Experts Share the Ceiling Paint Color Trends 2023: Looking Beyond White

We are used to the timeless white when it comes to ceilings. No additional thoughts on the color. Well, it really works in most cases, particularly for lovers of tradition, yet the new ceiling paint colors have other plans in the new season. Generally speaking, the 2023 paint color trends are the pure replication of self-expression, naturalness, and redefinition of the good old neutrals. 

In a nutshell, ceiling paint colors considered to rule in the upcoming season are not far from the standard. Seeking inspiration in the outside world with softer variations of color seen in nature, diving deep into the imagination with bold shades of color, and sticking to all-time favorites with the beloved neutral colors, the colorists from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Dulux are sure about the best ceiling paint colors you cannot skip in 2023. But first things first. 

How to Choose the Ceiling Paint Color

Trends come and go while expert pieces of advice for painting the ceiling stay the same. Consider the following tips before deciding on the paint color that will define your design. To be short – a few worth-considering hints from those who know everything about ceilings, paint colors, and design.

  • Light ceiling paint colors make the ceiling seem higher;
  • Darker paint colors lead to a seemingly lower ceiling effect, which is not always a bad result since it can also mean a more intimate space;
  • Consider the lighting conditions in the room; cooler or softer light can bring different interpretations of the color;
  • Flat paint finishes are the no-fail option for any space;
  • Glossy paint finishes offer a slightly reflective surface to the ceiling, which works well for dark colors since the room would look a bit larger, yet be aware of the pointing effect of glossy surfaces on the ceiling imperfections;
  • White ceilings work perfectly in almost any case, preserving freshness in light interiors, balancing the contrast in rooms with bold-colored walls, and simply making the space feel larger and airy; 
  • White paints for the ceiling require reliable partnerships throughout the space, such as with white-painted wood, fabrics, or accessories;
  • A true white paint color may seem too stark, while white shades with slight blue or yellow undertones are the best alternatives;
  • Use a glossy finish for contrasting paint colors so that even the boldest-colored ceiling would not steal too many inches from the space;
  • Matching the wall and ceiling colors lead to the renowned “cocoon” effect, although it depends on how neutral or bold the paint is; the combination works impressively for small rooms, making the space feel cozier, while using it in larger interiors directs all attention to the furnishing;
  • Diluting a bold ceiling paint with white and combining it with a similar wall color makes the ceiling color feel less overwhelming;
  • Considering a single color for the ceiling and walls is appropriate for unusually shaped ceilings since the technique unifies the architectural features.

Ceiling Paint Colors 2023: Beloved Neutral Shades

Neutral shades will always be a favorite among designers and homeowners due to their practicality and fast integration into any color scheme. The latest trends are keen on whites, gays, beiges, and white is without any doubt the first choice, although the following options are no less relevant. Let’s see what paint colors are trending in the new year!

Decorator’s White CC-20 by Benjamin Moore

Almost yet not fully entering the true white category of colors, Decorator’s White is a renowned paint color used in many contemporary designs due to its fresh appeal ensured by the subtle grayish trace. It looks perfect in all-white interiors and rooms with contrasts regardless of the design style, whether fully modern or traditional.

Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin-Williams

The popular paint color prevails over the ceiling paint color trends 2023 with its noticeable warm undertones that almost fade when applied to the ceiling because of the existing shadow yet still bring a perfect alternative to cool whites for those who fancy a more welcome ambiance. A ceiling painted this way is open to collaboration with pastel browns and wood furnishing.

Stone Harbor 2111-50 by Benjamin Moore

A middle-tone gray; you know, the classic gray, yet there is something unusual about it. The slightest tinge of warm notes flows through it, making it gravitate between an almost true gray and a warm gray. After white, gray is the next stop, and this one is perfect due to its soft undertones that leave no space for draining. 

Passive Gray SW 7064 by Sherwin-Williams

A neither fresh nor saturated paint color. This moody gray shade reveals some cool undertones and serves as the perfect solution for unusual ceiling shapes. While a white shade would make such a ceiling look too blank, a gorgeous gray like this professionally fills the space.

