Brick effect tile: an easy way to give your walls a brick look

Brick effect tile: an easy way to give your walls a brick look

When modern design goes hand in hand with nature

Brick look decorative tiles reflect the essential features of the natural prototype. They are ideal for accentuating individual walls, niches, columns, and fireplaces. Brick effect tiles meet modern premises’ requirements because they compromise the unique beauty of nature and modern design. Thanks to them, we can create a fashionable arrangement, harmoniously combined with the nobility of the stone.

Decorative brick on the wall in several versions

Wall bricks can be of different types of stone. We consider natural stone to be the most durable and sophisticated, easily adaptable to interior design. Another type is the artificial stone, which also cannot be denied several benefits. Artificial decorative stone is primarily cheaper, which is why most people choose it when renovating. Plaster or concrete tiles imitate natural stone and are also suitable for indoor thermal insulation.

Brick effect tile in bathroom

After such a dose of theory, it’s time to move on to specific examples of the use of decorative bricks on the wall. First of all, consider a bathroom, which, due to its specificity, will require bathroom tiles with low water absorption. In this case, it is better to choose porcelain stoneware brick-look tiles, which will give the interior a natural beauty while retaining this material’s properties. Porcelain stoneware is durable and pleasant to use, so it can also be used when arranging an area located next to a shower or around a bath. Another question is to choose the right color. The shade of gray is undoubtedly the trendiest and most frequently desired shade. Its timeless and modern character speaks for this, although, of course (as in any case), it is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Brick look tile in the kitchen

Porcelain stoneware tiles, imitating brick, due to their operational parameters, are also suitable for the kitchen. We can safely use both in the washing area and as a backsplash where they can withstand high temperatures and steam. A significant advantage of brick look tiles is its versatility, thanks to which it will perfectly fit both the traditional character of the kitchen and its modern version. If an idyllic character dominates the kitchen, shades of beige and brown are excellent choices. We recommend the all-gray option for contemporary interiors, where the same shades of gray or similar options prevail.

Brick effect tiles in the bedroom, living room, and dining room

Wall bricks are a versatile solution suitable for spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. There is complete freedom in the choice of material. The color of the brick, in turn, depends on the style in which you decorated the room. If rustic or Scandinavian accents prevail in the living room, dining room, or bedroom, then white or gray bricks will be an excellent choice that will give the interior a unique character. A brick-look tile of warm colors in a loft apartment, for example, brown, beige, or copper, will be much better.

Brick tile is a suitable finishing material due to its ease of installation, size, and variety in terms of an appropriate color. It is worth choosing such solutions not only for decorative but also for practical reasons. The durable finish is a guarantee of satisfaction for years to come.

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