Top 15 Coastal Wall Art Ideas from Designers

Coastal is an amazing style to decorate your home with. Bringing the coastal life indoors sets a breezy, entertaining, and summertime vibe in any room of your house. If you resonate with these features, you’ll surely like our designer-recommended coastal wall art ideas. The question is: Does coastal wall decor work for Coastal-style interior designs only? Let’s find out!

Aesthetical Coastal Photos

The easiest yet one of the best coastal wall art ideas is to go for large real-life photos depicting the coastal lifestyle with aesthetic color palettes. If you cannot find a match for your room’s color code, try black-and-white coastal pictures.

Get Cozy with Thread Art

One of the comfiest and softest coastal wall art ideas is thread art. Those cheerful threads beautifully lean on the wall and create a fantastic feel of coastal texture. Moreover, embrace the bright and airy vibe through breezy colors like white, sandy tone, light blue, and soothing green.

Coastal Canvases 

Enhance the modern coastal design in your home with a beautiful collection of handpainted canvases that reflect the free and relaxing coastal vibe. Designers recommend visiting a flea market or local yards to find unique coastal paintings, especially if you live on a coast.

Leaning Coastal Wall Art

Opt for large coastal wall art, meaning photos or paintings,  and let them lean on the wall. In addition, you won’t have to complement your coastal accent with other accessories to enhance the effect. A sizable coastal piece of art is enough to make that statement.

Go the Classic Way: Surfboards

This coastal wall art idea is perfect for the true fans of this style. Decorate a blank wall in the house with a large-scale surfing board made of wood or painted in cheerful coastal hues. Undoubtedly, this wall accent suits Coastal-designed homes best.

Artisanal Wood Necklaces in the Coastal Style

Handcraft is the best way to make an original coastal wall art statement. You can start a DIY project or buy a piece of this kind. At the end of the day, those are wood pieces left natural or painted. Yet, nothing compares to their valuable effect on a room’s design. By the way, try out this wall decor option in homes with design styles different from Coastal.

Coastal Driftwood Wall Art Ideas

This seemingly simple decor option reads Coastal more than other wall art decor pieces. There is something natural and beach-like about the untreated wood texture decorated with additional accessories or paint.

Lift Up Your Mood with Beach Hats

One of the most charming coastal wall art ideas so far is the composition of handmade beach hats. Simply hang them on walls and enjoy the coastal breeze instantly entering your home.

A Breath of Coastal in the Hallway

Arrange a coastal intro to your home design right in the hallway. Choose a richly-grained wood board for hanging your outdoor clothes, and decorate it with handmade hats and baskets of natural materials. 

Sustainable Wall Decor

In the spirit of the trending eco-style design option, designers suggest celebrating the love for natural with Coastal wall decor made of natural fibers. What a perfect coincidence that those materials perfectly interpret the summertime beach vibe.

Boho Coastal to Update Your Interior Design

Combine these two original and relaxing design styles and decorate your walls with the most unique dried plants. Try out this coastal wall art idea in other design styles as well and stand out.

The Trendiest: Macrame Wall Artwork

That’s another collaboration between Boho and Coastal that we absolutely love. Dive into the beach mood with macrame wall accents that you can use in any room for any design style.

Framed Coastal Wall Art: Seashells

Engage yourself in a tiny and easy DIY project. All you need is a framed board, seashells of any type, and, of course, paint. Stick your marine findings to the board and cover them with one or more paint layers. Or, buy a framed wall accent with seashells of your taste.

Visual Appeal with Shell Art

Decorate with shell pieces directly on the walls, from large to small, and create unusual compositions that will spark your interest every time you enter the room. Moreover, they will add intrigue and sophisticated air to your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Note that such a decor project requires a larger blank space.

Faux Coral Accessory

Sleek and elegant – give this metallic Coastal wall art idea a try, and you won’t regret for a second the sophistication it adds to the room. Those faux coral accessories add shape and visual charm to any blank space.

Add an all-year-long summer vibe to your home with the refreshing and calming coastal wall art ideas we shared with you. You’ll always find inspiration with Hackrea!

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