12 Outstanding coffee tables with nesting tools: add style and functionality to your interior design

Save space and set an aesthetic look through a coffee table with nesting stools. The small stools that tuck into the table keep it functional, while the arrangement itself offers the room a stylish look. It will work for those with limited space or the ones that want to ensure extra seatings. Either way, such a coffee table is welcome in any contemporary setting.

Coffee tables of this kind offer a variety of types you can opt for depending on the result you want to achieve. From various shapes to an array of colors, this piece of furniture does not cease to impress with its originality and functionality. Therefore, we prepared a list of the best ideas in this sense, accompanied by practical tips to help you make a balanced decision and an array of inspirational photos. 

3 aspects to consider in advance

  • Space availability. Although the stools can be tucked into the table, they require space when being used. Therefore, you should ensure free space around the table, which also points at the size of the table;
  • Table shape. Depending on the available space and effect you want to achieve, you can opt for a particular form to complete your interior design;
  • Material and color. Relying on your style and overall picture of the room, you should consider particular materials and colors to make your table a point of interest or integrate it perfectly into the setting.

Now that we have covered some of the aspects that should be considered in advance, it is time we speak about ideas for integrating such a piece of furniture into your interior design. From various colors, materials, and shapes to outstanding peculiarities, we will provide you with the best suggestions in this sense. Scroll through the following list and get inspired for a gorgeous and functional unit that will enrich your room with style and practicality.

Coffee table with nesting stools: shape ideas

Although the number of shapes you can opt for is not that big, the other peculiarities that accompany them make the most of any form. We would like to draw your attention to the most popular shapes you can consider for a trendy result. 

Round shape

The best option for limited space is a round coffee table. It should be noted that round forms are popular now, which will offer your room a trendy look. It will work perfectly for any style since it comes with a variety of materials and colors that can be used in this sense. Regarding the stools, you can opt for simple or upholstered ones, depending on your standard of comfort.

Rectangular shape

If you are looking for a simple design yet functional setting, a rectangular coffee table will work perfectly for your style. The sharp edges will add stability and additional space for storing particular things on the table. From two to more seats, you can adapt this piece of furniture to your conditions and use it practically. The variety of materials will make it possible to enhance the accent of this unit or integrate it into the setting.

Square shape

We suggest you consider a square coffee table for effect similar to the previous idea but for smaller spaces. It is easily integrated into the limits of any room. Furthermore, it can be placed in a corner when not used to add more practicality to the setting. Therefore, it will work perfectly for small places and larger ones if you want to keep it simple and ensure free space.

Coffee table with nesting stools: material ideas

The style and other elements that find themselves in the same space will point at the particular material you should consider for the coffee table. At the same time, the effect you want to achieve, be it to add an accent or keep it simple, will be of help when deciding on this aspect.

Wood for a cozy effect

Considering a wood coffee table without elements of any other material will enrich your room with comfort and add a warm effect. Of course, it is a perfect option for a rustic style that brings nature closer and enhances coziness. Nevertheless, such an approach will work for any other style by enriching the room with a new point of interest.

Glass to expand the space

You can go with an all-glass table or consider a combination of glass and wood or metals. When it comes to stools, you can opt for wood or upholstered variants that will fit the table. Of course, glass should be paired with other materials for a complete effect and practical use. Therefore, it better be used particularly for the tabletop.

Marble for a glamorous effect

In combination with wood or metals, such as brass, marble will work perfectly for a contemporary style. Consider such pairings for the table and opt for upholstered stools to soften the environment. Additionally, you can choose a two-part table to expand the storage space and add a point of interest.

Steel to keep it industrial

Contemporary settings require modern approaches, which implies the use of materials with a raw effect. A perfect option is steel coffee tables and stools combined with wood or glass. Such a variant will keep it simple and trendy, enriching any style and pointing first of all at the functional use of the space.

Coffee table with nesting stools: color ideas

There is no doubt that the color of the coffee table and stools depends on the particular material. Although limited in options, this aspect can be approached from various perspectives, considering the shape, size, and style, which point at the appropriate color. Most of the combinations involve neutral colors, and they are undoubtedly the best options to consider. Take a look at the following suggestions and make your own considerations based on your conditions:

  • Black and white;
  • Black and brown;
  • White, gray, and brown;
  • White, black, and gray;
  • Green for the stools to add an accent since it is a trendy color and enriches the environment with a new splash of energy.
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