6 creative additions that will make your bathroom stand out

6 creative additions that will make your bathroom stand out

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. One that is arguably the most frequently used, yet the smallest in the house. On average, an adult spends at least 182 hours in the washroom in a year, with a lot of people spending more than that. Given the multifunctional nature of this portion of your house, the time and effort that is spent in designing and remodeling it often lies at the lower end of the spectrum and does not do it justice. The bathroom is often a relaxing haven, which a lot of us retreat to, after a long and tiring day. Nothing beats a warm shower on a cold winter morning or a dip in the bathtub after a long day’s work. After all, it is one place where you can be truly alone with your thoughts.  However, if like many of us, you have overlooked the modeling of your bathroom, here are 6 creative additions that can give it that much-needed zing and make it stand out.

1. False ceiling

Installing a false ceiling in your bathroom offers various benefits and can give it a clean look. A false ceiling would allow you to cover up the water heater in your bathroom and any other pipes that might be visible. There is a wide array of materials that you could choose from, depending on the general decor of your bathroom. These include glass, gypsum boards, aluminum composite boards, etc. Adding lights to the false ceiling can give a luxurious touch to the washroom as well. Apart from improving the look and feel of your bathroom, a false ceiling can also help in maintaining the temperature and resolving issues with humidity.

2. Potted plant

While bathrooms don’t appear to be a good environment for a plant, given the high variation in humidity and temperature, numerous plants can actually thrive here. In fact, the environment of a bathroom can be very conducive to some plants. Adding a plant to your decor can help give it a calming effect, improving not just the visual but also the air quality. Furthermore, water to irrigate the plants is always close at hand. Plants like asparagus fern, bamboo, crotons, and bromeliads can be a great addition to any bathroom.

3. Backlit mirror

A backlit mirror can be a great addition and can give it a modern and contemporary look. Its advantages, however, aren’t simply cosmetic. The biggest benefit of installing a backlit mirror with in-build light strips is that it doesn’t generate any unflattering shadows. While selecting a backlit mirror for your bathroom, you need to pay attention to a few details. You must be careful while deciding on the size of the mirror. A mirror that is too large for the bathroom might overpower the decor. The shape and color of the backlight play an important role as well. If the light is just for ambiance, it can be any color that catches your fancy. However, if it is projected towards the user, a plain white light or slightly warm light is the way to go. A good choice would be to have the mirror attached to a medicine cabinet. If it is in the form of a niche, it would blend in even better.

4. Hanging lights

Pendant lamps and cluster lamps can look great in a bathroom. Fixed with the right bulbs, they can give your bathroom a relaxing feel and make it stand out. However, you must make sure that the lamps are not too close to any water source. The bulbs tend to heat up when in use and the slightest spray of water can cause them to shatter. So either the bulb must be well protected or away from the shower or the sink. Hanging lamps can do a lot for the ambiance of your bathroom. However, if your windows let in a lot of light, it could dampen their impact. Covering your windows with curtains or even better, with shutters would be a good idea. The designers at Shuttercraft Ltd suggest that using the right shutter will give you not just some much-needed privacy but also give your bathroom a clean look. Shutters for bathrooms would be a better option than using curtains because they can ensure your privacy while giving you the option to let in the amount of light that suits your preference. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

5. Wall mounted faucets

Wall-mounted faucets can make your bathroom look more spacious. This can significantly improve the appeal of your bathroom, especially if it is small in size. These fixtures also make it easy to clean as the floor space becomes more accessible. Installing these fixtures is not a minor rework and there are a few things that you will have to consider. That said, since they do not touch the floor, they also make your bathroom look more organized and give it a welcoming feel.

6. Multiple levels

You can design your bathroom to have multiple levels. This means that your shower area could be a few inches below the rest of the floor and you could even add a step to access it. This not only gives your bathroom a more organized feel but also keeps the remaining area dry. An alternate approach would be to have the lavatory and the bidet on a raised platform.  

Despite being one of the most frequently used rooms of the house and one that is shared by all the members of the household, bathrooms of the house tend to be not just the smallest in size, but often the least modeled as well. However, with the right design choices and a few additions, you could spruce up your washroom and give it the look and feel it deserves.

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