Blue and yellow kitchen: tips + 6 stylish ideas for inspiration

If you are currently looking for ideas for your new kitchen, which would be practical, beautiful, and easy to integrate into the style of your house, moreover, using such bold colors as blue and yellow, consider yourself lucky because you came to the right place. We will guide you in your path toward reaching the best results in this respect by providing the best pieces of advice and offering you an insight into what a perfect blue and yellow kitchen looks like through an array of images. 

As a starting point, it is worth mentioning about the meaning behind these colors. Whether you want it or not, they will influence you at the emotional level. This is why it is essential to understand what effect they have to choose the right shades and combine them appropriately. Regarding the yellow color, it stands for cheerfulness and energy. There is no doubt that you would like to be embraced by those two features while preparing your breakfast in the morning or cooking a big meal during the day. On the other hand, blue stands for stability. Nevertheless, it also expresses freedom and inspiration. That is right. We also need the inspiration to start the morning with a healthy breakfast or prepare a delicious dinner. 

As you have already noticed, these two colors are perfect for the kitchen, furthermore, if they are to be combined. You will be surprised, but this is not enough. You need perfect ideas as well, and this is what we will provide you with.

Blue and yellow kitchen design: helpful tips

A blue and yellow kitchen is a bold step, and this is why you have to choose appropriately the way you will use these colors to incorporate your ideas of a perfect kitchen. There are more things to be considered, but don’t worry. We have already made a list for you. You have nothing else to do than go through it and get inspired:

  • Think big! Of course, we want you to be ambitious about your ideas, but there is more to come when referring to this expression. We suggest you take a look at the big picture of your house and try to integrate the kitchen at all levels, starting with the right choice of color shades and style.
  • Consider the lighting. If your kitchen is kissed by the sun through large windows, make sure that you opt for calmer shades of blue and yellow, whose beauty will be complemented by the daylight. On the other hand, if your kitchen room lacks natural light, you can compensate it by adding bolder shades of these colors. 
  • Be free to combine colors. We suggest you don’t go all blue or all yellow as this would be unpleasant both for the eyes and the whole design of your house. Instead, try and combine these colors in an efficient way. There are more ideas than you think, which shall be discussed below.
  • Be as original as possible. Of course, a kitchen designer would give you insights into what a perfect kitchen should look like, but this doesn’t mean you cannot be part of the process. Try to direct your attention toward little details. As yellow is a bolder color in this respect, we suggest you let the blue color play a prominent role, for instance, by being chosen as the color of the cabinets. At the same time, use yellow for other details, which will accentuate the uniqueness of your kitchen.

As you have already noticed, we have the base for your future kitchen. What comes next is even more interesting, the pillars of a perfect blue and yellow kitchen, reflected through practical pieces of advice and inspirational images. So, let’s get it started!

The best choice of color shades

Although white kitchens found themselves in the majority of homes, the colorful ones are becoming more popular. It can be explained by the fact that the right choice of color shades can lead to a beautiful kitchen of any color combination. But we will stop at blue and yellow. According to specialists, you have to use calmer shades of either blue or yellow for the expensive materials and those that cover larger spaces, such as cabinets, and bolder shades for smaller elements, such as accessories. 

 Play practically with the colors

As mentioned earlier, we suggest you use a calmer shade of blue for the cabinets and bold yellow for the accessories. At the same time, it does not mean that the opposite is not accepted. Of course, you can go for it, but you will have to choose a calm yellow for the cabinets and bold blue for the accessories. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning in this respect about the background, which has to be a neutral one, because you would not be happy to see an amalgam of different colors that would spoil the initial uniqueness of the kitchen. At the same time, a neuter color, such as gray or white, will put your kitchen in the perfect light. Although, you could opt for an all-blue kitchen and yellow background that would create the perfect balance.

Add new colors to shape the image

A blue and yellow kitchen does not mean that any other color should be excluded from the picture. Instead, it means that blue and yellow are the primary colors while a new shade will be the defining border between the ones mentioned earlier. It will both preserve the balance and emphasize the originality of the combination. In this respect, we suggest you opt for neuter colors, such as white, gray, or beige. 

Enrich your kitchen with gold

Do you think that golden elements in your kitchen would be too extra? Let us assure you about the opposite. If used within appropriate borders, the combination between blue and golden will bring a sparkle of royalty into your kitchen and make it, at the same time, look modern. Just imagine the fine sunrays reflected in fragile golden elements within a general background of blue and white. 

Change the concept

Bring more life into your kitchen and go all yellow if you are more of an energetic person. But don’t forget to add a little bit of blue through some elements to achieve a balanced picture. Even the most minor blue elements will bring a little bit of stability in your extra-joyful kitchen, in case you opt for a bold yellow. On the other hand, if you choose a calmer yellow, the blue elements will make your kitchen look more conservative. 

Go either modern or conservative

Make a distinction between the two paths you want to take in this respect. If you tend to prioritize the old values and are looking for a kitchen that would look both practical and beautiful, we suggest you choose more wood-like elements for your kitchen. On the other hand, if you look more toward a modern image for your kitchen, you better consider brand new cabinets and a contrastive combination between the two colors. Either way, you will succeed if you play appropriately with colors. 

If we were to refer to the specialists in the field, the bold colors are coming back into our kitchens. This means that if you opt for such colors as blue and yellow, you win in two ways: you bring more energy into your kitchen and keep pace with the new trends. One thing is to choose the colors.  Another one is to combine and integrate them properly. If you came so far, it means you are sure of the colors. All you have to do now is to go one more time through our pieces of advice and create your perfect kitchen, which would not let you have your coffee in the morning or take your dinner at any other place than home.

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