Ceiling trends 2022: top 8 modern ideas to elevate your interior design
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Ceiling trends 2022: top 8 modern ideas to elevate your interior design

Irina Tomsa / October 15, 2021 - views 19 - 0 likes

The 2022 trends suggest an original approach to ceiling. By originality, we mean both simple and complex designs that enhance the interior design unusually. The latest tendencies suggest using modern materials to bring in old values and reach a contemporary result. All the earlier mentioned aspects are to be found in the list of the top 8 ceiling trends to try in 2022 that we compiled for you.

There is no doubt that you are acquainted with the most popular option for ceiling – to whitewash it. Now that various alternatives bring in something new, we suggest you stick to them for a harmonious result that perfectly integrates the constituent elements of the room. Let’s find out the 2022 ceiling trends and get inspired for a change!

Classic pastel shades

Stick to the classic, and you will never get out of trend. If you want an up-to-date result while keeping it simple, consider pastel shades for the ceiling. They will enlarge the space and work perfectly with any other shades in your room. 

You can opt for white. That’s right! We do not oppose our earlier argument since we refer to antique and modern white that brings in a new shade. At the same time, you can opt for beige that adds comfort to the room due to its warm undertones. Consider it mainly for the bedroom.

What comes next is a colder shade that is very popular now due to its contemporary look. Gray will fit perfectly a modern setting and balance the contrasts within the room.

Ceiling tiles for any style

Whether you go with a conservative style or want to keep it modern, ceiling tiles will perfectly complement the environment if you opt for the appropriate color and design. Pastel hues will enlarge the room and add a point of interest. If you want to go bold and opt for black tiles, play appropriately with them and ensure the balance of contrasts. Either way, such a design for your ceiling will surely make a statement and enrich the environment with something new.

Bring in nature

The 2022 trends suggest a natural approach to interior design by bringing in nature-inspired elements, such as wood, for a fresh effect. Although wood coverings are associated with the floor, we would like to convince you that it fits the ceiling perfectly.

In this sense, you can opt for any covering implying a wooden surface to achieve this result. Consider natural wood, gray or beige undertones to increase the effect and combine them with other elements of the room.

Eco-friendly option for eco-lovers

Eco-friendly option for interior design has been popular for a long time, and it is expected to reach its peak in 2022. When it comes to the ceiling, consider an eco-friendly approach by using sustainable materials, such as bamboo.

You can use raw bamboo for a unique design or consider bamboo plates for a smooth surface. It will serve as a perfect covering of the ceiling and as a decoration that will surely keep it original and trendy.

Play with colors for an original effect

The ceiling serves as a perfect space to play with colors if you decide to paint them. Consider any shade you want but make sure that you choose the appropriate undertones that should fit the style of your room. Consider the following options for perfect integration of this trend:

  • Neutral colors with warm undertones for your bedroom to keep it calm;
  • Bold colors with soft undertones for your kids’ room to keep it vibrant;
  • Natural colors with soothing undertones for your kitchen and living to keep the comfort.

Go bold with ceiling wallpaper

The ceiling wallpaper has been acquiring popularity lately. It is an unusual way of bringing a point of interest and enriching the environment with new scents. Consider various colors and patterns that fit your style and enlarge your room.

Experts suggest you opt for calm colors and nature-inspired patterns for a pleasant environment. Nevertheless, a bolder step will not spoil the picture if made wisely. Go with brighter colors and patterns for a vibrant effect, particularly in your kids’ room.

Add a touch of elegance

Now that we have covered the main aspects of the ceiling design, it is time we speak about elements that complement the ceiling, such as moldings. There is no doubt that you will keep pace with the latest trends if you opt for such a decoration.

Furthermore, the appropriate choice in this sense can complete a conservative setting or a modern one by adding a new point of interest to the room. You can go as extra as you want with one condition: keep the contrasts balanced.

Breathe a new life into the ceiling

The beauty of the ceiling can be emphasized at the right level only by an appropriate source of light. There are no problems regarding this aspect during the day unless your room does not receive enough sunlight. An entirely different situation is at night. Therefore, appropriate sources of light are required in this sense. The 2022 trends suggest considering the following options:

  • Large chandeliers in the center of the ceiling for a classic look;
  • Small lamps on particular parts of the ceiling to cover with light the entire space;
  • LED strips for a hidden lighting system to throw light on the ceiling in a subtle way.