Modern carpets (rugs) in the living room

Despite the fact that carpets are not decorating the walls of our homes, they have not become less popular in interior design, but they are now more often used in one copy.

The carpet in the living room, for example, today lay mainly on the floor. No, of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use multiple products of this type in the decor, but if you approach the issue recklessly, you can go too far openly with the variegated coloration of colors and the interior of the room will instantly turn into style – tasteless.

To avoid this, let’s see what types of carpets are available today and how to use them properly for home decoration.

What to look for when choosing a carpet

The carpet is really capable of transforming the atmosphere of the living room, but for this you need to choose the right one. The product should not only be practical, but also spectacular. In addition, it must be able to integrate harmoniously into an already finished interior.

The style of the carpet should be combined with the style of the living room.

To do this, you need to decide:

  • The colour;
  • The size;
  • The form;
  • The texture;
  • The pattern;
  • The stylistic.

Carpet sizes and shapes

The moment to choose a carpet in the living room comes at a time when the renovation of the apartment is finished and when all the furniture has taken its place. It is worth starting with the definition of the size. If the living room does not contain too much furniture and if the available items differ in the height of the feet, the carpet covering almost the entire floor will fit perfectly. Its surface should be decorated with a pattern.

The larger the floor area is not covered by the carpet, the more their combination should be contrasted. The small carpets are perfect for zoning the living room, highlighting the accent areas.

In large living rooms, oval and round carpet models will suit. It would be more correct to spread them on the ground so that the main part is in the area of the tender corner, without protruding too much.

And one more thing: move the carpet as close as possible to the chairs and the sofa – the legs placed on it should be placed on a warm carpet.

The rug should be placed as close as possible to the legs of the sofa and chairs.

If you have a solid and rounded fixture inside the living room or furniture with smooth lines and no sharp corners, prefer a round carpet.

The small rugs will help accentuate the colors. Such a product looks great near the fireplace, under a table. There are several such rugs in the living room. It is important that they are certainly of the same type.

The atmosphere of comfort is conveyed by the long nap rugs. However, it should be borne in mind that the living room is a very busy room, which will lead to the rapid erasure of the luxury carpet. Maybe it might be better to add comfort with a mid-range product?

Very large rugs will certainly attract attention; therefore, in bright interiors filled with a variety of accessories, it is better to buy colors in a single tone that have a pattern, a calm theme and without contrast.

To determine the overall dimensions, the shape and proportions of the carpet will help the ordinary colored tape. It extends the outline of the future cover on the ground and assesses how it suits the rest of the environment.

If the carpet you liked in the square living room has a rectangular shape – whatever, you can always cut it to the right size. The problem can only occur in a room that is too spacious. The fact is that the width of the carpets rarely exceeds 3.6 meters, but if you are not mistaken because of the seam, you can combine two carpets for an aesthetic floor covering.

Carpet for the zoning of the living room

If you decide to put a table on the living room carpet, choose a size rug that will suit not only the table itself, but also the chairs that surround it.

The carpet will be better perceived in the decor if it is placed so that between its edge and the plinth, there remains a free strip of floor about twenty centimeters wide. In large rooms, the size of such a band can reach half a meter.

The interiors are beautiful, where the carpets are in the center of the room, between the furniture. Do not push the carpet near the sofa, it is more correct to distinguish them with a strip of soil of ten centimeters.

In a large living room, it is always necessary to zone certain furniture compositions. To do this, it is very simple to use several rugs of identical colors and styles, harmonized with each other. In a recreation area on such a small carpet, two chairs and a table can enter. If the furnishing of this space is made with the help of a sofa and armchairs, the first element is installed on the carpet and the last is removed.

Space correction

The shape of the carpet is also important for adjusting the space of the room. Thus, if it is necessary to increase it, large carpets that do not contain detailed drawings are brought inside. A carpet can help make the living room look longer.

To reduce overly large areas and fill the room with harmony, you can reproduce the contours of a non-standard sofa or dessert table. It is good that the product model meets the composition solution for upholstery of upholstered furniture and other textiles. In this case, the only drawback will be that when the situation changes, the carpets may remain unused.

