Ceiling mirror: design ideas for every room

In the period of restrained minimalism, which continues to be the most influential trend in design, the longing for stylish solutions with chic notes is increasingly felt. However, decorators pick up this mass nostalgia and offer very unusual ways to diversify the interior. The most striking of them is the mirrored ceiling – the reflective surface above your head looks unusual and creates amazing optical effects.

If you decide to decorate the ceiling with mirrored materials, an incredible number of discoveries and inspiring ideas await you. Today, various materials and technologies allow you to create layers that are truly unique in their exclusivity. To make the decor pleasing to the eye and favorably emphasize the harmony of decoration and furnishings, it is worth learning a little more about the ways of integrating it into various rooms in the house, as well as related accessories that allow you to make your design stunning.

How to create a mirror surface: Ceiling materials

Of course, mirrors like the ones we usually look at are not the best option for decorating a vertical surface: they are too fragile, it is tough to fix them, and if they fall, they can cause serious damage not only to interior items but also to your life and health. However, it makes no sense to consider them in principle, since today, manufacturers offer materials created specifically for such purposes.

  • Mirrored glasses. An almost authentic material that captivates with its excellent reflective properties and a variety of solutions. Thanks to modern technologies, decorators offer many options for mirror tiles – colored, embossed, and with a pattern, which can even be ordered for a specific design project. However, it also has drawbacks – fragility, high price, and complex fastening systems.
  • Stretch ceiling. Today you can order a mirror sheet made of PVC film. The material allows you to create a perfectly flat seamless fabric and with the pattern you need. Simultaneously, the stretch ceiling is quite easy to damage. Besides, in some cases, you will have to take care of additional ventilation: PVC canvases can impair the free circulation of air in the room.
  • Aluminum panels. A lightweight material with a characteristic sheen, giving the interior an extraordinarily stylish look. Allows you to create a spectacular pattern and add individuality to an environment created according to high-tech or modern minimalism principles. There are not too many design options with such panels; however, those that exist are enough for a fashionable update.
  • Plastic tiles. The light base, pasted over with a mirror film, not only pleases with an affordable price, but also with the simplicity and reliability of fastening – the tile is fixed without problems using a special adhesive layer on the backside or ordinary wallpaper glue. At the same time, it can only be designed with a perfectly flat surface and prepare for replacing the coating in 2-3 years since the film fades rather quickly.

When choosing material for a mirrored ceiling, be sure to take into account the level of humidity in the room, as well as drafts and the frequency of direct sunlight, since film and glass can be susceptible to them.

Mirrored ceilings: Decorating rooms

Decorating ceilings with mirrors throughout the apartment is risky and, most likely, not necessary: you can quickly get tired of a large number of reflective surfaces. Try to make such a covering in one of the rooms, and it will be enough for the uniqueness of the interior as a whole. At the same time, the decoration of the ceiling in each of the premises has its own secrets and rules.

Living room

The room where guests are welcomed is the best place for a mirrored ceiling. It is here that it will look appropriate and moderately elegant. Also, the largest room in the house opens up unlimited possibilities for design experiments – you can try the following options:

  • Mirrored ceiling inserts. A great way to maintain a given interior rhythm, add originality, and emphasize a particular area. Often they are placed around a chandelier, in the area of a fireplace or sofa.
  • Tinted mirror. A reflective surface that exactly matches the living room palette’s key color is a great move to create a harmonious atmosphere. Spotlights and metal strips add personality.
  • Mirrors with engraving. Exclusive patterns and ornaments on the ceiling’s surface turn it into an independent interior decoration that does not need any accompanying decor or other glossy textures within the living room.
  • Mirror panels. They are made up of tiles and elements of various shapes, which makes it possible to embody the ceiling’s vision as one of the most expressive art objects in the design of the room.

If the living room is not too large, it is quite possible to cover the ceiling with a mirrored canvas completely. At the same time, stylistic unity should be taken into account: decoration with mirrors, which looks harmoniously with classics and art deco, will look alien in the living room, where high-tech and futurism reign.

Dining room

Designers are extremely wary of the idea of a mirrored ceiling in the kitchen. A room with constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity is unlikely to be a suitable environment for any reflective materials. However, such a covering in the dining room is not only appropriate – but also incredibly relevant.

The most popular solution is the clear design of the dining area – that is, the ceiling area directly above the table. This technique is very reasonable since it allows you to visually expand the space, make it more airy and solemn, and bring a certain chic into the atmosphere. The following options for decorating with mirror elements have recently become the most popular:

  • illuminated mirrored ceiling – with a hidden system or stylish spots;
  • mirrored tiles with facet – iridescent edges are especially relevant for modern, neoclassical, and art deco;
  • mirror film with baroque or geometric patterns;
  • a combination of mirror inserts with elegant chandeliers or fashionable ceiling pendants;
  • framing of a section of a mirrored ceiling in a baguette or stucco.


The mirrored ceiling in the hall is a solution that successfully combines practicality and aesthetics. The location of reflective surfaces in the entrance area allows you to visually add space and light and make your stay in the hallway more comfortable.

There are plenty of options for using mirrors in such a room: it can be either a solid glossy surface or beveled tiles, the use of inserts, as well as their combination with ceiling lamps of various types. The most daring can try the combination with a mirrored wall, wardrobe, or tall wall mirrors: this technique turns the interior into something fantastic.


The reflective surface above the bed is a rather extravagant solution, but at the same time, bewitching. Such a ceiling will emphasize the sophistication of both modern and classic bedrooms; however, it will require compliance with the following rules:

  • Exactly match the bedroom color scheme – if the room is decorated in warm colors, you should think about tinted mirror tiles.
  • Calm, preferably symmetrical tile pattern – there should be no ragged rhythm and visual “ripples”.
  • Carefully thought out lighting scenario – it is important to take care that the ceiling does not reflect light for you uncomfortably.

A bedroom is a great option to try mirrored ceilings with a trendy starry sky effect or a combination of reflective elements with wood beams. At the same time, try not to overdo it: an unnecessarily cumbersome and complex design may seem unnecessary.


Mirrored coatings are quite suitable for a bathroom – but only if the room is spacious enough. But you can not deny yourself original ideas and act on a grand scale: a surface completely covered by reflective elements will conquer with brilliance and an exciting visual play with space. When thinking about design ideas, take care of selecting moisture-resistant material: in the case of a bathroom, this is an absolute must.

Mirror ceiling: Conclusions + Photo gallery

Ceiling decoration with mirror finishes is a great opportunity to take a fresh look at the possibilities for contemporary design. The mirrors draw the functional base surface into the decorating scenario, making it particularly balanced, cohesive, and unique.

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