Carpets & rugs trends: Choice of elegant models in 2020

Carpet – it’s not just decoration of the floor. This is an element of decor that plays an important role in the interior. If you think that the color and pattern of the carpet does not matter, you are mistaken. Today, carpets are back in fashion, and true connoisseurs of the beautiful, leafing through catalogs and attending exhibitions, can confidently say that if you make an effort, you can get a truly unique, beautiful and interesting thing into your home.

Previously, carpets lay on the floor almost throughout the apartment. Small paths in the corridor, comfortable canvases in the bathroom and solid large rectangular models in the living room. The absence of the rug seemed bad decision. The last few years have made adjustments to the worldview of the new generation. And already many of them are looking for original and unusual options.

What rugs are in fashion? We will name the main directions:

  • With an asymmetric pattern. Unusual shapes, zigzags and images, the meaning of which can be understood only by carefully looking at the canvas. As a rule, the carpet is chosen in combination with the interior of the room and can continue the general theme of design;
  • The presence of scuffs. Artificial antiquity is a new trend. It seems that more than one generation of the family has been walking around the palace. But this is a misleading impression. This effect is achieved due to friction. But it is important not to overdo it, otherwise there will be a greasy look;
  • Oriental motives. It is believed that the birthplace of the carpet is the East. The image of buildings, domes, various zigzags – all this reminds of a thousand and one nights, tales of Scheherazade. And after that you really want to visit the sands of Persia and get acquainted with the traditions of Iran.

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the interior of the room. The oriental composition on the floor of an apartment in a hi-tech style will look rather strange. The carpet, regardless of its size, can be made the main composition in the room by shifting the color accent on it and adding a twist to the design. This is used by interior experts, offering not only bright, but also fleecy rugs.

How to choose a trendy carpet?

If you still do not know how to choose the right carpet, listen to our tips.

  • The first step is to determine where the carpet will be. For example, it can be a floor rug or a wall rug. 
  • Next – select the size. To do this, you need to know the dimensions of the room and understand what you need the carpet for. For beauty, comfort or protection from the cold. Will you put it under the furniture or will it remain in a free position.
  • We clarify the shape of the model. They are round, oval, square, rectangular. But what’s there – for any, even the most demanding taste, carpet factories are ready to make even the most non-standard options. For example, a rhombus, a triangle or even a trapezoid.
  • The length of the floor. For those who fear that the carpet may become a place of dust accumulation, it is better to prefer a short one. Those who are used to walking barefoot will appreciate the long carpet. But remember that the longer is carpet, the more difficult it is to care for it. 
  • Drawings. The creativity of the buyer may be different, therefore the drawings must be in accordance with the wishes and preferences of the buyer, but also with the style of his house.

Carpets can be made in the factory or handmade. The latter option is much more expensive, but also looks much more interesting in the interior.

How to choose the carpets in each room of the house?

When choosing a carpet, it is worth starting from the stylistic direction of the interior of the room, as well as its purpose. For example, an option in gentle, pastel colors is ideal for the living room or bedroom. Gray carpets look beautiful on the floor in the living room. This color looks harmonious in various technological interiors that have elements of minimalism.

If the buyer is interested in patterns and effects, then an ideal choice would be a carpet decorated with 3D ornaments or artificially aged pieces. Such varieties are an excellent find for true connoisseurs of beauty. They allow you to show an individual vision of the interior of the room.

The appearance of the carpet usually expresses the requests of the owners of the apartment. For the living room, where guests are often welcomed, often acquire options with a large rug. They are characterized by softness and an increased level of comfort. Often in large living rooms acquire large carpets that cover the entire floor. In this case, the soft and stylish product acts as a bright accent of any style direction.

When choosing a fashionable carpet for the bedroom, it is worth considering the shape of the bed, the color scheme of the textile. For coziness and comfort, a thick model is an excellent choice. It’s nice to walk barefoot on such a rug.

Carpet in living room

The classic choice is short carpets, distinguished by their enviable resistance to abrasion.

A sheep’s wool carpet is the choice of those who want to give a noble look to the living room interior. It has a long life, but gets dirty quickly. A carpet made of natural silk will decorate the interior of a living room no worse than a woolen one; it is distinguished by its durability and smoothness.

Carpet in bedroom

As a rule, thick carpets are laid in bedrooms, since they not only look comfortable, but also are excellent at preserving the heat in the room.

As for the form, square and rectangular carpets are traditionally chosen. But in the bedrooms with round shapes carpets look great.

The original solution is the selection of a carpet for the color of bedding or curtains. Designers do not recommend laying colorful carpets in the bedroom. It is better to choose a plain carpet of calm shades. It will not irritate the eye and fill the bedroom with coziness and warmth. 

Carpet in children’s bedroom

Doctors strongly recommend laying carpets in children’s rooms from mixed materials with hypoallergenic properties.

As for the drawings, an alive image of a cartoon or hero character is an excellent solution.

Carpet in corridor

Considering the fact that the entrance and the corridor are rooms with high traffic, it is better to give preference to synthetic carpets and thin, as they tolerate abrasion and are resistant to dirt and damp. If you choose from carpets made of natural materials, it is better to stop your choice on a woolen carpet with a cotton base.

