige, gray. Tinted glass, chrome steel, polished marble or granite looks very appropriate.

Black high-tech kitchen style

Trendy high-tech in many respects echoes the modern and minimalist style, but there are several differences. In this direction there is no place for the natural texture of wood and warm natural shades. Such a kitchen will most likely resemble the side of a spaceship or a secret laboratory: varnished black surfaces on a gray-white background, dazzling shine of steel, cold lighting of white, greenish-blue or purple tones.

A large role in high-tech kitchen is given to household appliances – these are always innovative models with touch controls that are neatly integrated into the slots reserved for them. To give the interior integrity, the equipment in the cooking zone should be from the same collection – so that the design of the oven, microwave, dishwasher, combine and coffee maker completely coincides.

Black classical kitchen style

Since the classic is based on ancient canons, it is more characteristic of light shades of ivory. However, black in this design option also looks noble. The dark coating emphasizes the luxury of a cabinet made of wood, while white, gold and silver stand out against the background of the color of the night in stunning contrast. Such furniture needs a decent framing, so for decoration you should choose only the highest quality materials: rare wood, expensive tiles, polished marble with elegant veins.

For a black kitchen in a classic style, only a spacious, bright room with large windows and high ceilings is suitable. It is not recommended to use only achromatic tones in the interior. It is desirable to replace the snow-white color with cream, yellowish-beige shades, and elements from lacquered wood or light stone will help make the atmosphere more comfortable.

Black loft kitchen style

In a basic sense, a loft is a huge space with very high ceilings, a large number of panoramic windows and completely bare walls. As a rule, such housing is arranged in industrial former style, in abandoned warehouses, attics, where the rude style of furniture looks as organically as possible. Against the background of aged brickwork or gray concrete, the black color of the cabinets always attracts attention and fits perfectly into the industrial design.

Choosing a kitchen wall for an apartment in the loft style, it is worth giving preference to matte models. It’s good if the texture of the wood appears through the paint. Countertops, island cabinets, chairs, any additional shelves should be made of a roughly treated massif. The floor may be plank, but it is more practical to use porcelain stoneware or concrete. Terracotta shades of brick and warm wood texture are the perfect choice to a simple black kitchen, although in an achromatic range it looks very aesthetically pleasing.

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