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Classic style kitchen: Design and decoration
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Classic style kitchen: Design and decoration

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The classic style is perfect for decorating a modern kitchen. Restraint of style, minimalism and pretension of the Empire style are found in the classic style, giving the room a severe elegance and luxurious solemnity.

It is most often preferred by strong, accomplished personalities, with refined taste, who, by the nature of their work, prefer a professional and thoughtful style in clothing and interiors. Respectability and space, this is what characterizes classic kitchen, where it is comfortable to spend time.

Classic style elements

The main characteristic of the classics is symmetry. In a typically stylized classic kitchen, the main object in relation to which the furniture is located is a stove. Then the kitchen set, cupboards, fridge, shelves and a table with chairs are distributed.

When designing a classic interior, only natural materials, such as wood and masonry, are allowed. Plastic, metal are strictly prohibited in decoration, synthetics and stainless steel are unacceptable. Ceramics or artificial stone can be used as a washing material.

Materials in silk, satin or viscose, as well as brocade, are suitable for making curtains. Classic style do not tolerate empty surfaces, sheer and Roman curtains or traditional curtains will suit here.

Plaster figurines and porcelain dishes blend perfectly with classic design. The democratic option is elite ceramics. An interesting addition for them will be the silver accessories.

It is allowed to use old dishes and furniture, but it is important that they are of high quality and in excellent condition. Otherwise, you will not get a modern multifunctional space of classic style, but a piece of retro style.

Range of colors for classic kitchen interiors

The classic style presupposes harmony and comfort. Thus, no more than three colors, mainly natural warm colors, can be combined in the color palette.

When decorating the kitchen in modern classic style, natural pastel colors are used:

  • vanilla or caramel;
  • ivory;
  • peach;
  • sand;
  • olive;
  • natural wood textures;
  • coffee (chocolate cappuccino).

Gold and silver perfectly underline the lightness of light shades.

In the classics, bright, open colors cannot be included in the palette.

Clear tones

It’s easy to use vinyl or non-woven wallpaper in kitchens. They resist humidity, discoloration and retain their original beauty for a long time.

The combination of chocolate and peach, wallpaper and colored furniture will make the kitchen warm and comfortable.

The room will look more spacious if the floor is clear. Laminate or white oak or Nordic oak imitation tiles look great.

Dark design

By using shades of brown, gray and black, you can achieve good, respectable cuisine in a classic style. When choosing furniture in dark colors, you should bet on the play of nuances and textures of a color palette.

Classic white kitchen

The all-white interior is recognized as one of the trendy design options of the classic style. Associations born immediately of cleanliness and lightness, spacious palace and luxury rooms. The white range, complemented by gold accents and accessories, will highlight the advantages and hide the drawbacks of the room. The white color will add light to the kitchen located to the north or in the shade. When creating a classic white kitchen, it is better to make the walls darker by one or two shades compared to the furniture, in order to avoid the effect of sterility. You can decorate a wall with frescoes with floral patterns.

Classic kitchen furniture

Furniture is at the heart of the classic interior. The lines of the table and chairs elegantly underline the texture of the wood, from which the kitchen set is made, in the classic kitchen. Delicate carved moldings can be present on the fronts of the furniture, as well as in the candlesticks and vases. Bronze and gilding are also an integral part of the classic style, giving objects of celebration and grace.

The use of table tops and cabinet fronts with intarsia or, in other words, inlaid with rare species of wood on wood, is considered particularly chic. It is created exclusively by hand and is an attribute of luxury.

Depending on the wishes of the owners, the designer can make the kitchen concise by introducing white kitchen furniture inside, for the manufacture of facades on which you can use a furniture panel.

The noble mahogany wood will add a touch of solemn luxury.

When choosing ready-made cookware, you should pay attention to the following options:

  • oak;
  • mahogany;
  • beech;
  • nuts;
  • cedar;
  • cherry;
  • birch.

For economical kitchen, it is allowed to use pine furniture and imitation natural wood.

The solid pine furniture goes perfectly with any interior. They are ecological and easy to clean.

Classic kitchen sets and cabinets

In the classic style, it is assumed that the kitchen set should be linear, in rare cases, it is allowed to use angular placement. White kitchen utensils are universal, they integrate harmoniously into any room.

The cupboards with dark wenge color fully meet the needs of trend lovers. Porcelain sets behind the transparent glass of the sideboard play the role of decoration.

The determining criterion for a classic kitchen will be the creation of a harmonious whole, where the furniture of the dining room and the kitchen will match.

Tables and chairs

Tables with white or black counter and backsplash in natural stone, such as:

  • marble;
  • basalt;
  • granite;
  • lithocéramique.

The table shape must have the correct geometry, it can be a circle, an oval, a square or a rectangle. The chairs are chosen in proportion to the size and tone of the table. Stools are unwanted in a classic style.

Modern appliances in the classic style kitchen

In the classic style, the use of modern household appliances is not welcome, so it is worth taking a closer look at the built-in household appliances. It can be easily hidden behind elegant wooden facades that will not violate the atmosphere of a noble design.

