Concrete Floor Paint Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Are you looking for ways to restyle the concrete floor in your house? Painting is one of the most affordable and easiest options. And you should not be afraid of color in a design era when everything tends to be as colorful as possible. In this article, we will try to convince you that you’ve made a great decision to paint the concrete floors and reveal to you the best concrete floor paint ideas that designers kindly shared with us.

Say “Yes” to Concrete Floor Painting

  • Affordable. This floor makeover will cost you only the paint and brush or roller;
  • Effortless. It won’t take you much effort to apply the paint to the floor, which you can easily do yourself;
  • Low-maintenance. Painted concrete floors are easy to take care of by simply wiping the surface from time to time;
  • Camouflage. A few coats of paint can successfully cover some imperfections on the floor without additional effort;
  • Wide range of colors. You can adapt the concrete floor color to any design style or preference.

Now, back to inspiration. We gathered the best from the best.

Black Concrete Floor

When asked how to paint a concrete floor best, the first color that came to designers’ minds was black. How come? It’s neutral, practical, and versatile. It won’t show stains or floor imperfections, while the wide range of black shades puts at your disposal stark black and softer black paints. 

From Dark to Light

Enough with grays and blacks. It’s time for something different. In an all-white room, it would be smart to paint a gray-colored concrete floor white for a clean and sleek design. You’ll need more than one coat to achieve an all-white finish, or you could consider a whitewash effect for a more natural texture.

Rustic Concrete Floor

What color is Rustic? A light and warm color as if inspired by pottery shades with a light clay or plaster effect that unevenly lies on concrete and makes for a richly textured finish. Such painted concrete floors work in Mediterranean or strongly Rustic interiors.

Flowerful Floor Color

Next in line is pink. That’s right! From the softest to the boldest pink paint on the floor, even surrounded by neutrally colored furnishing. Bring that splash of serotonin into your house with a bright-painted floor. Why pink, you may wonder. It kind of became a new neutral, yet it is undoubtedly more vivid and inspiring than usual neutrals.

Blue or Green?

Try them both. Blue and green are the trendiest colors that work with almost any design style and color palette. Choose them for the concrete floor in a fully minimalist space to add more appeal or consolidate an already colorful scheme. You won’t get bored in an interior with blue or green floors.

Compensate for Lack of Color

You may not be able to decorate a small room with bright paint on walls or ceilings, yet you can easily use a vivid paint color on the floor, especially if this is a concrete one. This splash of color will feel less imposing yet still there, full of energy that installs a positive mood. Choose acidic colors with rich undertones and color your daily routine.

Add Patterns

If paint alone isn’t enough, try adding patterns. For instance, imitate prints without tiles, such as the checkered pattern. Just paint on concrete. Or, think of stenciled prints. You apply the shape, fill it with paint, and achieve professional designs on the floor. It’s easy to experiment with colors and shapes on concrete.

Concrete Floor with Marble Veins

Preserve the natural look of concrete finish and fill the floor cracks, formed naturally or intentionally, with gold paint as if recreating the marble veins. Additionally, you can repaint in advance the concrete floor in white, black, or gray. You can stain the floor or leave it as it is and let the resulting uneven and textured surface recharge the stylistic batteries of your house.

Outdoor Concrete Floor Paint

You can apply this idea to a patio or simply the entry area. Opt for the affordable, creative, original faux tile painting and recreate your favorite patterns using stencils on a readily neutrally or boldly painted concrete floor. Or, arrange your favorite colors in stripes on an outdoor concrete floor. Get as creative as possible and enjoy your time outside on a new level.


What paint can you use on a concrete floor?

You need paint to withstand traffic. Look for paint types created specifically for such surfaces. These are usually water-based acrylic latex paint and epoxy concrete coating. Although the latter is more challenging to work with than acrylic latex paint, it lasts longer.

How do you prepare a concrete floor for painting?

Clean the surface thoroughly by scraping off any adhesive materials and ensuring dust-free conditions. As a finishing point, make sure the concrete surface has fully dried before applying paint.

How do you make the paint last longer on a concrete floor?

Use a good concrete sealer compatible with your paint. It will protect the painted surface from scratches and peeling while making the floor easier to take care of due to the resulting sheen finish.

Do you need to prime a concrete floor before painting?

Primer is the first step in any painting-related project. Prime your concrete floor before applying the first coat so that the paint adheres better to the surface and lasts longer.

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