Living room rug: color and pattern

  • The living room is decorated with light furniture – look for a carpet in a calm tone;
  • Multicolored upholstery of furniture – an opportunity to choose a carpet in one color. Its color palette can coincide with one of the main tones of the upholstery fabric;
  • The carpet must certainly have all the continuation in the textiles present in the room, for example, in the curtains or in a cover of sofa;
  • In a bright living room, you need a carpet in cool colors and in a dark living room, a carpet in warm colors;
  • As long as the floors are decorated with laminate, linoleum with a pattern or light parquet – the carpet matches the tone of the floor.
  • The dark floor will cool the light carpet well;
  • It is incorrect to synchronize the colors of the carpet added in the living room with the background of its walls. The room will lose its identity;
  • Carpets with geometric patterns will be in harmony with the decor if their colors imitate the general color concept of the decor;
  • The square prints are well surrounded by patterned curtains and decorative pillows;
  • A perfect complement to the monochrome environment will be a coating with neutral black or gray stripes. This type of drawing expands the space;
  • The striped carpet pattern completes the interior of the monochrome living room;
  • It is necessary to revive the neutral decor – add a carpet with bright stripes;
  • A good effect will be obtained when the color of the strips of the covering matches the tone of the furniture;
  • The floors, in the classic version of the coloring (brown-red), refresh the carpet in marsh colors, in all shades of green and ocher. A light carpet in the living room accentuates the depth of the dark floor tiles and laminate floors. The colors of the milky beige, white, blue and pink palette can do just that. The latter should be in the most fuzzy decision;
  • The floor and the carpet must be contrasted even when the former is visible in very limited areas, only under the baseboards. On the surface in a fresh and bright tone, you should put a yellow or beige carpet. The floors with a gray tint can be decorated with products in the colors purple, pink, olive and lilac.

It is important to understand that the provocative variegated carpet products appearing inside the living room will divert attention from themselves. If you want a luxurious carpet with an unusual impression, know that such a model will only be well received in a spacious living room with minimalist decoration. In a small room littered with furniture, such an accessory will simply please the eyes, which will not add comfort to the decor.

Modern carpets. What are they?

Wool and silk carpets have been known since antiquity, but the textured range of these products has expanded considerably. Synthetic raw materials are actively used in their manufacture. What qualities are inherent in the rugs presented to us?

So there are rugs with a modern design of:

  • Wool;
  • Silk;
  • Viscose;
  • Knitwear;
  • Cotton;
  • Jute;
  • Polyamide;
  • Polypropylene;
  • Polyester.

Wool carpet

In the living room, the wool carpet is considered a classic solution, and the solution is quite expensive. Sheepskin remains the main raw material for their production. They come in machine and hand weaving. Wool carpets are divided by the height of the pile. There are short-haired cultivated species and long-haired models. The latter, in general, are decorated with a simple pattern in large print or plain. On short cut products, a small multicolored pattern is magnificent. The clarity of the tint lines is very precious. The wool carpet is a noble and respectable product that can be used in the living room for about half a century.

Light pollution, fear of moths and mold are a disadvantage of these species. In modern production conditions, these problems are successfully combated by treating raw materials with special compounds.

Wool does not absorb dyes very well, so natural rugs always have a calm color palette. However, this can not be called a disadvantage, because even after decades, the appearance of the carpet will not change at all. The color brightness will remain the same. Nothing will disappear or burn.

Semi-wool carpet

The semi-wool carpet in the living room is more practical. Despite the fact that it has the same qualities as the previous models, its cost is slightly lower and its practical use is several times higher, because part of the wool is replaced by synthetic materials in its composition.

Silk carpet

The base of a silk carpet is also a natural material – a fiber produced by a silkworm. Such products are classified in the extra-class category and therefore have an incredibly high cost. The silk carpets are magnificent. They are cool in summer and warm in winter. They are made exclusively by hand. The silk thread being very fine, this allows you to reproduce the images on the canvas in the smallest details. The silk carpet adapts to the living room because it is very durable and always aesthetic.

Its surface has a unique shine, giving the atmosphere a solemnity. Because of its beauty, the carpet could well compete with the paintings of great artists. Silk products have some operational problems. Thus, they do not tolerate direct exposure to the sun and molting when the washing mode is selected incorrectly.

Knitted carpet

These are products on a solid foundation. The disadvantage of such carpets is their low resistance to humidity. They are not washable. They are cleaned exclusively with a vacuum cleaner. Reduced service life compensated by a low cost.

Although this fiber is a derivative of the chemical industry, it refers to the types of natural yarns, since they are made from cellulose, a material obtained from ordinary wood. Due to this origin, a viscose rug can easily enter the living room and become an excellent substitute for the rug models described above.

In appearance, a viscose product is very similar to silk. The viscose yarns are simply dyed, which allows you to create colorful patterns when weaving them. These rugs are durable. They can therefore be the best option for a passage room such as a living room. The only drawback is the increase in hygroscopicity.

