Black wallpaper for wall decoration: Design tips and ideas

Is black wallpaper in the interior gloomy and depressing, or bold, extravagant and stylish? There is no right answer – it all depends on the skill of the person who selects the pattern and texture of the wallpaper, determines the place for them in the room and selects a combination with other elements of decoration and decor. We don’t argue, even designers may find it difficult to work with black, but their rich experience has allowed us to accumulate a lot of secrets that will help us successfully use black wall-paper in the interior. Working with such material is always interesting, because it is a kind of walking on the verge between a magnificent stylish interior, as from a picture, and a gloomy uncomfortable room. But who does not take risks … The material is dedicated to courageous people looking for innovative solutions.

Rules for using black wallpaper

Black wallpapers, like, in general, black color, can be called a litmus test, which determines whether you have a sense of taste and style. In skilled hands, such material will create an extravagant, stylish and even a little mysterious interior. Well, if you approach the issue irresponsibly, it will turn out sad, gloomy, dull and dark. We hear all these accusations against black from all sides, and they sound from the lips of those who have not figured out how to use black wallpapers in the interior. So, the main thing is to adhere to the following rules:

  • black color is a taboo for small rooms, which he can make even closer. For such rooms, black can only be used in detail, for example, as an inactive pattern on light wallpaper. Black can be a floor lamp or a coffee table, but not the whole wall;
  • black wallpapers, even in a spacious room, cannot occupy all the walls – they paste over only one of the walls;
  • black conceals the space of even large rooms, because it is used in rooms with good natural light, not forgetting to provide high-quality artificial light in the evening;
  • black wallpapers must be combined with light decoration and furniture, glossy and shiny elements, greenery, bright accents, and then we can talk not about depression, but about style. Black wallpapers with gilding, overflow and glossy inserts look good. They themselves are not so gloomy, because they reflect light, so working with them will be even easier.

Your efforts will come back to you a hundredfold, because the black color is universal, it is always in fashion, it is considered the standard of sophistication. Psychologists speak of his ability to help concentrate on one thought. Of course, this effect will be achieved if the room has a balance between black and light shades.

Types of black wallpapers

Like wallpapers of other colors, black can be made of different materials, from which not only the price will depend, but also the appearance, as well as the performance of the finish. The choice should be made taking into account which room is supposed to be used.

Black wallpapers are mainly as follows:

  • paper – the cheapest and most environmentally friendly, they “breathe”, boast a decent assortment. The main minus is the fragility. The material wears out quickly and cannot be washed (except for some types of modern paper wallpaper). Ideal for the bedroom, but not for the kitchen or hallway;
  • non-woven wallpaper is made on the basis of cellulose, various components are added to the mixture, therefore it is possible to obtain a breathable natural coating with good performance. The material is resistant to fire and sunlight, and due to the decent thickness, you can hide small surface defects. There is non-woven wallpaper for painting, which implies complete freedom of action if you want to change the interior;
  • vinyl wallpaper conquered modern apartments. They are durable, diverse, they can be washed and used in rooms with high humidity. They do not fade in the sun, do not shrink, and are highly durable. The disadvantages include the inability to pass air, but if such material adorns only one wall in the room, then nothing bad will happen. After sticking, a subtle specific smell may be present, but soon it will disappear;
  • textile wallpapers are made, as a rule, on the basis of paper, and the top layer is formed from natural ones (silk, cotton, jute, felt, linen) or artificial threads. It turns out a coating with a relief pattern, pleasant to the touch and able to improve the heat and sound insulation of the room. Textile wallpapers give the room comfort and warmth, emphasize the luxury of the interior. Minus – price, as well as the ability to attract dust;
  • metallized wallpapers are obtained by gluing aluminum foil to a paper or non-woven backing. The result is a rather interesting material that is not afraid of moisture and mold, does not fade, lasts a long time and is easy to care for, and also protects from electromagnetic radiation. On the other hand, the coating is easily damaged by a sharp object, and the price is too high;
  • photo wallpapers are printed using different types of ink, which are applied on a paper, non-woven or fabric base. A drawing can be absolutely anything – from abstraction to cityscape or your own photo. This finish expands the space well. 3D murals allow you to make the wall voluminous and bring a twist to the room. Wallpapering is not very easy – accuracy and consistency are required;
  • natural wallpapers are made either completely from natural material, or with its high content. This group includes bamboo wallpapers and wood veneer. All of them “breathe”, can improve the performance of heat and sound insulation of the room, have an interesting texture, but also cost a lot.

Black wallpaper design options

When talking about black wallpaper, they mean not only completely plain material, although this option is also used. Black coatings also include those coatings where black is the main, predominant color, but it can include other shades. These inclusions, as a rule, take the form of a certain pattern.

