Children’s room interior ideas: colors, decor and thematic design

The child’s room will always be a concern for parents, even if he is not yet born. Its arrangement can be done individually or with the recommendations of an interior design specialist. Thus, in order to facilitate the parents creative work, we created an article that ultimately defines both a room dedicated to a girl or a boy.

Seven rules mandatory in children’s bedroom

Seven rules are mandatory for the designing the children’s room to be relevant and to remain modern and stylish for many years.

1. Neutral finish

This is the essential point, which will, firstly, save money, and secondly, will make the interior of the children’s room pleasant for both children and adults.

  • The entire children’s room: the ceiling, floor, walls, and lighting are done in a neutral adult style. 
  • The decor – bedding, pillows, curtains, stickers, posters and drawings, toys, carpet makes the children’s room design more bright.
  • There is no need to change the color definitively; therefore, the child will grow, and interest will change. So bright wall colors are just for the short term, which will waste money. Choosing a neutral finish will be a plus for the house budget.

In the nursery, decoration is suitable for the wallpaper or photo wallpaper for the wall that can be quickly and inexpensively re-glued. Considering that children can try to paint the walls, it is better to fit a drawing.

The most efficient materials for the floor is laminate, for walls is decorative plaster or stone and for the ceiling is better matt stretch or drywall.

2. White furniture

Furniture will have to be changed, but there is a strict rule.

Children like everything bright. Do not turn the design in a ridiculous one; it is better to combine colorful walls with white furniture.

A tip to remember when decorating a nursery – it is not necessary to buy miniature cabinets, tables, or other unnecessary furniture. This is a waste of money. For the younger, floor-standing open shelf sections and baskets for toys are enough. 

3. The combination of colors in the nursery

It’s essential not to make children’s rooms in acid colors. The child might like the colorful interior, but living in such a bright room may be aggressive and stressful.

A bunch of fresh pastel colors is suitable for the child’s room like light blue, pistachio, faded yellow or pink, turquoise, or light green. 

4. Style selection

The basic finish is recommended to be minimalism or Scandinavian style, which is suitable for both sexes. Provence style is in the room for the girl, loft – for the boy. 

If you decide to maintain the framework of one of the styles, then the white color is the best choice.

For example, the design of a children’s room in the Scandinavian style implies only pastel accent colors and perfectly combines with a light wood furniture.

In the loft, the situation may be dark, and the nursery’s interior will be balanced by warm colors: orange, yellow, brick, etc.

5. Zoning

Zoning in children’s room is very importan, as long child has in his space place for studying, for playing and sleeping.

The design of the nursery usually has to be done in a tiny area. Therefore, non-functional partitions are not our option. If you divide the space, then use only cabinets. An ideal partition is a cabinet or a rack.

Usually, the purpose is to expand the area for games and the workplace as far as possible. So, doing this, between them, should be a zone for sleep and rest.

Children sometimes want to have only their own cozy place. Hence the love of tents, blanket castles, and fortresses under the tables. 

A bunk bed is the best solution for zoning in a children’s room. It is impossible to think of anything more practical, aesthetic, and rational. 

On the first level, there can be a wardrobe, a table, a sofa, a play area, or another bed. 

6. Lighting

To plan lighting is super important. A children’s room is a bunch of functions – a bedroom, a living room, an office, and a playroom. So, regarding the lighting, it must be separate light circuits:

  • The bed is for sleeping and reading.
  • Desk – to do homework.
  • Background ambient lighting for the evening when there is no need for bright light.

Lighting is both a design element and a tricky way of zoning. Make a separate inclusion of light for the area near the table (+ table lamp) and the area with toys. 

7. Security

There are two options for how furniture can harm:

  • Hazardous substances
  • Injuries

MDF and particleboard – both have an adhesive base and must be completely laminated, and the ends are covered with an edge. 

After repairs in the children’s room or the introduction of new furniture, you must pause at least two weeks before moving. At first, the release of toxic elements is enhanced. Do not keep windows closed – air must circulate.

Also, everything must be firmly fixed. So that even when hanging on objects, they do not tip over. 

All furniture must be well fixed.


  • The main decoration and furniture are neutral; the children’s room’s design is adjusted by accessories to age to change with age.
  • If bright saturated colors are planned, then the furniture is white.
  • Better a pastel color palette.
  • Choose modern design styles.
  • Everything must be securely fixed. If there are chipboard and MDF, then the edge should be coated. Make sure that the ventilation is functioning correctly.

Bedroom for the girl

For a girl, the design of a room is not just a beautiful interior, and it is an essential factor in the formation of taste and aesthetics in the future, for which parents are now responsible.

