Ceramic tiles 2020: TOP Fashion trends in interior design

Ceramic tile is a finishing material that is distinguished by excellent practical and decorative qualities. It is able to become a decor for the living room, bathroom, bedroom. When choosing a tile, it is worth considering not only the texture, taste, but also the trends in the fashion world with regard to the interior.


In Europe, tile imitating concrete coating has gained popularity. One of the options for mosaic tiles for the floor set the fashion for the collections. Venetian terrazzo dates back to ancient Greece, when the floor was laid out with pebbles and then cemented. In this case, natural materials were used: limestone, marble, glass, stone. Today, such a floor can be seen not only in palaces, old mansions and museums, but also in ordinary apartments. It looks spectacular!

Landmark for naturalness

The trend towards comprehensive naturalness first of all touched all finishing materials, in particular, beautiful ceramic tiles 2020 of an unusual design appeared.

Feel free to choose options with an imitation of the texture of wood, any natural stone or marble, even concrete, and what’s new – metal. Today, ceramic tiles realistically imitate the above, which contributes to its popularity. Sometimes the rougher the texture, the better it looks in the interior.

Imitation of the texture of natural wood is especially relevant, especially one that can only be distinguished by touch from its counterpart. Extravagant and flashy looking tile is much less likely to be present in the interior of the kitchen and bathroom in the 2020th year.

Today, restrained and neutral colors in grayish and (especially) black matte colors are fashionable. To give the room a more lively look, it is quite possible to choose, for example, textured tiles.


Manufacturers today offer an imitation of a variety of textures: stone, metal, pebbles, granite, wood with a 3D effect. This is a great solution for rooms decorated in eco style. Metallic type mosaic is suitable for strict minimalism.

Fashion trend 2020 for the bathroom – large-format tile models. Mosaic is used as a unique accent. The narrow mosaic strip is replaced by the usual borders for decorating the ends of niches, built-in racks, shower enclosures without booths.

Hexagons (“honeycombs”)

The tile in the form of a regular hexagon is a fashionable modern trend in the world of interior fashion. Among geometric forms, this one is able to revive even boring interiors. In a bright room you can build an accent wall of hexagons. And if in previous seasons it was a regular hexagon, now the ranks have replenished with an elongated shape.

Porcelain stoneware

The main seasonal trend in interior design 2020 is porcelain stoneware. It imitates a natural stone or a board, and modern technologies make it as close as possible to a natural material. Porcelain tile is not afraid of moisture and dirt. Heavy objects falling on such a floor do not harm it. The material is suitable for the “warm floor” system.

Ornaments in both Morocco and southern Spain on the floor

The inspiration for designers is ethnic ornaments.

They are usually used for a kitchen backsplash, in the bathroom and other interiors. Most often, Arabic and Mediterranean ornaments are made in gray and whitened colors.

Marble porcelain tiles of large or unusual format

Black and white marble is often used in modern interiors. According to the designers, white today has become the “second beige color.” It harmoniously fits into any space.

Groutless tile allows you to make less indentation on the joints or completely eliminate them. Thanks to the groutless technology, this tile completely transforms the room, making it cozy and harmonious.

Micro-combined materials are another option for competent space decoration. As a rule, they take one shade for the walls, and another on the floor. Of course, decorative borders with tiles are used to complete the finishing touch. Micro combination resembles a mosaic, presented in a complicated geometric form.

Large-format ceramics steadily occupies a position in the market of designer materials. Models 60 x 60 cm in size are laid on the floor, rectangular tiles 30 x 90 cm are placed on the walls. 20 x 120 cm tiles act as ceramic parquet. These are the sizes of tiles for the house today in fashion. Although there are more!

Gloss double firing

This tile is only for walls. First, the base is made in the furnace at high temperatures, and then in the second circle the tile is fired with glaze applied at relatively low temperatures. A higher quality of glaze is achieved: the surface is shiny, saturated colors are preserved. Double firing allows you to decorate the surface of ceramic tiles with drawings. After double firing, the tile is obtained in an ideal size, without deviations.

Gloss with tree

A combination of a glossy surface and wood looks very noble and spectacular. This decision will certainly appeal to lovers of minimalism and eco-style. Wood tile to the touch and outwardly repeats the pattern and texture of natural wood.

3D relief tiles

3D relief tiles are very popular today, because with its help, minimalistic interiors become even more spectacular and colorful.

Microfactory tiles attract the attention of designers and people with a sophisticated sense of style. It imitates a natural stone, hinting at originality (not exactly copying a specific nature).


For several consecutive seasons in fashion – a patchwork style graphic. Tiles with such a pattern should be combined with a matte plain. Designers are advised to highlight individual zones, visually correcting the geometry of the room. It would be nice to highlight her dining area in the kitchen. The patchwork looks great as an backsplash in the kitchen. The design of such tiles is undergoing changes – becoming more refined.

Photos – stylish tile for home 2020

Want to create not only harmonious, but also a stylish and fashionable interior? Then consider the above trends! Which ones do you like and which ones do you find inappropriate? Share your opinion with us!

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