Closet home office: design ideas & photos

If you do not have enough space to create a functional office at home, the best solution would be to convert the closet into a home office. Surely you are familiar with the situation when many unnecessary things unused for years on the wardrobe’s top shelves. We offer to urgently remedy the situation and rationally use your hidden reserve by equipping it with a full-fledged workplace. This life hack(rea) has many advantages:

  • A compact office in a closet will not overload space;
  • Due to the compact arrangement, everything you need for work is located nearby or on shelves, at arm’s length;
  • In addition to the workspace, shelves for various office supplies are perfectly placed in the closet;
  • A home office is a great idea for freelancers or those who are always busy with work.

Consider a few original ideas and important tips that will help you organize this space in style and as efficiently as possible.

How to properly design a home office in a closet?

Measure the depth

Cabinets for organizing workspaces can have different depths, which is important to measure in advance. This will determine the size of your desk and chair. It is advisable that they do not go beyond the boundaries of the cabinet.

Think about lighting

Work areas need good overhead and local lighting. Pendant lights, small chandeliers, touch lighting, LED strips installed under the shelves – all these devices will help to create the most comfortable space for work.

Choose a desk and chair

If the cabinet is small, it is advisable to purchase a convertible desk that can be easily folded and unfolded if necessary. But by and large, you can also measure your floor space and place any desk that fits perfectly into space, including a modular design, a classic multi-drawer design, or any other traditional desk that’s suitable for electronic devices.

Choosing the right chair is also important. It should match the height of the desk and be as comfortable as possible. The best solution would be the option with an adjustable seat.

Remove the doors

Removing the cabinet doors will free up more space for your desk, organizer, chair, and other accessories. But if you enjoy working in privacy, consider purchasing a foldable screen or foldable divider. The great idea is to hang a laconic curtain in front of your office, which can be hidden at any time if not needed.

Define functionality

Since these home offices tend to be small in size, prioritize certain elements before setting up your workspace:

  • Organize all your files, office equipment in storage containers and stylish organizers on the desk and shelves;
  • From the decor, leave only those items that will please the eye and create the right mood, but in no case do not clutter up space;
  • A simple but rarely used life hack is a wall mount lamp that will save extra desk space. By the way, some models can be attached to wall shelves.

Ensure that all the elements of your home office in the closet are easily accessible and do not argue with each other in any way.

Find functional compact shelving

In addition to the existing shelves in the cabinet, install an additional rack. The type will depend on what you plan to keep in your office, such as documents, books, stationery, storage boxes, and more. It’s a good idea to choose the option with partitions so you can organize your stuff.

Try to set up shelving in your office as high as possible. You have to make the most of your storage space if you want it to be useful. Most cabinets can accommodate 4 or 5 levels of shelves from desk to ceiling.

Wide sill windows are a great idea for extra storage. If your desk is located near such a window, be sure to use this option.

Make your office inspire

Decorate the side walls nicely. We propose to make one side functional, where you can attach an organizer board, the other – to decorate with things that reflect your personality. It can be:

  • Vivid photographs, posters, or paintings;
  • Original desktop accessories;
  • Wall organizer shelves for storing small office supplies;
  • Note board;
  • A beautiful and stylish table lamp.

Choose only the things you need so that your workplace doesn’t turn into a warehouse.

Home office instead of a pantry

If your home has a small pantry adjacent to the kitchen, you can convert it into a comfortable study. Of course, it will be difficult to call it a full-fledged office, but a large-scale version of an office in a closet is quite possible. Here you can place much more necessary things, thereby providing excellent functionality for your office.

Home office in a wall cabinet

A small wall cabinet can be a great idea for creating a compact and functional workspace. Moreover, such an original cabinet will take up very little space and harmoniously fit into the interior. It is enough to have several shelves, a tabletop, and additional lighting for comfortable work.

If you want to hide your office from prying eyes – just close the doors. Well, if you have small children, you can make a lock so that important documents do not become the object of the child’s creative activity.

Mini office in a dresser / sideboard

If organizing your home office in a closet seems too cumbersome for you, try a more compact version – a dresser with a pull-out tabletop. In this way, you get everything you need: a desktop, a fairly spacious storage system, and the ability to close your mini-office completely with one movement of the hand.

Modular transformable furniture

The tendency to reduce the size of the living space affected the design and size of furniture modules. Today, modern manufacturers offer a wide range of stylish, multifunctional, and compact models for every taste and request. Now cabinets with a ready-made home office can be bought or made to order because not always template options can be placed in a limited space.

This version is ideal for those who do not want to bother with the transformation of existing sideboards, wardrobes, or dressers. If finances allow, you can immediately find a suitable “office in a closet” in a furniture showroom.

A workspace in a closet is a compact but no less functional option for small apartments. Even the most inconspicuous clothing storage niche can be converted into a comfortable home office with a minimum of furniture and equipment. Get inspired by our ideas and create your dreams’ most comfortable and stylish workspace.

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