Contemporary living room: Design and decoration

Contemporary style is not just a design direction, it is a successful combination of cutting edge technology, minimalism, modernism and other fashion trends. By making the interior in this version, you can show your imagination and your talent as a designer. A modern style living room can combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

Features of fashionable contemporary living room

The design of the living room in a contemporary sense includes not only the design of the walls, ceilings and floors, but also comfortable furniture, fashionable household appliances and elegant accessories, woven organically inside. Any element must resemble a particle of a whole, concise, inextricable.

The living rooms decorated in a fashionable style have:

  • the apparently simple interior design, the result of careful work on the choice of design, furniture and necessary accessories;
  • perfectly flat surfaces;
  • multifunctional furniture, often endowed with transformation capacities;
  • good equipment, television and speakers;
  • latest finishes.

The living room in a contemporary style is characteristic of active and joyful nature, leading an interesting and full life. But you should not deviate from the main rule: everything in the room must be practical. Any unusual decorative element must be organically included in the overall drawing.

Design details

When you decide to create a contemporary concept in your living room, you should remember the following details:

  • Space. It is the feeling of freedom, open space and is the basis of the interior of the living room in a contemporary style. There is no room for partitions. Favorites are an open arrangement in which the zoning is only visual;
  • Furniture. This style accommodates upholstered furniture, small walls, groups of all colors and all shapes, but with mandatory minimalist trends. Are chosen so as not to overload the salon;
  • Lighting. There should be a lot of light. And if it is difficult to do without a large and beautiful light in the center of the ceiling, it is necessary to add it in the form of multi-level lights, LED lamps, floor lamps and wall lights;
  • Light point. As an accenting thing, can be: a fancy accessory, an unusual image, textiles with a simple look on the one hand and luxurious and elegant on the other hand.

Finishing in a contemporary living room

The walls

For the living room, light or pastel light colors are chosen without complex designs and patterns. Good quality wallpaper or embossed stucco is good.


For floors, it is best to take a parquet or laminate made under a natural tree: walnut, cherry, oak. Such a coating will balance modern materials and non-standard elements of the rest of the design, while adding comfort and usability.


The design of the living room involves the creation of a complex multi-level ceiling with various projections, transitions, stucco moldings. The color is chosen according to the color of the walls and can range from white to pale beige. The elegant ceiling comes with a variety of lighting.

Color scheme

Interior designers comparing the current direction of design with the artist’s drawings. There are only a few main lines without trifles that make up the general idea. Everything else is a matter of imagination.

To decorate beautiful living rooms in a contemporary style, we often use pastel tones which, if desired, can be diluted with small bright accents.

All surfaces are done in shades of white, gray, beige. The classic combination of white and black is not prohibited, which will give the salon solemnity and severity. The choice of color depends on the wishes of the owners. The main thing is that the shade chosen matches well with the color palette of the furniture and adds light and space to the room.

Underline the simplicity and tranquility of style will help you small bright accents in the form of plaids, cushions, decorative ornaments.

Contemporary furniture

The elegant room is filled with furniture with clear shapes and simple execution. Modular options and objects with various functionalities prevail.

In a contemporary style, the central place of the interior of the living room is the upholstered furniture, the shape of which can vary, but at the base, straight or smooth lines. Optionally, a corner sofa or more, from different collections, is also suitable. If the living room allows, you can also buy soft armchairs. Rocking chairs or Voltaire seats are well integrated into the calm atmosphere of a contemporary style.

When beautiful coffee tables are chosen, the designers base themselves on simple, rectangular or round options, without unnecessary decorative elements. It can be a glass model or a transformation table, or several small modules designed like a nesting doll and arranged in different versions, as desired.

Bulky furniture does not fit well in the living room with a contemporary orientation. Pay homage to the low cabinets for television, to the hanging shelves. Open space and lots of air – the motto of style!

The lighting

Lighting in this style is designed to play one of the main roles. There should be a lot of light, like air! Chandeliers or sconces, spotlights are added to the central fixture (if applicable).

This lighting is also formed due to multi-level ceilings. The glossy surface of the ceiling, the light curtains or their absence help to improve the quality. The interior of the living room looks great in a contemporary style, using a combination of LED lamps and directional lamps.

For the contemporary living room, you can take a luminaire with an interesting modern, minimalist and functional design. Several models arranged in rows or steps have a nice appearance, depending on the parts of the room to highlight.

But it is not necessary to activate all available devices at the same time. This can be left in the event of a gala reception. In the evening, part of the necessary lighting is used in a given area, for example dim lighting for watching television or side candlesticks for reading.

Textiles in a contemporary living room

The correctly selected textile products helps you emphasize the stylistic direction of any interior. You can buy rugs and sofa cushions in bright and contrasting colors that will allow you to place accent points and bring comfort and warmth to the contemporary living room.

If the family likes rugs, it is better to opt for a carpet or small plain rugs. Oriental or floral ornaments will not suit here in style. Rugs are usually located in the recreation area.

The heavy dark curtains are not suitable for the living room windows and the light patterns on the paintings will not be appropriate. It is best to choose fabrics that match the color of the walls or slightly transparent fabrics. Windows can be decorated with these types of curtains:

  • on eyelets, metal or plastic rings worn on a ledge. Thanks to which ends the beautiful drapery with ideal vertical folds;
  • on the lambrequins, a dense frame which serves to cover the top of the curtains and decorate the room, adding personality and charm;
  • fabric blinds or Japanese, Roman curtains, which are made in minimalist directions, look simple and concise and do not attract main attention.

Decorative elements – Contemporary living room decoration

The contemporary style requires a small amount of decorative elements. After all, such an interior involves active and mobile hosts who do not have the time to devote time to collecting and organizing various pleasant trifles.

The contemporary style does not tolerate clutter. For many favorite trinkets, you need to choose a storage system in another room.

As decoration of the living room, unusual forms of lamps and designer tables may appear. Well fit into such a room and the flowers of the house, but gathered in one place.

Can be used as a decorative element:

  • natural fireplace or its electric equivalent;
  • images in simple frames;
  • several vases made in calm and regular shapes;
  • pictures;
  • abstract figures.

Space, simplicity, functionality – three components of the living room, designed in a contemporary style. But remember that all interiors are created for people and that the owners in such a room must be comfortable and pleasant.

Contemporary living room design and decoration ideas

See photos of fashionable interiors, as well as photos of living rooms in a contemporary style.

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