Top 12 Carpet Trends to Keep An Eye On: 2024 Edition

We are now experiencing an impressive shift in the world of interior design. If, a few years ago, we couldn’t imagine colorful carpets with bold patterns prevailing over clean wooden finishes on the floor, today, everything is possible. So, carpets are on their way to make a huge comeback, and interior designers are already embracing the tendency. Still, what textile pieces are in style this season? Experts unveiled the latest carpet trends: colors, materials, prints, and styles. 

1. A Huge Comeback for Wall-to-Wall Carpets

We’re seeing the return of good old wall-to-wall flooring textiles. First, this option is much more affordable than considering flooring renovation. Second, both earthy-colored and vividly patterned wall-to-wall carpets are in trend. 

Earthy shades are among the first color options suggested by designers. They nurture the constant craving for comfort in contemporary design. Simultaneously, the charming neutral beige, ivory, and taupe will play the same role. On the other hand, natural colors in lighter and darker shades will successfully elevate the mood in any space. Yet, the main surprise is brilliant reds and oranges, including terracotta, which you can use as neutrals or accent features in your design. 

Either opt for updated neutrals, take inspiration from the outdoor world, or direct your attention towards the trending maximalist options with vibrantly colored carpets. 

Note that light carpets work beautifully in spaces with equally bright-colored walls or moody color palettes, while dark-colored carpets best fit rooms with a light color scheme. 

3. Keep Pace with the Eco Trend

Undoubtedly, sustainable design options are all the rage. Be thoughtful of your solutions and opt for naturally textured carpet materials, such as wool, sisal, or jute. They organically beautify the space and keep you updated with the latest eco-carpet trends.

4. Flowerful Floor Covering

Modern trends still get inspired by classy options. The beloved floral print remains a favorite this year. Moreover, now we can decorate our homes with bold carpets accessorized with unexpected vivid flowers as if borrowed from the virtual world and safely stay in trend.

5. 2024 Mainstream: Checkered Carpets

As of late, the checker print has been gaining lots of popularity. Even more, it is expected to lead the 2024 carpet trends. You’ll see black-and-white or colorful checkered carpets in many new design projects. As experts like to say, it’s a game-changer.

6. Black-and-White Makes It Right

We cannot deny the relevance of black-and-white color palettes in contemporary interior design. It would be a shame to skip this trend when choosing a new carpet for your home. At least consider this timeless option due to the diversity of available designs and the versatility of this color combo.

For more inspiration, visit our article on the newest black-and-white carpet design ideas

7. Abstract Geometric Print

Modern carpet trends skillfully combine two prevailing trends that came to the fore in the past few seasons. So, abstract art and geometric forms, paired with the trending vivid colors, effortlessly reveal the emerging maximalist trend.

If you’ve always liked the soft effect of fluffy and long-pile carpets, expect them to gain more popularity this season. Moreover, living rooms are their favorite spots, where you gather with your dear ones and seek comfort.

Improvise with layering in the bedroom for the ultimate sense of comfort paired with style. Choose a neutrally colored wall-to-wall carpet and cover it with a smaller personalized rug in the bed area, from accent colors to appealing prints.

10. Vintage & Traditional Carpet Trend

Season after season, we become more aware of our heritage in interior design. The more retro the decor looks, the more authentic the ambiance seems. In this sense, vintage carpets with traditional prints are highly valued in contemporary interiors, underlining the room’s character.

11. A Few Shades Darker

We are enchanted to announce the new carpet trend you’ll surely like if you enjoy the contrast. So, dark carpets are the perfect choice in high-traffic areas like the hallway or family room. Yet, we’ve seen a growing popularity of black carpets in bedrooms. The fundamental rule to achieve a perfect effect is to pair a dark carpet with light walls, preferably white.

12. Rich-Textured Carpets

Long-pile structures, standout prints, and visual effects are mandatory for the trending rich-textured carpets. Alternatively, consider natural materials, which manage the task due to their organic composition. Use generously grained carpets to update your new interior design visually and on the touch.

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