Design approach

What is our purpose at all? Here are four ideas that distinguish a modern and well-designed nursery for a girl from the usual:

  • Urban design with different colors
  • No need to repeat repairs with age
  • If a girl wants to hang her drawings, stickers, and posters, arrange toys, etc., this should fit harmoniously.
  • Tolerate the mess. The room should look acceptable, not only in perfect order.

The room should be comfortable just for the one who lives in it. Even at a young age, when children do not even know the word design, they will reach for something to change. At first, will be drawings on the wallpaper, then the posters of his favorite artists on the walls. 

The general approach to designing the room for the girl is calm with neutral decoration and furniture, bright colors for textiles, posters – all that is easy to add or remove, that you can trust the child without worrying about the overall design. This approach will allow you to adjust the room quickly when the baby girl grows, yet tastes depend on age very well.

The colors in the girl’s bedroom

You can take any number of different colors, but choose calm pastel colors and do not occupy a large area.

The colors must give relaxation. Bright colors are only right in early childhood when children just like everything bright. Then they quickly lose their relevance. Do not think that less saturated shades will make the room gray or dull; you can add brightness to accessories, carpets, pictures, toys.

So, for example, a design made in the Scandinavian style is fresh, relevant, and inexpensive.

In general, children’s room designs for the girls are made pink. Although from psychology, this makes sense – pink cheers and gives a sense of security. 

A pastel pink on in the girl nursery is comfortably and gently. 

Forget about bright pink, choose a delicate pale pink color. It is much more stylish, does not lose relevance with age.

If you really want a bright pink color, use it better in accessories.

Other right colors for the girls:

  • Violet
  • Cream
  • Orange
  • Green
  • The combination of white with gold and silver.

Furniture for the girl’s bedroom

First, it is worth thinking about the safety of furniture. The principal place in the girl’s room is occupied by the bed, because, unlike boys who play more often on the floor, girls like to play on the bed. Therefore, the larger the bed, the better.

There are many ready-made sets with an attic bed, where on the 1st level, a wardrobe, table, or sofa is a good option. 

In addition to the bed, you will need cabinets for storage, shelves for books, a desk. If the girl is small, then a small table for creativity, board games, or doll tea parties will be an excellent acquisition.

Also, you need to equip the room with places for storing toys, such as baskets, drawers, or cabinets.

Girls are usually more diligent than boys, but it is also useful for the girls to separate the area for games and study as far as possible. Ideal when they are separated by a berth.

Thematic bedroom design for the girls

Princess room design

If you look closely at the child’s favorite heroine from fairy tales, decorating it will come by itself. For example, the sea princess Ariel will lead to the idea of marine design in blue and green colors, Princess Jasmine will inspire Arab motifs, and Cinderella or Belle are associated with a luxury castle.

Give your daughter an interior in the style of her favorite cartoons.

Barbie room design

Strongly is not recommend this style. It suggests a lot of pinks, especially bright and challenging. From decors, drawings, or elements of clothing, rhinestones, other elements of glamor. A lot of colorful and diverse textiles.

Classic room design

An interesting approach, when the fairy-tale style is conveyed not by cartoon characters, but by the typical classic design style. Suitable for any age, not annoying, is the only style for children that both children and adults like. Of the minuses, the high cost. 

Forest tale room design

Natural shades: green, brown, blue. Natural wood furniture, or imitation, the closer to the real wood, the better. Walls can be decorated with murals with natural landscapes, or drawings. On the floor lay a green carpet of grass color. Fairy fairies and elves glued to the walls, painted furniture, flowers will help revive the room.

Cartoons theme room design

All children love cartoons (and not just children). It’s not difficult to add your favorite characters to the room, making the girl’s life a little brighter.

Room design for the girls at different ages

Bedroom for the girls 3-5 years old

At this age, girls like everything just bright, and the more brilliant, the better. But remember that they will pass this age very quickly, and it is unprofitable to redesign a children’s design completely. Use the old tactics – neutral finishes and furniture, bright toys, and accessories.

Children love to play on the floor, so the surface should be warm, soft, and easy to care for. For the playing area, you need to leave more space, not cluttered with excess objects.

There should not be long-pile carpets, heavy curtains, or busting soft toys in the little girl’s bedroom. These objects collect dust, namely, at an early age, they earn chronic respiratory diseases. This is not a strict requirement; just do not go too far with dust collectors.

Bedroom for the girl of 6 years

A room equipped with a study area with a desk and bookshelves is necessary. Little fashionistas need a roomy closet for storing things because there can be a lot of them, If there is enough free space in the room, then the recreation area can be arranged for receiving guests by putting here a soft ottoman, an armchair or a set of a small table and chairs. A storage area for toys is still needed.