It is difficult to describe the entire assortment of black wallpapers, but most often there are such options:

  • plain wallpaper – the easiest option, which is sometimes very difficult. They rarely use them on their own, usually combined with strips of other wallpapers. Combining shades and patterns, you can get the perfect balance of mysticism and style. If no combinations are provided, then the black wall will need to be framed with paintings in massive openwork frames, mirrors, shelves and other accessories;
  • black wallpaper with geometric patterns, and the color of the patterns can be absolutely anything. A pattern is not only a decoration, but also a game with perception. So, for example, a vertical strip can visually make a room higher, and horizontal – wider. Large rhombuses or squares visually hide the space;
  • flowers on a black background look romantic and gentle, whether it be roses, peonies, chrysanthemums or lilacs. Good option for a bedroom;
  • monograms are a priority of the classical style. It is better if the monograms are golden or silver, then the wallpaper will look incredibly chic and expensive;
  • floral patterns are great for decorating bedrooms and living rooms. On a black background there may be repeating images of leaves or fruits;
  • birds and animals are rarely used to decorate black wallpapers, but if they are found, they most often use images of lions, leopards and zebras. For a children’s room, you can choose a canvas with small repeating pictures of different animals – interesting and informative;
  • black polka dot wallpaper is romantic, delicate and unusual. If you use bright accents, you can get a room filled with unusual charm;
  • lettering is a frequent element of black wallpaper. These can be large words throughout the wall or small letters forming hundreds of different words. The font can be artsy, with monograms and curls (for the classic style), or it can be simple, as if typed on a typewriter (loft). Equally important is the choice of language;
  • abstraction is not always easy to fit into the interior. With such wallpaper you will need to use simple furniture in light or bright colors;
  • black brick wallpaper is ideal for decorating a wall in a loft style room. There is more than enough space and light in such rooms, because before the design there are a lot of opportunities;
  • black wood wallpaper is another good option for decorating lofts, as well as rooms in the style of minimalism. Drawing boards with scuffs and traces of time looks spectacular;
  • leather black wallpaper is a luxury in its pure form, goes well with reflective surfaces, velvet and gold;
  • black wallpaper with imitation of decorative plaster or natural stone – a budget option to design a room effectively. Such wallpapers get a characteristic relief, therefore they look quite naturalistic;
  • wallpaper with city landscapes, as a rule, combine black and white colors, fill the room with space and urban spirit;
  • wallpapers with 3D patterns differ in incredible volume, you must be very careful with them so as not to visually reduce the area of the room and not create a pressing effect. A good solution for avant-garde style;
  • black wallpapers with sparkles and glossy inserts look quite impressive, not at all gloomy due to the presence of reflective details. At night, the material can be illuminated with LED backlight to make the ornament flicker.

In the collections of different manufacturers you can find wallpapers with other drawings. It can be cosmic landscapes, maps of cities and countries, the image of shelves clogged with books. An imitation of squeezed paper looks original, as well as wallpapers on which paintings in a minimalist style are already painted and accessories are “hung”. In general, if you wish, you can find a solution for every taste.

The combination of black wallpaper with other colors

If we talk not about purely black wallpaper, but about a canvas with any pattern, then the question involuntarily begs: “What color should this picture be so that the room looks harmonious?”. It will be difficult to do without a companion color, it helps to get away from the effect of gloom and oppression, however, not every shade is able to beneficially affect the interior of the room. To avoid errors, it is better to use proven combinations:

  • black and white is a classic of the genre, which looks appropriate in both classic and minimalist interiors. Numerous wallpapers are made in black and white, and the ornament is of a decent variety. It can be stripes, geometric shapes, flowers, leaves, animals, and landscapes. White color balances black, making the room harmonious. If you are afraid to make a mistake, choose this combination;
  • black with beige is another classic combination. Beige emphasizes the depth of black and at the same time softens it a little. The combination looks good in any interior, especially in the classic;
  • black and gray allow you to give the room presentability and rigor. It is better to choose a combination with silver gray, so that the room does not have a feeling of mourning;
  • black with green also looks successful and fresh. As a rule, black is combined with several shades of green and white;
  • black with turquoise is a combination for courageous people who love everything unusual and extravagant. It will be difficult to enter such wallpaper into the interior, but your efforts will pay off when you see a bright, slightly provocative and, of course, spectacular results;
  • black with blue is used to design strict and brutal men’s interiors. Cool blue refreshes black. Blue color completely brightens the gloom of black, making the interior easier;
  • black with gold – a combination that gives the interior luxury, looks good in a classic style. The main thing is not to go too far with the elements of luxury in the interior, otherwise you can slide into bad taste;
  • black with purple looks majestic. The duo of dark colors should be diluted with crystal, metal and mirror surfaces, then the interior will look elegant, but not gloomy;
  • black with lilac – a light and romantic combination that allows you to bring the atmosphere of peace and relaxation into the room. Great option for a bedroom;
  • black with yellow and orange – this is a positive combination that fills the room with sunlight and warm. However, the combination of black and orange is used with caution, diluting with white or brown;
  • black and brown – this is luxury and presentability. If you use expensive materials to design a room, then such a combination will only emphasize the status of the owner;
  • black and red – too aggressive combination, therefore it is better to dilute it with the past. Such a combination will make spectacular even the simplest interior;
  • black and pink are a glamorous combination that fills the room with ease, carefree and light. Ideal for fusion style.