Attention should also be paid to collectible retro models from certain equipment manufacturers.

The stove and the hood above can be styled like a fireplace, it will become the center of composition of the room in the classic style.

Design of the kitchen according to the size and shape of the room

The embodiment of classics in the kitchen begins with the correct geometric shape of the room. Square or rectangular rooms perfectly meet style requirements, but there are rules for creating a harmonious interior.

The dimensions of the furniture should be chosen according to the dimensions of the kitchen.

Small classic kitchen

To visually expand the space, in small kitchens, it is more correct to use a range of light colors and to use elements of minimalism.

It is convenient to place the refrigerator and kitchen set on one wall and the catering group along the opposite wall. Sometimes, in particularly small kitchens, it makes sense to replace the dining table with a bar counter or an elongated marble window sill, used as a table top.

In a small space, it is worth using furniture with simple shapes and no frills.

If the room has low ceilings, it is better to abandon the ceiling with stucco decoration and heavy chandeliers with several tracks and on several levels.

Classics inside a large kitchen

A spacious and bright room will look dignified and harmonious if the small details that add “fragmentation” are excluded from the decor.

Furniture with wood carvings and frosted glass is perfect for filling a large kitchen space in a classic style.

In the large kitchen space it is also allowed to use more saturated and deeper colors and spectacular and bright furniture with decor.

The shades of brown will be very suitable when decorating large spaces, they will create the necessary balance between furniture and decoration.

Square classic kitchen

The linear and angular kitchen sets fit perfectly into the geometry of the square. In addition, if the dimensions allow, you can replace the usual kitchen with an island. It will perfectly suit a stove with extractor hood, a functional kitchen area and a sink. The bar and fridge can be adjacent to the island or located against the wall.

Rectangular classic kitchen

According to the design rules, the rectangular kitchen refrigerator should be located near the window on the right and the dining table with chairs on the left. In no case should the sink be attached to the electric stove to prevent water from falling on the hob. By installing a corner kitchen set, you can visually adjust the length of a narrow, rectangular room.

Space zoning: Combining kitchen and living room, kitchen and dining room

To increase the usable area, you can combine the kitchen area with the living room or dining room. In this case, the space is zoned using different materials and textures.

Decorative plaster is perfect for the cooking area and a luxurious fabric finish will highlight the importance of the dining room.

When you combine the kitchen and the living room, you need to visually distinguish them by a piece of furniture, the back of a sofa or a shelf, as well as by their color or texture, in order to show the difference between them.

The living room or dining room can be decorated with striped wallpaper or have a pattern. The work area should be calm, solid and mat.

To give an “antique raid”, you can drape one of the living room walls with fabric. Such a definition is not suitable for the kitchen, but it will add a special charm to the living room.

Interior finishing materials

In the decoration of the classic style kitchen, natural or identical coatings to natural coatings are used.

The walls

For a harmonious perception of the interior in a classic style of wall decoration, you can apply textured, washable and moisture-resistant coated wallpaper or matt or textured wall panels in pastel tones with a smooth coating or with a subtle pattern.

When decorating walls in a classic kitchen interior, designers actively use the columns and their high-quality imitation. In addition, the mirrors will be appropriate here, as an integral attribute of the classic style. The sculpted elements can be covered with gilding, this will add brightness to the interior, while bronze and nacre, as well as the patina, will make its decor softer.


When installing the kitchen floor, you can pay attention to natural parquet floors, large ceramic tiles imitating “marble” and high-quality laminates of the high resistance class. Porcelain stoneware will become a good alternative to increase resistance to wear, it imitates the texture of wood, is best suited for the installation of a “warm floor” system, it is waterproof and abrasion resistant .


The classic image of the kitchen room is underlined by a uniform white ceiling, decorated around the perimeter with plaster stucco molding. A tension or suspension option is perfect, but you must remember that for the classics, only the matt options are acceptable.

If the height of the room is more than 2.7 m, the ceiling can be decorated with chic stucco decoration without fear that the space will appear flat and cluttered.

An original solution that does not contradict conventional canons will be a spectacular ceiling painting.

A coffered or slatted ceiling with decorative wooden beams is typical of the classics.

The lighting in classic style kitchen

The lighting in the kitchen space must provide sufficient light flow, both to the cooking area and to the dining room. In the classic version, the designers use chandeliers in volumetric crystal or high quality glass mounted on a metal frame, which can be decorated with forged elements.

For additional lighting, you can choose from various classic table and floor lamps with lampshades, elegant sconces, but you should not use spotlights to illuminate the work area.

It must be remembered that modern plastic lampshades will be inappropriate here.

Design ideas and decoration of a classic kitchen – Photos

The ideas of the original design of the kitchen space in the classic style are presented in a selection of photos.

It should be remembered that the kitchen must be in harmony with the interiors of other rooms in the apartment. For the sake of completeness, it is advisable to pursue the theme of the classic style in the dining room or the living room and to combine it harmoniously with the design of the room in the baroque and art deco style.