Bedroom for the girls from 8+ years old

Significantly different from the little girl’s bedroom. Games and dolls are being replaced by new hobbies that parents do not always understand and share. This is the most critical stage in growing up, depending on friendly and trusting relationships between the child and parents will be formed.

There is no room for cartoon characters, dolls, or toys in an adult room, although the love of soft toys can remain for many years with an adult girl.

Bedroom for the boy

The design of the boy’s bedroom should be non-strict because he still can’t stand the style perfectly.

A boy under ten years old will be quite fine in a conventionally adult design. Therefore, the ideal color of the furniture in the room for the boy is white. 

Bedroom design for the boy


  • Not demanding strict adherence to canons.
  • Look good even in a mess.
  • Be modern and relevant.
  • Maintain vibrant colors for an early age.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is ideal for designing a boy’s bedroom because:

  • Effortless budget finish. The whole design is based on accessories, and they also add bright accents. Therefore, you can easily change the room for a boy under his age only by replacing fittings.
  • The base is white and light wood. It is ideally combined with any number of bright colors. 
  • This is a modern style that is over lasting.

The most budgetary way to implement the Scandinavian design of a boy’s room:

Loft style

When the child is older, it is guaranteed he will be thankful for this style. 


  • Renovating a boy’s bedroom in a loft-style will cost a lot as long as decoration itself with decorative plaster, stone, brick, etc. is significantly more expensive than paint. 
  • The color scheme will be darker. For an early age, it is essential to add a significant amount of bright spots and accents. The benefit of the dark colors goes well with bright warm hues.
  • Gray, black, and generally dark tones directly light. Top, hidden, directional, portable – the more light sources, the better.
  • As he grows up, the child will increasingly understand what a fresh style his room has. The loft is now as relevant as possible.

Modern style

Modern design does not require strict adherence to any particular style.

As a base, take a bedroom in the minimalist style and build elements of any modern style. They blend perfectly together.

Such an interior is light, without too much crowding, and pale colors predominate – such a modern style will give your baby boy a natural ambiance.

Furniture in the boy’s bedroom

Furniture in a boy’s room must be reliable and as few as possible. If you have to crowd the beauty corner in the girls ‘room, the playground, the sleeping place, the study place, and the boys’ room are much more straightforward.

  • Full bed with the right mattress. Posture is formed during the growth period, and you can’t save money on it.
  • A desk is preferably near the window and with an armchair. 
  • Sports corner with a horizontal bar.
  • Storage area with wardrobe and toy baskets.

Instead of a regular bed, you can make an attic bed. At any age, boys are agile, and climbing two stairs is not a problem. In the nursery for two boys, a bunk bed is simply a standard and right choice. 

This will save up to three square meters of available area. The space under the bed can be used for a walk-in closet, many drawers, or even a work area with a table for study and creativity.

Making a bedroom for the boy

Any children’s room is a bedroom with a work desk and a storage area. Therefore, textiles are an essential part of the design.

Imagine an entirely monochrome white room. And now we add bright ones to it:

  • Curtains
  • Linens
  • A couple of pillows
  • Carpet

Adding all of these mentioned above, the room is no longer dull. 

There are things that boys of any age like, the technology for example. Also, cars, planes, spacecraft excite the imagination from a young age. But, if you hang up ordinary posters or pictures, the room can become without life.

The idea is that instead of posters with ordinary photos, hang his drawings on the wall as an original way to keep his creativity, and which will remain relevant regardless of age. 

Thematic design in the boy’s bedroom

There are a couple of long-playing options.

Comics & Superheroes

Now comics are accessible and not only among children. The comic book Marvel is the most expensive and popular movie in the world.

When they get older and outgrow most cartoon characters, comics will still be relevant.

There are also photo wallpapers with superheroes, but it is better to use replaceable and movable attributes:

  • Posters and stickers
  • Soft toys and all kinds of figurines, including collections.

Yes, it may seem strange, but that’s all.


It is an active topic in games, films, and, most importantly, books written in the golden age of science fiction. And for all this, there are appropriate interior items ideal for boys:

  • Wallpaper and photo wallpaper with stars, planets, and space in general.
  • Lamps and night lights in the shape of planets or projecting a starry sky onto the ceiling.


All sorts of toys and cartoon cars, such as car-shaped beds, will all go to waste after ten years since they will become irrelevant.

It is better to do it immediately in a more serious format with the same drawings, transformer posters, etc.

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