Charming Boho curtain ideas: Bohemian chic in one step

Whether you are acquainted or not with the Boho style, a short introduction would not spoil the charm of what this article has in store for you. The Bohemian interior design style relies on creativity above any rules, embracing the unconventional and striving for uniqueness. Considering that originality is part of the current trends, Boho fits in perfectly. 

What about Boho curtains? They are decorative and functional units distinguished by a free choice of color, pattern, and texture. One of the key elements is to keep it personal and relaxed. You are the first to enjoy such curtains, meaning their design should fully depend on your preferences. It seems quite abstract. Let’s look at Boho curtains from a narrower perspective! 

Boho curtain key elements

  • Patterns. Layers of shapes with different sources of inspiration, from particular cultures to specific motifs, such as floral or geometric;
  • Colors. Starting with such neutrals as white and tan and reaching vibrant shades reminiscent of jewel grandeur;
  • Rods and fixtures. Using metallic textures in particular, such as brass, gold, silver, chrome, and even iron;
  • Design. Mixing and matching the previously mentioned elements according to the principle  “there is never too much.”

If you are a creative person and would like to experiment with your design ideas for perfect Boho curtains, such an approach is more than welcome for a Bohemian accent. Nevertheless, the popularity of this style led to an array of options, in this sense, that you have nothing else to do than enter a store of the kind and pick a unit that fits your perception of authenticity. Either way, the following list of Boho-style curtain designs will come in handy and maybe inspire you for a change. Let’s dive deep into the world of colors and patterns!

Neutral on the outside, Boho on the inside

Boho is very versatile, and such neutrals as white, beige, and gray cannot simply go unnoticed. If this style inspired you, but sticking to the overall minimalist interior is a priority, the neutral Boho curtains are your always-and-forever companions. Be it thin sheer, linen, or cotton, accompanied by nearly visible eclectic patterns, with slight waves or plain. Such an accent will not only redefine your interior but keep pace with the main features of the particular space since neutrals go with everything.

For real Boho connoisseurs

The pure replication of Boho is the macrame curtains produced by specific knotting techniques. White and tan are favorites for such a design, although a bold accent would not spoil the effect but rather add more authenticity. Such curtains are a separate form of art, and their integration will bring your interior to the next level. Besides hanging them on the window, you can also decorate the space above the bed in the bedroom, separate functional areas, or enrich an empty wall with a delicate sense of finesse. 

Simple yet charming patterns

We still stick to neutrality. The newly introduced element is the patterns, which should be black or another color on a white background. These are thin curtains with Boho patterns, such as those inspired by particular cultures. Utmost interest is paid to shapes inspired by the African culture that amaze with their unique forms. Not far are the geometric shapes that play their magic on the interior in an indeed authentic way. Luckily, this pattern is popular, and besides its delightful effect as part of the Boho style, it will also keep you up to date.

Orange is a new tan

The commonly used tan can be replaced with a slightly muted shade of orange while going with any design. The simpler the design, the more attention this color receives. Still, don’t forget: there is never too much. Go as bold as you want. Such curtains would perfectly fit even the simplest designs with monochromatic palettes by enriching them with vibrance.

Go big or go home

This concept is more than welcome in this context. When applied to curtains, its replication is bold colors, an amalgam of patterns, and an eclectic combination of styles, cultures, and sources of inspiration. Any colors you want, any patterns that fit your preference, any design that feels close to you. The more, the better. The result cannot go any other way but reach the highest level of originality. 

Another splash of cultural finesse

The design inspired by Moroccan culture deserves a separate introduction. The white curtains with gold, blue, gray, green, or orange patterns peculiar to this culture go hand in hand and offer a new perspective on the popular style. It is enough to go with Boho for an accent, but wait and see what a statement this particular approach prepares. Your interior will simply stand out, and no other element will be able to suppress the refinement of such curtains.

Charming Mandala pattern

The Mandala pattern peculiar to the Moroccan and Indian cultures is not far from the previous option. The dynamic Mandala pendant in neutral or bold colors is a no-fail alternative for curtains within a Boho style. Still, a contemporary minimalist setting would benefit no less from such a vibrant composition if going beyond the borders is not alien to you. Such a piece will simply hypnotize you and induce a sense of escape where you can dive into your deepest thoughts.

When Boho meets Shabby Chic

From Boho – the original approach, from Shabby Chic – a splash of elegance. Such units are usually handmade, although a flea market is a no less reliable source. Mostly made of lace or put together by various pieces from other curtains, such decor pieces will combine uniqueness with elegance by embracing the old values and emphasizing them with a contemporary approach. 

A new color, a new look

Not that common within this style, blue is the newly introduced tendency, which, by the way, is popular now. From all-blue curtains to blue patterns on lighter backgrounds, your Boho splash of authenticity will be enriched with a new feature – tranquility since we speak about soothing shades of blue. The balance of boldness and stability in this approach will bring harmony to your interior.

Redefine the style

A bit of Boho and a bit of natural texture – replicated through a new approach to the Boho curtain color. Consider green as the primary color and accompany it with other splashes of energy or neutral background. Besides the intense sense of relaxation that this style implies, the color choice will connect your interior with nature, whose sense of authenticity cannot be replaced.

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