If you are not sure about the chosen combination, try creating a design project for the future room, and special programs and applications will come to your aid. Along with sophisticated professional software, there are solutions for ordinary users. If you are very afraid that your taste will let you down, then it is better to turn to the designers for help.

Black wallpaper and interior style

Black wallpaper, with the right combination, successfully fits into any style of interior:

  • in minimalism black wallpapers look very good, especially those with a strict laconic pattern . The combination of black and white, as well as black and gray, shows itself perfectly;
  • loft and black color is a complete harmony. Here you can not be afraid to go too far with blackness, because the abundance of sunlight passing through the huge windows eliminates any experiments. Choose wallpaper with a pattern for brick, plaster or wood, complement them with pipes and wires, and get a harsh industrial interior;
  • for the classic style black color is rare, but if you take a wallpaper with monograms and elements of gilding, to add all this with light openwork furniture, you can get a very interesting solution;
  • black fits nicely into the Gothic style; paintings with monograms look especially good;
  • bold combinations of black with vibrant colors or light-reflecting elements are acceptable for art deco.

Styles such as Scandinavian, Provence, country, Japanese, it’s hard to imagine with black wallpapers – this dark shade can appear there, but in very small quantities.

Black wallpaper and room type

Black wallpapers can be used in almost any room – the main thing is to comply with the requirements described at the very beginning of this article. Feel free to glue the black wallpaper:

Black wallpaper in the kitchen

In the kitchen, where decoration with floral decorations, images of fruits and vegetables, dishes will be appropriate. The combination of black and green, beige, gray, golden looks great.

Black wallpaper in the living room

In the living room, black is used neatly. Many people strive to use it for the wall where the TV is located, but designers warn that in this case there is a high probability that such a finish will press and distract from the screen. The way out is to use wallpaper where black is combined with white, beige, lilac or blue, and the companion color should be clearly visible. Alternative – stick wallpaper on the wall not behind the TV.

Black wallpaper in the bedroom

In the bedroom, black wallpaper is usually used to decorate the wall behind the head of the bed. Floral ornaments, geometric patterns look great. Black is combined with white, beige, pink, lilac, blue. Better not to use too bold color combinations.

Black wallpaper in the children’s room

Black wallpaper is also appropriate in the children’s room, but there should be a large color picture on them. These can be plants, clothing items, cartoon characters, balls, geometric shapes, etc .

Black wallpaper in the office

In the office, where black will contribute to concentration and emphasize solidity.

Black wallpapers in the interior must be supplemented with bright shades, light furniture, greenery, glossy surfaces (mirrors and glass objects), and then a dark color will only play to good.

Black wallpaper in the loggia

Given that the loggia is full of light, black wallpapers can be used safely and without restrictions. In combination with white frames, you will get a catchy contrast option.

Black wallpaper in the hallway and corridor

Be wary of using black walls in narrow corridors, the space will visually shrink and become uncomfortable. But well-placed lighting sources in the black hallway will help create a stunning interior.

Color features for interior elements

An important contribution to the perception of the overall picture is made by other elements of the interior.

  • Curtains. There are no restrictions when choosing curtains, because all colors are combined with black. Dark curtains will merge with the wallpaper and expand, continue the room. White and light shades of other colors will create contrast and delimit space. Bright colors will become accent spots.
  • Furniture. Furniture should be chosen, adhering to the chosen style. The color of the kitchen set, bed, sofa should be organically fit into the interior so that they do not get out of the general mood of the room.
  • Ceiling. A light ceiling over the black walls will visually add height to the room. Dark coloration can cause a feeling of pressure; it is better to use this technique in rooms with high ceilings, in loft-style interiors.
  • Floor. Any flooring can be used, but its color is better to choose depending on the lighting of the room.
  • Door. Doors should not contradict the basic stylistic decision of the interior. The dark door on the black wall will merge with it, and the light will become an accent.

With the help of black wallpapers you can get a bold and original interior, which will be the subject of pride of the owners and admiration of the guests.

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