Cool things to have in your room in 2021

We all love our home and consider it completely special and unlike any other. We run around the shops searching for original wallpapers or lamps, conscientiously select exclusive shades of furniture upholstery – and, of course, we always do not mind complementing the interior with unusual and very stylish things.

Today, engineers and designers offer a variety of accessories that can give your home a distinct personality. They are all different, but they also have something in common. So:

  • they have unexpected functionality;
  • look very stylish;
  • if you have seen them, then only once and, most likely, in a store or on the Internet.

Well, if you’re ready, here are some cool home accessories that will make your room sparkle in new ways.

Dimmable decorative floor lamps

The ability to adjust the lighting in lamps and chandeliers is no longer news today. However, this lamp will indeed present you with many surprises. Typically, these floor lamps can be equipped with conventional dimmable lamps or RGB-colored lamps. Ten brightness modes and the same number of color temperature modes, countless gradients of varying degrees of intensity – do not be surprised if, at first, it will be tough for you to distract yourself from such a lamp, and it will turn into an incredibly technological toy.

The ultimate indoor plant growing system

You can hardly imagine your home without green plants, but your favorite begonias, violets, and peperomias let you down endlessly – dry and wither? Well, it’s time to turn your apartment into a blooming garden with an innovative growing system explicitly designed for indoor plants.

The system is a kind of farm in the “micro” format, in which a self-irrigation system and a miniature phyto lamp are provided – thus, the plant is provided with both light and the necessary water. The lamp is built into the lid with a telescopic handle, and the system itself can be placed anywhere using special mounts – on the table, on the nightstand, and on the walls. A word of caution: the maximum height of the handle is 1 foot (30 cm), so ficuses and palms will not be able to grow in it for a long time.

Smart lighting panels

If you are crazy about high-tech lighting scenarios, you will surely not pass by this great novelty. You can choose any of their colors, stick them to any surface using double-sided tape, and download any lighting patterns using a special application. Particularly interesting for us was the Rhythm module, in which the color and illumination of the panels change to the beat of your favorite songs – good old color music, but with great intelligence and potential!

Multiple USB charging stations

If you have a large family, you probably have problems charging numerous gadgets, which are often plugged into different sockets and are constantly lost. The issue with USB wires and blocks has become the cause of countless quarrels. However, if you have such a charging station, you can forget about any divergences.

The device allows you to successfully charge up to 6 different gadgets that can be placed on a convenient stand. Fast charging ports and soft LED lighting will highlight your ability to stay on top of techno trends.

Overbed rolling table

If you are always ready to combine business with pleasure, and if you sincerely consider a bed to be the best place in the world where you would always like to be, then this unique design will become for you the gift you have always dreamed of.

You can endlessly talk about the merits of this table. It does not need to be fixed anywhere – it is placed on the floor above the bed and rolls with the help of castors. There is no need to reach for the things you need – its tabletop is wide enough even for a laptop. You don’t have to worry about charging your gadgets – it has built-in ports. You don’t have to worry about dropping or spilling something during a romantic dinner in bed – the table is secure, and the built-in lighting adds lyricism. Do you need more arguments in favor of buying? We don’t think so.

Gravity blanket

And another adorable gift for those who like to get a good night’s sleep. Today, many people are increasingly experiencing sleep problems caused by excessive anxiety and feelings of insecurity. As psychologists have established, a weighted blanket can create a cocoon effect in which you will feel warm and safe.

Manufacturers offer the blanket in three weight categories – up to 20 pounds (8-9 kg) and several colors. But in any case, you can enjoy its incredible softness and pleasant weight. The only negative is that you may not want to crawl out from under it. But this is so cute!

Slumbersofa Duo

You often have guests in your house, and you no longer know how to arrange them all for the night? Are you bored of the same interior and want variety? This ingenious sofa will help you successfully accomplish both critical tasks.

When assembled, it looks like any minimalist upholstered furniture and easily fits into any interior. However, it is enough to lift the seat up smoothly, and in front of you is a full-fledged bunk bed with an orthopedic base and mattresses. The transformation is effortless, and the possibility of choosing the color and texture of the upholstery will delight those who like everything to be perfect.

Nixie tube clock

If you crave a little magic and a little bit of vintage, this watch is just what you need. The massive oak body and a row of mysteriously flickering lamps are intriguing, and when the numbers inside them mysteriously light up, it seems like an absolute miracle.

However, you can easily manage this miracle yourself. The watch allows adjusting time and date in two formats, brightness settings and even an alarm clock. Good news for fans of everything vintage: watch lamps are authentic products from the USSR from the 1970-1980s, so you can be proud of owning a real rarity.

Bioluminescent plankton mini aquarium

And now – a little about not too helpful, but very, very beautiful. If you have always been attracted by the ocean depths, now you can place a piece of this mysterious water world on your desk or your bedside table. The glass, corked ball contains the most real oceanic plankton, which beautifully glows in the dark. Of course, these microorganisms are alive, and in order for them to delight you with their radiance, you need to take care of them. However, this will be much easier for you than with dogs, cats, and even fish and turtles.

Revolving shoe racks

Remember the fantastic movie Overboard starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? If yes, then you probably did not forget that this whole story began with constructing a locker for Mrs. Stateton’s many shoes. Now you can also feel like a millionaire and the owner of a luxury yacht – with these shelves rotating around their axis.

You can tuck them away in the corner of the dressing room or place them in the center, adjust the height of the shelves and arrange your boots, shoes, and sneakers the way you like. It is possible that Carrie Bradshaw would not have given up on such a great piece either – even if it did not come with a pair from Manolo.

We discussed only about a small part of the unusual things that can make your interior unique. Innovative sleep masks and incredible lamps, 3D stickers with a realistic effect and stunning clocks, cold pills, and planetary chairs – just search a little, and you will undoubtedly find something completely inimitable that can become the envy of your friends and guests.

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