Ceiling paint color trends 2022: the best solutions from global trendsetters

Earlier in the articles, we analyzed in detail the color palettes of paints that will be relevant for painting walls in houses and apartments in 2022. What about other surfaces like the ceiling? Let’s see what trendsetters have to say about this.

How to paint a ceiling in 2022?

Ceiling painting is still a relevant decision, so if you have settled on this particular finish, you can be sure of the right choice. However, in this case, the owners of houses and apartments are faced with another equally serious question – what kind of paint for the ceiling to choose.

Indeed, at first glance, it seems that getting rid of the agony of choice is easy: you just need to choose a white color, and that’s it. However, as you probably already know, in a stylish interior, there simply cannot be details that can be treated with disdain – and if you are a perfectionist, then you will not be able to take the path of least resistance. You still have to decide on the color.

We hasten to reassure you: you do not have to spend long hours studying the catalogs of paint manufacturers – all trendsetters have already presented their palettes for 2022, and you will only have to find a shade that turns out to be your love at first sight.

We hasten to warn you right away: the most relevant shades of 2022 are by no means straightforward. All of them are pretty complex, ambiguous, have a lot of subtones and nuances – but at the same time, they make the interior unique. So, let’s see what ceiling paint colors to take on board when planning an interior update next year.

Ceiling paint colors 2022: choice of shades

So, we are again in a hurry to help those who dream of making the house’s interior perfect and search for a suitable shade of paint for the ceiling. Below we present the primary colors and their shades, which promise to be the most relevant according to the version of the largest trendsetting companies such as Dulux, WGSN & Coloro, Pantone, Behr, and Sherwin-Williams.


White ceiling paint is a timeless solution. However, if you have at least once encountered the development of a design project or ordered it, then you probably know that white has a considerable number of shades, so you will have to choose in this case as well.

For 2022, designers offer both natural and soft tones of white, as well as brighter and fresher – you can use the latter to paint the ceilings in minimalist, industrial and high-tech rooms:

  • Vivid White – an immaculate and radiant shade that brings coolness;
  • Stowe White – true whitewash color, natural and calm;
  • Rice Crop – translucent white with a mother-of-pearl finish;
  • White Dune Quarter – pleasant and inviting color of white sand;
  • Shoji White – very atmospheric white, ideal for oriental interiors;
  • High Reflective White – basic white with a glossy effect;
  • Alabaster – pure and traditional white;
  • Whisper White – relaxing and soft tone;
  • Baby’s Breath – very calm, pleasing to the eyes and unobtrusive white.


A beige ceiling is not uncommon today, and in 2022 you can easily choose paint of this color and for any interior – from classic to modern. The list of trendy shades from trendsetters is not too extensive, but the choice promises to be exciting:

  • Hog Bristle – very pale and natural beige;
  • Accessible Beige – beige with a distinctly perceptible gray tone;
  • Beige – classic and versatile beige;
  • Natural Linen – the famous gray-beige shade of natural linen.


Painting the ceiling brown is an excellent idea, especially if you want to make the interior warmer and more intimate. Of course, earthy and chocolate shades remain too bold avant-garde solutions – however, trendsetters offer others that are softer, warming, and very pleasant.

  • Clay Pipe Half – natural and pale brown;
  • Woven Wicker – light brown with a gray undertone, reminiscent of weaving from a vine;
  • Cocoa Whip – warming light brown, awakens the appetite;
  • Sheepskin – quite intense, but at the same time relatively light and surprisingly warm brown.


A couple of years ago, gray ceilings came into trend and are still used in modern laconic interiors. This paint is a great way to add coolness to a room with south-facing windows and accentuate the lines and textures of the design. In 2022, designers suggest using the following shades:

  • Pax – balanced and light gray with pleasant blue notes;
  • Opononi Double – airy and watercolor gray with pearl undertones;
  • Samovar Silver – light and glossy gray;
  • Etched Glass – a translucent blue-gray that has become the most fashionable of the season.


In contrast to gray, the yellow ceiling adds a sense of warmth and luminosity, creating the effect of a sunlit room. If you don’t want to use a color that is too intense, look at the trendy shades from the 2022 palette, look at the more calm and delicate – sparkling like champagne pale yellow Chartreuse from Sherwin-Williams, an appetizing warm beige with hints of yellow Butter, or the very natural and light Corn Stalk from Behr.

Is it possible to paint the ceiling the color of the walls?

All paint colors that we talked about above can still be considered close to traditional solutions. But what if you want to go beyond the usual, and your chosen wall paint color is so good that you want to stay with it as long as possible? Then you can easily use it for the ceiling. Designers say: this technique allows you to expand the space visually and at the same time give it depth and intimacy, creating the effect of a “box” in which you feel comfortable and safe.

So, we really hope that our advice will help you decide on the color of paint for the ceiling and create an interior where you can feel comfort and harmony.

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