The color of the carpet should be in harmony with the surroundings. The corridor will look great with a small rug of cheerful colors that fills the interior with freshness. A good solution is gray, dark beige and brown rugs.

Carpet in kitchen / Bathroom

When choosing a carpet for the kitchen or bathroom, its moisture resistance and ease of care are taken into account. A rubber base is recommended to prevent slipping on ceramic tiles. It is desirable that the kitchen carpet be treated with special compounds that protect it from dirt.

Types of carpets

The buyer is puzzled by the choice of material, color and shape of the carpet. It is important to consider the manufacturing method. The durability of the carpet product will depend on these characteristics, and care requirements may differ. That is why it is wise to study the existing types of carpets so as not to miscalculate with the purchase.

As a rule, a modern floor covering should solve the following problems: aesthetics and fashion, warmth and comfort, ecology and health, sound insulation, safety, wear resistance, ease of maintenance. Yes, carpets have ceased to be a necessity, but due to their high strength and durability, a variety of colors (patterns), the presence of almost any size, as well as different fiber densities. 

Wool Carpet

Wool rightfully occupies a leading position as a natural material for carpets, because it is very warm and soft, besides it is resistant to wear and pollution. Carpets made of wool are dense and thick, therefore they absorb sound well and repel moisture, being a long-lasting attribute (they last from 20 to 50 years).

The minuses: it can be noted that woolen carpets are not suitable for allergy sufferers and tend to accumulate a static charge and are not ready to lie under the scorching sun.

This type of carpet can be made of lamb, goat and camel wool.

  • Lamb wool is the most popular, as it is economically profitable (there are a lot of sheeps).
  • Goat hair is better than lamb in terms of characteristics, but such a carpet will be difficult to find. Goat wool carpets are less common for two reasons: goat breeding is more difficult to grow and they are grown mainly for dairy products.
  • Camel hair is the best, but very expensive material, it is just perfect for carpet. This coat is stronger, and better retains heat. In addition, it does not cause allergies and is not electrified. There are much fewer camels, it must be understood, it will not be easy to get a carpet from camel wool.

Cotton Carpet

Very often, cotton carpets are placed in rooms with high humidity, as they absorb moisture well. But it must be borne in mind that cotton carpets are inferior in terms of resistance, and in the presence of moisture they wear out even faster. According to the tactile sensations, they are softer than wool, it is easier to clean them. Most likely, you will not be able to find a carpet made of pure cotton, wool will be mixed, which will only improve all the characteristics of the carpet.

Bamboo carpet

Both in appearance and to the touch, a bamboo carpet will be original in comparison with other raw materials. Such carpets are chosen for their original appearance of an exotic orientation. Similar plant materials are also used, such as jute, sisal and seaweed. Carpets are durable, but not suitable for wet rooms.

Viscose or silk carpet

By tactile sensations, viscose carpets strongly resemble silk. And they look luxurious, mainly due to the rich pattern, giving a glossy shine and shimmering in the sun (all this is inherent in silk). Silk carpets are embroidered manually from bright, thin, but durable fabrics. Viscose is an analogue, respectively, much cheaper than natural silk carpets. Silk carpets are not laid on the floor, they are treated like a work of art, their place on furniture or walls.

When you love country style you can choose carpets from rags. They are colorful, inexpensive, they fit perfectly in small, practical spaces and above all they can be machine washed. We think that it looks like granny style, that is something outdated, but the westerners, especially the Nordics, treat them like patchwork textile decorations, thanks to the different colors and the unique pattern. 

Carpets in different styles of interior design

To diversify the room, give it a finished look and add notes of comfort will help a carpet ideally selected for a particular style. In addition, with the help of a specific model, you can skillfully focus on this element of decor. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and create a special harmonious mood in the room, we recommend that you pay attention to the following aspects of the compatibility of carpets with various interior styles:


Floor products for the modern loft style are often very interesting design decisions. According to many professionals, for such a direction it will be an excellent solution to choose carpets with unusual patterns to choose absolutely plain carpet products. A pure white carpet will be the ideal solution for this style, if the interior contains furniture in such shades. If you want to highlight a particular area in the room, be sure to pay attention to the motley models with a variety of geometric shapes.


Classic style carpets can be very different. Mostly they should be not very bright shades with symmetrical patterns. For example, fluffy carpets that can be placed in the center of the room are perfect for cozy living rooms and halls.

Scandinavian and eco

Carpets for Scandinavian and eco-style need calm, not too elaborate, they should complement the entire interior as much as possible, and not contradict it. However, they do not have to be plain, various ornaments and stripes are welcome.


This style is a kind of bright and colorful pattern of carpets, which suggest the presence of patterns in the form of a variety of abstractions. Moreover, this is not necessarily any geometric shapes, but also floral arrangements.

Models of carpets for the American interior style are textile options that, on the one hand, do not attract a lot of attention, and on the other they look very concise, while they will become a wonderful addition to the interior. Such carpets can be with a variety of patterns.


This style is closely bordered by the style of minimalism, it involves a minimum of detail, the simplicity of certain things and, of course, is ideal for business people living in modern apartments or houses. Many buyers believe that it is very difficult to choose carpets for this style of interior, but this is not the case. Mostly you should choose models with a clear geometric pattern, for example, with squares, circles and rectangles. Such modern rugs can cover the entire space on the floor or some specific parts of it.

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