Blue and brown living room: fantastic design ideas with useful suggestions & inspirational photos

Calm, soothing, and positive, blue is at the top of popular colors and does not plan to get one step back. From bright shades that lead to a feeling of security to calmer ones that smooth the contrasts, blue is used first of all to set a connection with nature since it is the color of the sky and the sea. 

Traditional, reliable, and outstanding, brown is no less fascinating. This color undoubtedly reflects natural elements, whether it is a light shade, such as beige, sand, cream, or a darker one, such as cocoa or mahogany. Simple due to its calming feature and rich, at the same time, due to its earthy undertones, brown is a combination of comfort and stability. 

As you have probably noted, both colors are traced to nature, which puts aside all the doubts as regards the perfect combination between them. Furthermore, they bring together real natural landscapes, from a calming environment on a sandy beach bathed by the blue ocean waves to a crispy feeling captured on a mountain that strives to reach the highest point in the blue sky. 

Now that there is no doubt that these colors go well together, let’s find out how they can be integrated into interior design, particularly the living room, which is a perfect space to play with various shades of blue and brown to fit the style and achieve the wanted effect. As a starting point, we would like to present to you the essentials to consider when combining the colors. 

2 core rules for a successful start

Consider the following shades of blue for a perfect combination with brown:

  • Teal blue. A deep mix of blue and green traced to the color of the area around the eye of the teal bird. It is a perfect pairing of calmness with revitalization;
  • Tropical blue. A bright shade of blue that impresses with its feature of bringing positivity. A true companion to darker shades since it brightens them up perfectly;
  • Ocean blue. A deep and impressive color with colder undertones that adds serenity and peace, accompanied by balance;
  • Navy blue. A dark shade of blue traced to the color of the sailors’ uniforms. It has been very popular lately and applied in various fields, particularly interior design.

If you start with blue, opt for the following shades of brown to ensure a fascinating result:

  • Beige. A light shade of brown that resembles the sandy beaches and works perfectly with colder undertones by warming them up;
  • Chocolate brown. A dark chocolate-resembling shade of brown that brings on the surface the richest undertones of the latter;
  • Mahogany. A natural brown with red undertones traced to the wood mahogany that adds richness to the environment;
  • Khaki. A soothing brown with a slight hint of yellow that does not cease to impress with its popularity due to the resulting shade of sandy tan.

Now that you have a general picture of how to work with particular shades of blue and brown, it is time to discover the best design ideas that combine these colors for a trendy living room, which promise to meet any expectations of yours. One should note that various undertones of the earlier-mentioned colors will be tackled, which offers a large array of possibilities in this sense. 

Cold blue & brown for harmony

Dark shades of blue and brown will serve as perfect companions within a cool living room. Particularly suitable are cold blue for the walls and dark brown for the furniture, be it the sofa, a coffee table, or any other decorative element. One should note that you can play with a slightly lighter shade of brown to warm up the environment. The resulting feeling will fit perfectly a Vintage style or an Art Deco living room. The cool undertones and sharp lines will complete each other for a harmonious atmosphere.

Dark blue walls & light brown furniture

From a total covering of the walls with dark blue paint to an accent wall, a bold shade of blue with cold undertones is everything you need to set a fresh feeling within a contemporary living room. Complete the picture by adding light brown pieces of furniture, particularly made of nature-inspired materials, such as wood or rattan, to emphasize the well-known approach of “bringing the outdoors indoors”.

Say “yes” to light shades

Considering that blue and brown are quite bold colors, going with light shades for both cases will not blur the picture but rather underline the hidden scents of natural freshness that are to be found in both colors. Opt for light blue walls and a similar brown shade for furniture. The latter does not necessarily have to be large pieces of furniture. You can go with smaller elements, such as the sofa legs, an array of shelves on the wall, or photo frames. Additionally, you can add a few pieces in a bolder shade of blue to enrich the background.

Find the balance

This approach allows you to play with colors any way you want, particularly with various shades of blue and brown. You can either choose a contrastive combination of light blue walls and dark brown floor or the contrary. It is noteworthy that you can go with dark shades for both colors, although choosing slightly lighter undertones for one of them. This is the beauty of playing with contrasts; you can come up with any combinations that match your liking.

The freedom of choice in this sense finds its finish where particular limits remind you that your color combination should not suppress the environment. Additionally, you can enrich the resulting effect with a bold-colored sofa for a new splash of emotions.

Switch the roles

It is time to show you how perfectly blue and brown can work with each other from another perspective. This time, we go with a light shade of brown – beige and combine it with various undertones of blue. Furthermore, the former will prevail in use, covering the walls and other parts within the space, while blue will serve as an accent color. Such a pairing changes the picture entirely. The fresh air set within the living-room walls offers a welcoming and comfortable environment and will suit those who look for calmness.

Add a balancing color

In the same flow of ideas that are tackled in the previous option, we would like to draw your attention to another approach that implies lighter shades. What is to be noticed carefully is that this alternative implies another dominant color – white. A combination of soothing blue and beige with white will serve as a perfect reason to set a conservative, rather royal environment. At the same time, a more emphasized blue within the same combination will be welcome in coastal style. Therefore, a mix of soft blue, white, and light brown for the furniture will bring nature closer in the finest way: not too bold nor too soft, but rather a perfect environment with natural scents that keep it comfy. 

Vintage style with light accent

We are not ready yet to give up when it comes to the integration of white within a blue and brown combination. Furthermore, such an approach is welcome if you want to set a Vintage style. White is usually used as a background, while blue and brown are applied to the main units within the living room. If not sure about the choice, go with a blue sofa and add aged wooden coffee tables for a Vintage effect. Nevertheless, such Vintage pieces will work as perfectly if covered in blue.

Go big or go home!

Do you fancy a bold interior design to make an impression every time you enter the room? Sure we have a perfect option for that. Go with bold shades of blue and bright brown with orange undertones. Consider these colors in any way you find suitable, although bearing in mind that the further you go with one shade, the more emphasized has to be the other one for a balanced contrast. From Art Deco to an eclectic combination of styles, reach your level of comfort if all you need for a comfy feeling is a positive vibe.

A sense of functionality and style

Soothing shades, functional use of space, simple but outstanding decor, and the feeling of calmness, all this and even more is easy to acquire with a smart combination of calm, rather cold blue and brown. It will work perfectly within a minimalist style or a conservative setting that keeps everything in its place. The soothing undertones of blue and brown will bring stability, which is welcome within this context. Nevertheless, their natural features will not let the environment lose its comfort.

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