How to Style a Checkered Rug Like a Pro

The checkerboard pattern has always been a trend, even from ancient times. Moreover, paintings have revealed the use of this print in interior design throughout the times till our century. Now, the checkered design has reached its peak of popularity. Interior designers and homeowners worldwide switch from all types of flooring textiles to checkered rugs. And we are all in for the emerging trend. If you also want to embrace it, you’ll indeed like these best checkered rug design ideas for every room in your home, borrowed from top interior designers. 

Where to use checkered rugs?

Literally anywhere. As sophisticated as it seems, the checkered pattern integrates organically into almost any design style and color palette. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for any room. Start with the bedroom and living room, and reach the most practical spaces, such as the bathroom or a utility room.

How do you best style a checkered rug?

Either make it the main highlight of your room and pair it with neutral colors or combine it with equally contrasting and eye-catching colors and prints to recreate a modern eclectic design. Pair the classic black-and-white checkered rug with wood furniture, or swap it for the colorful checkered pattern and other vivid colors for furniture and accessories. 

Now, you have a general image of how to use a checkered area rug in your home. Still, here are the designers’ favorite ways to style a checkerboard rug. Let’s embrace this gorgeous trend together!

Timeless Black-and-White Checkered Rug

You’ll never regret choosing a black-and-white checkerboard print for your home decor. Moreover, this trend won’t get silent for years. Feel free to use the classic checkered area rug in any design style. We are especially in love with this trendy pattern in a minimalist design with a calm color code.

Think Beige, Stay Comfortable

Swap the classic for the comfiest, which is undoubtedly beige checkered area rugs. First, use them in the bedroom. Then, switch to the living room, dining room, or kitchen. The color alone makes it look so soft and cozy. 

Green Checkered Rug: Infuse with Energy

It’s needless to say, green is a trendy color. Pair it with an equally stylish pattern, which is the irreplaceable checkerboard, and make the best statement ever. We like its use in eclectic interiors that stylishly combine elements and colors from various design styles.

Colorful Checkerboard Rug: Trendy Options

Aside from green, there are other hot color solutions. Check our updated list of trendy colors for inspiration. Add positive energy to your interior design with a pink, blue, purple, brown, yellow, or teal checkered area rug.

Modern Checkered Rug: Illusionary Effect

Swap the traditional checkerboard for a fairytale one with unexpectedly unordinary checkered patterns. Choose this design option for colorful palettes, accessorized with eye-catching shapes.

Kids’ Room: Color Combos

Get creative in your kids’ room with entertaining checkered rugs. Choose more color combos for the same checkerboard area rug. Yet, white should be a mandatory tone. The rest is up to you.

Lounge Area: Shag Checkered Rug

Choose a fluffy area rug with a colorful checkerboard print for the recreational space in your home. Ensure a pleasant ambiance and set up an engaging mood. Moreover, use the rug alone to sit on and engage yourself in your favorite hobbies.

Bedroom: Wool-Textured Rug

Get the best experience with the comfiest wool area rug, and add style to your bedroom with the new checkerboard pattern. Feel the elevated comfort on the touch and the upgraded style visually.

Dining Room: Improvise Checkered Flooring

Checkered flooring design is a popular option in the kitchen or dining room. Stay trendy with a much more affordable and comfier solution – a checkered rug. Now, your late-night gatherings with your dear ones will get much cozier.

Bathroom: Washable Rug by Checkers

Inspired by the board game, this fantastic checkered rug design idea for your bathroom is the best investment ever. By the way, it’s pretty affordable. The safest bet is the classic black and white. Yet, don’t hesitate to choose a bolder color, say green or brown.

Stay Eco: Jute Checkered Rugs

Opt for one of the trendiest rug design ideas and stay sustainable with jute rugs. Emphasize the natural texture through patterns and decorate any room in your home in the most original way.

Oversize Checkerboard Pattern

Today, tiny checkers squares are high-class on the textiles. Stand out with an original option, and choose extra-large patterns for your next redecoration with a checkered rug.

Have you found a favorite so far? Be assured each and every of the mentioned checkered rug design ideas will keep your interior design trendy for years. Take a look once again and make the right choice.

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