Brick wall in the living room: Design ideas

Brick walls have long been firmly established in the modern interior as a key element of the loft style and an indicator of the good taste of the owner of the house.

Why has ordinary brickwork become so popular and is most often used in the central room – the living room?

According to some designers, a beautiful brick wall adds texture, gives the living room a unique character and charm. Others believe that this is an expression of the rich historical past of the building, a mixture of past and present. For others, the presence of a brick wall in the living room is a manifestation of individuality and elegance, as opposed to already boring interiors with a predominance of glass and stone finishes.

The love of the loft style or whatever the motive, the brick wall in the living room – this is serious and for a long time! An open brick wall in the living room can have a wide range of shapes and colors depending on the style of the interior: industrial, shabby chic, modern or vintage.

Today you have the opportunity to see many magnificent living rooms with brick walls that will charm, inspire and make you create.

Watch and enjoy!

Living rooms with brick walls in a modern style

Modern living rooms with an emphasis on a brick wall are now in trend. In this case, the brickwork can be open or neatly coated on top with a layer of paint. In the second case, the color and style of bricks correlates with the design of the living room. For example, white brickwork always looks advantageous and neutral.

A more dynamic option would be a brick wall of a deep gray shade or even black – which would be an openly bold decision.

The wall of classic red brick certainly looks aesthetically pleasing and takes its leading place in the modern living room, where the rest of the interior is neutral and, if possible, does not attract the main attention.

Industrial style with brick walls

Brick walls look good in interiors of various styles. But there is a style with which they make a magnificent couple – industrial.

In an industrial interior, brickwork goes well with open ventilation pipes, large windows with dark metal frames, exposed ceiling beams and bulky metal lamps. These components are the perfect set to create the perfect industrial-style living room.

Meanwhile, heavy wooden ceiling beams along with brick walls can serve as an excellent backdrop for the interior in a Mediterranean or rustic style.

Brick walls in small living rooms

Do you have a small living room? This is not a problem at all if you want to decorate a brick wall in it. The textural beauty of the brick walls brings warmth to the small living area and makes its atmosphere alluring homely.

You can decorate the living room with brickwork based on two different approaches, which are based on your personal taste and favorite style. The first approach is eclectic: a brick wall combined with a mixture of various shades, textures, contrasting styles and unique decor. This direction requires balance and a sense of proportion.

The second approach to decorating a small living room with a brick wall draws inspiration in a modern Scandinavian style. Moderation, clean straight lines and neutral shades will allow you to make the main visual emphasis on the brick wall.

In addition to the Scandinavian, you can design a small living room in a modern style, in both industrial and shabby chic, the main thing is to follow one style so as not to overload the room.

Unusual brick wall

There are many ways to go beyond the usual when decorating a living room with brickwork. Moreover, this does not require huge financial costs.

The brick wall can be decorated with graffiti, which will add a little street vibrant atmosphere to the room.

For a greater visual effect, the brick wall can be laid out curved! Also, attention will be drawn to black brick walls with the opposite color decor.

You can play with contrasting textures (for example, a combination of thin curtains with rough brick walls) or shades (white and red brick walls in one room) to enliven the living room.

Decorating a brick wall with paintings / posters

An open brick wall can be a wonderful bright backdrop to showcase art collections or your favorite family photos. Such a home gallery on a brick wall looks more expressive and attractive.

With proper lighting of decor and accessories, a living room with brick walls can become much more visually attractive, and furniture in neutral colors will become more noticeable.

However, designing a room with brick walls requires thoughtfulness and following a clear design project, so that an interesting idea does not result in an incomprehensible eclectic mix or a clumsy mess due to improper planning.

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