Brown curtain ideas for living room

Contemporary interiors are usually viewed as monochromatic settings painted in neutrals and kept as functional as possible. Well, it seems that everything is up-to-date, although most homeowners opt particularly for white, gray, and beige, without considering another pearl in this sense – brown. Of course, it depends on the undertones, but generally speaking, brown is one of the most outstanding neutrals. It is not that often integrated, but when this occurs, believe us, there is no other way your interior could go but reach a timeless level. 

If you are looking for ways to set a contemporary environment by sticking to the main principles of such an approach, although a bit of individuality is also your priority, brown is the right neutral to start with. Nothing will emphasize this color better than applying it to an accent, and a prominent representative, in this sense, is the curtains. You will simply be astonished by what an impressive statement brown curtains can make for your interior. First things first, let’s go a bit through some aspects you should consider in advance!

4 starting points

  • Brown shade. The bolder you want the accent to be, the brighter the brown shade should be, although a rather neutral variation will not be less of an accent and integrate better in contemporary interiors;
  • Brown undertones. For better integration, try to match the curtains undertones with other room elements so that harmony and integrity are preserved to the fullest;
  • Curtain design. It depends entirely on the style, although unobtrusive designs are welcome since the color itself is bold enough to enrich your space with visual interest;
  • Overall style. Brown curtains will surely become a point of interest, which is better to be used to point at the particular style of the room and not go in a different direction unless it is a vintage piece of the kind and you want to make it the star of the room, even if the latter is designed in a modern way.

Now, you are ready to go further and get acquainted with some of the best ways to combine brown with curtains in your interior for a stylish living room that is not devoid of originality and keeps pace with the latest trends. 

Exceptionally light and unobtrusively bright

Brown does not necessarily mean a bold shade with rich earthy notes. A slightly lighter variation, even tan, is also brown. For those who are just discovering this color in the context of interior design, light brown is a perfect way to start. Simple designs devoid of extra volume and patterns would go better with light brown curtains and even ensure their integration in contemporary interiors. Such an approach does not require matching the curtains with other textiles or room elements, although a move in this sense would definitely not spoil the picture.

Simple yet bold

Do you wonder how it is possible to put the two concepts together? Pick a simple design yet a bolder color, and your question is answered. That’s right! This time, you should go with a bold brown shade, which is not necessarily bright but dark as well. The purpose is to make it a standout on a neutral background. You can combine such curtains with a leather sofa for a harmonious effect or go with an all-beige interior where the bold brown curtains will serve as an accent. 

Velvet chic

In our article about red curtains for the living room, we have written that red is the first color to come to mind when speaking about velvet curtains. Guess what! Brown is the second in the row. Consider light brown for rather modern settings and dark brown for classic interiors. Again, there is no need to come up with intricate designs. The texture is enough to offer this space an exquisite sense of elegance.

Elegant linen

An opposite alternative to velvet is linen, which doesn’t look that heavy but lighter, fresher, and more versatile. You are free to choose the shade of brown and the thickness of the curtains depending on how much light you want to penetrate the room. Besides the mentioned features, linen has a more natural appearance and works perfectly for interiors that integrate various nature-inspired materials, offering the space an additional splash of texture and contributing to comfort.

Harmonious combination

If you want your curtains to feel fully integrated into your interior, match them with other room elements, such as the sofa. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same shade of brown. The most important aspect is that they are traced to brown. You can go with any variation you want, such as tan for curtains and dark brown for the sofa, the opposite, or even pair your brown curtains with a leather piece of furniture. 

Monochromatic palette 

A monochromatic palette inspired by brown is a perfect design solution for lovers of the Scandinavian style and minimalist arrangements. Consider different shades of brown for the walls, furniture, textiles, particularly the curtains, and achieve a harmonious interior where everything seems to go hand in hand and your brown curtains appear to be a constituent part of the space.

Contrastive finesse

It is quite the opposite of the previous option. For lovers of indeed bold accents, there are dark brown curtains on a white background. Slightly lighter curtains look no less impressive if the backdrop is devoid of any beige undertones. Undoubtedly, such a contrast is eye-catching, but this combination, inspired by the classic pairing between white and wood, is a pure interpretation of balanced grandeur when it seems bold enough to make a statement, although everything is right how it should be. 

All in brown

This time, all in brown goes for an exceptional interior with a rather dark brown color palette; brown for the walls, brown for the furniture, brown for the textiles with slight color variations. For contrast, the least you could do is opt for light flooring or a light-colored carpet. Such an approach would suit a classical interior with a leather sofa and exquisite wood pieces of furniture. Still, a slightly little approach to brown would fit no less impressively the Boho style. One should note that curtains in almost the same shade as other room elements may seem rather faded on a similar background, although their absence would be surely felt since they are an irreplaceable piece of this puzzle.

Elegance at its finest

It would be a shame to speak about brown curtains and not mention the combination between this shade and gold. Particularly within a traditional or classical interior, such a pairing blooms to the fullest. Be it brown curtains with gold details or gold prevalence with slight brown elements accompanied by extra volume and waves, your curtains will not go unnoticed and serve as a perfect companion for your rather elegant setting.

Oriental inspiration

Cultures are a no less impressive source of inspiration for design solutions. What would you say about brown curtains inspired by oriental cultures? It sounds like an element worthy of being called an accent. Enrich the environment with new feelings by opting for brown curtains with slightly noticeable oriental patterns for a refined source of interest. It doesn’t necessarily go with a particular style since any contemporary interior, which is somewhat overly simplified, would benefit from a new splash of cultural inspiration.

A new splash of energy

We have spoken this far about rather neutral shades of brown, and we cannot simply go without mentioning the warm brown shades with orange undertones. Such curtains will fill the space with positive energy and set a comfortable environment. There is no need to opt for complex designs. The slightly muted brown with orange notes is enough to add visual interest to contemporary settings that seem to lack a bit of stimulation, courage, and motivation.

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