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Christmas tree 2021: decoration ideas and latest trends with 30 inspirational photos
Irina Tomsa -

Christmas tree 2021: decoration ideas and latest trends with 30 inspirational photos

Irina Tomsa / August 31, 2021 - views 68 - 0 likes

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It fills our souls with peace and comfort. We are sure you will agree with us that part of this atmosphere is achieved through the Christmas decorations. They don’t only lead us back to childhood memories, but help us create new ones. As a matter of fact, these decorations influence us emotionally, and emotions play a great deal in how we feel about particular moments.

Are you already in a Christmas mood? We assume you would like to know what are the latest trends of Christmas decorations, especially regarding the element that is the center of the action at this period of time – the Christmas tree. Stay with us and we will provide you with stylish hints and the newest ideas for decorating the Christmas tree. We will refer to such aspects as the most fashionable colors for this Holiday in 2021, the lighting alternatives, decoration themes for the tree, and many other ideas for a perfect Christmas tree.

It should be noted that there is a variety of color palettes you can choose from based on the environment you want to achieve. As a starting point, it is worth mentioning about the traditional color palettes that include such shades of color as red, green, and white. The classical Christmas colors will never get out-of-date. Therefore, we suggest you stick to them, especially if you tend to create a traditional atmosphere around your Christmas tree.

On the other hand, there are new color trends to be considered when it comes to the Christmas tree in 2021. One of them refers to earthy color palettes. It is interesting that this trend tends to keep pace with the concept of a conscious consumer, including such aspects as homemade decorations. In this sense, we suggest you consider a softer color that is traced to nature. For instance, light gray, dark gray, beige, brown can be mentioned in this respect.

Another type of color palette that can be included in this category is one of bright color shades, also known as jewelled or playful. This refers to people who want to emphasize their decorations by taking this bold step. In this sense, you can choose from an array of possibilities, including navy blue, soft blue, bright pink, soothing pink, bold purple, faded purple.

Christmas tree lights: best alternatives

Lights play a prominent role in the picture of a Christmas tree. When it comes to choosing the best alternative, we suggest you decide upon the style your tree is decorated after as it would point at the type of lights that would fit your decoration best. For instance, if you consider a traditional concept for the tree, it would look appropriate to opt for artificial candles.

On the contrary, if you consider the use of such bold colors as the one mentioned earlier, we suggest you emphasize this feature by adding the well-known artificial lights. It should be noted that you can choose in this sense between one-color, two-colors, or multi-color lights.

Christmas tree decoration theme

As you have probably noticed, this year’s trends tend to inspire themselves from nature. The decoration themes are not an exception. The local environment or pictures from abroad that give you an insight into the beauty of nature can all serve as inspiration in this sense. Considering the factors mentioned, we offer you an array of opportunities.

  • Mountain snow. Let yourself be driven by the idea of fresh mountain air that can be installed in your house while choosing an all-white theme for the Christmas tree. In this sense, you can play with soft neutrals, such as soothing blue shades of color and a touch of silver.
  • Lively forest. Get inspired by fairytales and create one of your own right in your house. In this sense, we suggest you consider bold colors, neon lights, and various decorative elements.
  • Downtown sparkle. This decoration theme is inspired by city architecture, which means that it is rich in geometrical forms and golden scented colors.
  • Coastal sunset. Suppose you are in the middle of nature, near water, where the coast is bathed by the last sunrays before the sunset. Now, imagine this pattern in your home. If you would like to experience it, we suggest you consider navy blue, neutral tones, and sparkling gold for your Christmas tree.
  • Statement look. If you want to make quite an impression by choosing the theme, we suggest you consider this one as it involves bold colors and extravagant elements to form a virtual reality.
  • Traditional Christmas tree. Choose the traditional colors and elements over and over again, and you will not regret it as there are various possibilities to combine red, white, and green.

Christmas tree topper

The most prominent part of a Christmas tree is the topper, as it completes the picture of the whole decoration. In this respect, there are many possibilities you can consider. We would like to suggest to you the most popular ones: Angel, Ribbon, Star, Snowflake. You have to choose the appropriate one based on the Christmas tree theme you opted for. Take a look at the following photos and get inspired.

 If you reached this point, it means you went through all the aspects that have to be considered for the decoration of a Christmas tree. We tried to provide you with the newest ideas and Christmas tree decoration trends in 2021. As a finishing point, we suggest you take another look at the hints offered by us and start bringing together all the decorative elements you need for a perfect Christmas tree.