Linen White OC-146 by Benjamin Moore

Perceived as a beige yet definitely a warm shade of white, Linen White is a delicate paint color that shares the soft linen elegance and relaxing effect. It can be used for combined walls with the ceiling painted in the same color.

Balanced Beige SW 7037 by Sherwin-Williams

This extraordinary shade of beige won the designers’ preference through its subtle gray notes that replace the common golden undertones. Still a beige and not a greige color, the beloved paint works perfectly as a balancing agent in contrast-full and neutral spaces; no wonder it is called balanced. 

Ceiling Paint Colors 2023: Natural Pastels

2023 is the year of new design challenges. The interior design world is shifting to something more appealing, juicy, and natural. The new trend is easily applied through appropriate paint colors. Still, we are not all ready to switch so fast from all-time favorite neutrals to striking bright shades. We need a slow transition, and this is why pastel variations are in place. Designers claim we can safely apply these colors to the ceiling if we want to reshape and give new meaning to our interiors. The list of available pastel paint colors is exceptionally wide.

  • Mount Etna SW 7625 by Sherwin-Williams – very dark gray with a foggy blue note that rescues it from falling fully into the black group;
  • White Raisin SW 7685 by Sherwin-Williams – pastel shade of mustard yellow penetrated by a subtle gray trace of neutrality;
  • Emerging Taupe SW 6045 by Sherwin-Williams – a beautiful mix of brown and gray with a delicate warm base and a soft exterior;
  • Half Sea Fog N470-3 by Behr – a relatively dark yet pastel combination between blue and gray with a refined dusty effect;
  • Hybrid S340-3 by Behr – light pastel green with an alluring olive scent that refreshes and harmonizes;
  • Smokey Pink N150-2 by Behr – foggy pink with a very light and water-diluted base, showing tiny drops of purple;
  • Pure Blue Half by Dulux – a truly pure blue with the softest pastel effect that spreads calmness and reflection all over the space;
  • Nephrite by Dulux – a slightly dark shade of green with the most enchanting dusty surface that relaxes and invites nature into the room;
  • Mornington by Dulux – smokey pink with warm beige undertones that fill the space with comfort.

Ceiling Paint Colors 2023: New Pops of Boldness

And the cherry on the cake is the boldest paint colors you could possibly think of that, fairly speaking, have the prospect of leading the 2023 ceiling paint color trends. The mainstream in the world of interior design in the new year, the redefinition of color palettes with bright shades, has been warmly welcomed by designers in terms of ceiling design. Even if a fully colorful option seems too extra, you can firmly go for bold-colored ceiling beams only if there are any. Indeed the cherry on the cake – the trendy paint colors are juicy and courageous. Get inspired for a change!

  • Indigo SW 6531 by Sherwin-Williams – stark, daring, and standout blue with a slightly balanced yet bright personality;
  • Goldfinch SW 6905 by Sherwin-Williams – very bright and dazzling yellow that almost reveals a few notes of orange;
  • Peppery SW 6615 by Sherwin-Williams – mid-tone red, slightly directed towards the dark side, with impressive earthy hints that lend it a precious semi-muted effect;
  • Vermilion S150-5 by Behr – dark yet juicy burgundy shade intersected by an influential foggy trace that doesn’t steal at all the magical beauty of the color;
  • Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22 by Behr – dark teal variation with underlined blue undertones that, despite the slight gray resemblance, stay dynamic;
  • Spiced Mustard S300-5 by Behr – unusual mustard color with an earthy brown base that still preserves the impulsive effect;
  • Princess Pink by Dulux – vibrant and appealing shade of lovely pink that enchants and impresses with its fairytale play of color notes;
  • Perplexed by Dulux – one of the finest mixes of lavender and purple with playful scents;
  • Pharaoh’s Gem by Dulux – lively, bright, and simply astonishing green, totally inspired by nature.
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