10 Corner shelf decorating ideas to fill the space and match the interior design

There is no doubt that every house has particular spaces that are easily decorated and integrated into the general picture of the room. Here, we talk about corner shelves. This type of shelves is different from the others due to its unique position that requires a practical, at the same time stylish, use of the space. Of course, it may take time while decorating, but the result is fascinating, as a perfectly decorated corner shelf may balance the room decor. 

If you are looking for ways to achieve this result, we suggest you stay with us. We will provide you with a bunch of starting points that have to be considered before starting this journey and 10 stylish ideas to fill practically this space and offer your room a new sparkle. We will make sure that you don’t get bored but rather inspired for a bold change in your room decor. 

3 starting points to be considered

  • Specifics of the room. You should start with the type of room the corner shelf finds itself. First of all, it will point out the elements that would be part of the decor and the way of putting them in place. For instance, the decoration of a bedroom corner shelf would look different from a bathroom one.
  • Decorative style.  You should continue by considering the style of the room design. Either it is a minimalist style or one to make a statement, it will guide toward the appropriate way of decorating a corner shelf that finds itself in this room. You are probably wondering why taking into account such details. The answer is simpler than you thought. You have to integrate the decorative elements into the style of the room as a constituent part but not a separate unit. 
  • Use of the space. Based on the room you consider in this sense, there is a particular way of using the space that you should think about as well. For instance, a bedroom shelf would require a more stylish approach, while a bathroom one would imply a more practical use, which points out the appropriate way of arranging the decoration. There is one more thing to consider: the type of shelf, as each one supposes a different use of space.

Floating shelves

If you are looking for practical ways of using the space in your room, we suggest you choose this type of corner shelves. They will both save you space and add a new point of interest in any room you choose to integrate it in. Regarding the decoration, you can opt for a minimalist way and use this space as a decorative one only. On the other hand, you could consider things you use on a daily basis, such as books or journals, if there is no other place to put them. Another compulsory element of such a setting is flowers. They would not only add an exotic effect but also bring a touch of freshness to this corner. Such a type of shelves would go best in a bedroom or living room, especially for the part of the room that is used as a working space.

Floating acrylic shelves

These shelves will fit perfectly any interior design of a bathroom. Due to this particular material, they will match any type of tiles and will be practical in use. When it comes to decoration, you could go two ways: use this place to offer your bathroom a point of interest, or as a usual shelf and store there all the things that you need in a bathroom. It all depends on your intention. It should be noted that you should not go too extra in any of the cases.

Corner shelf for a real bookworm

Do you enjoy reading books and looking for ways to integrate them perfectly into the room decor? Consider yourself lucky. Firstly, because reading is a perfect hobby, and, secondly, because we have perfect ideas to make books part of your personal space. Either you have a lot of books, or you have only started collecting them, there are others still to come, and this is why we suggest you arrange a larger space for them. You could opt for a corner cabinet with bookshelves to store as many books as you want or a particular number of corner shelves to put your books on. Here we talk about books only. Therefore, it is not a complex system when it comes to decoration. You just have to arrange the books in a particular way. Whether you accept it or not, the variety of books is already a decoration as the array of different colors and titles offer the room a new sparkle.

Diamond sparkle in your room

Suppose your room reflects a modern style and you would like to emphasize it through a corner shelf. In this case, we suggest you consider a combination of metallic gold and wood for the shelf itself and various decorative elements of the same material, such as a framed landscape, a candle, or any other units that would fill the space. At the same time, if you would like to use it practically, opt for a wooden diamond shelf, and fill it with as many things as you want, but don’t forget to balance them. It should be noted that the last option is more peculiar for your children’s room or the kitchen, where a lot of useful things can be stored in a stylish way.

Bring in something new

If you would like to come up with an original way of decorating this space, we suggest you consider unusual-design corner shelves. There are various possibilities you could choose as long as they match the room style and refer to the practical use of the space. In this sense, you could decorate such a shelf with units that contribute only to the beauty of this setting or the ones that you use daily, such as books or journals.

A touch of marble

This material is usually used in the bathroom, although it would not spoil the image of a living room as well. Due to the complexity of the shelves themselves, the decoration will require a minimalist approach. If it is a bathroom, you could put in place some cosmetic products that would emphasize the use of the shelf yet reveal interesting patterns. At the same time, if you consider this type of corner shelf for a living room, we suggest you decorate it with a few units that would balance the picture, especially ones to be used only as a decoration. It should be noted that such a shelf would fit a kitchen well, especially if it already has other elements of the same material. In this case, consider putting in place only decorative units, such as flowers or beautiful mugs that would complete the picture.

Ladder shelf

This interesting design will bring a new point of interest to your room and serve as a decorative element itself. Furthermore, there are two types of ladder shelves you could opt for. If you choose the one from the first two photos below, you better integrate them into a living room. When it comes to decoration, the same concept as in the previous examples applies here. You can fill the place with units that would emphasize the beauty of the shelves or the ones that will also be of use. On the other hand, if you opt for the shelf from the last photo, we suggest you integrate it into a bedroom, for instance, your child’s room. It will play as a new attractive spot that can also be used to store particular things.

Industrial influence

This style will match perfectly any interior design with elements from the industrial and rustic design. A shelf of this particular style will serve as a decoration itself. Therefore, there is no need to over-decorate it with other elements. Furthermore, even the ones you put in place should be as simple as possible, such as candles or a few books that would match the color palette of the shelf.

Corner cabinet

A corner shelf can as well be a cabinet, as the glass material that the cabinet is made of makes it look like a usual shelf. It is peculiar to a dining room or a living room, as there can be stored units that would serve as a decorative part of the room or even be used occasionally on special occasions.

Modern corner shelf

If the design of your house is a modern one and you would like to emphasize this concept within the decor of the shelf, we suggest you opt, first of all, for a shelf that would draw your attention via its modern design. Of course, you have to decorate it accordingly. Consider a minimalist style as regards the color and the variety of decorative units. You are probably wondering what can be so interesting in such a simple structure for a shelf. The answer is simplicity itself.

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