Cotton rugs

Natural cotton as a carpet product gives it a high thermal conductivity. These mats do not interfere with air exchange and are not afraid of getting wet. This type of carpet is suitable even for allergy sufferers. At the price of cotton, carpets are classified as affordable. Among the disadvantages, low elasticity and a tendency to deformation should be noted.

Jute rug

Jute also belongs to a series of natural materials. Its thread is a derivative of linden. The jute rug is suitable for the living room because it is ecological, beautiful and durable. It is necessary to protect the product from the risks of humidity. During the drying process, jute fiber gives a strong shrinkage.

Polyamide rug

This is a fairly common material in the manufacture of modern rugs. Polyamide yarn rugs are distinguished by:

  • Elasticity;
  • The brightness of the image;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Resilience.

The shiny fibers give the carpet an extraordinary decoration, so that the products of this class very often appear in living rooms. Polyamide rugs are wear resistant. They are easy to wash and dry. The colors in the image do not fade over time. This spoils an excellent history of high electrification characteristics of the fabric and risk of fiber breakage.

Polypropylene carpet

These are the most modest carpets in the living room. Their structure is not filled with dust and dirt. The range of polypropylene carpets strikes with a multitude of colors and color depth, however, the product is absolutely not designed for long-term use. The hit set is a striking representative of the polypropylene series. It is the only type of synthetic carpet originally antistatic. Among the faults, note the flammability.

Polyester carpet

On the outside, polyester products are very similar to wool rugs. They are also soft and good in operation. The material hardly wrinkles, is easy to clean and does not discolour at all.

There is another type of carpet, most recently installed on store shelves – carved. Pile stuffed into them using the tufting technique. After filling the chain, the wires are sheared, creating three-dimensional patterns. Not only multicolored yarns are used, but also yarns of different invoices. Synthetic elements can very well be interspersed with wool zones.

Evaluate the quality of the carpet

Before buying a carpet in the living room, you need to check its quality. The easiest way to do this is to fold the canvas. In a good carpet, the base is always filled with high quality, the knots are very tight, the pile does not come off and is not part of the base fabric.

In synthetic models, with an adhesive base, a crack can appear on the curvature of the pile crumbles. Any carpet, whether natural or artificial, should fold without hindrance in all directions.

Choosing a rug for the living room

The classic living room rug should have a luxurious pattern imitating baroque ornaments or bearing arabesques of floral patterns.

If you want to decorate the living room with a carpet, be sure to choose a model that fits perfectly into the existing environment.

If the interior of your living room embodies a modernist style, you should use a carpet with a sober and strict geometric pattern for its decoration. An alternative to geometry can be avant-garde symbols.

For rooms furnished with antique furniture, the ideal solution would be a faded color floor covering.

African and oriental decorations will complement the beige and brown rugs with matching patterns.

They say that high technology is ascetic and that carpets are unacceptable to him. Nothing like it! The living room in this style may well contain a simple carpet of cool colors and even with a pattern. Naturally, the patterns will be concise, starting from clear and uniform lines. Most often, these are images of circles, squares, rectangles.

But in the living room, decorated in a simple and cheerful Provencal spirit, the place is made up of coarse multi-colored rugs that you can make with your own hands.

Handmade rugs

Decorative elements such as carpets have never been forgotten. They actively changed, adapted to new styles, but never left our homes. As long as the vocation of the dwellings is a warm atmosphere, multicolored carpets will always remain on the floors. Where to find the carpet for the living room is a rhetorical question. You can just buy it or create it yourself. Weaving an original carpet is not at all difficult. You can use the famous nodular technique. The carpets are original and very pretty. They will decorate any ethnic interior.

Do not forget the “grandmother” carpet, woven from strips of multicolored fabric. In modern design, you can rather call it a country rug. Made in a spiral and sewn with large stitches, the fabric mats have a very original look. You can make an elegant rug. To do this, use a monochrome fabric. In this case, the braids should be aligned without twisting in the ram’s horn. It will also be a very unusual decorative element.

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the American carpet inside the living room. It looks very presentable. It differs from the carpet of “the grandmother” by the mode of weaving. Instead of braids, crochet air loops are twisted in a spiral. Very often, the American version is a combined fabric in which several small wicker elements are combined in a composition. Such an unusual model will become a set of the most fashionable decor.

You decide for yourself which carpet to choose in the living room, the main thing is that it performs its task and brings warmth and comfort to the atmosphere.

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