10 Crown molding ideas to match your style and keep you up-to-date
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10 Crown molding ideas to match your style and keep you up-to-date

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Crown molding is one of the decorative elements that offer your house a personality. If you are looking for a traditional style in this sense, cornice, which is another term for crown molding, is the best option. This decorative element is considered to be a classic when it comes to interior design. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as that: you add crown molding to your decor, and your house is part of the classic style. It has to be accompanied by other decorative elements to achieve this result. Therefore, if you consider adding crown molding to your house, you have to combine it appropriately with other decor elements.

Stay with us, and we will reveal to you 10 crown molding ideas of different types, accompanied by useful tips and photos to inspire you. We promise to provide you with relevant information and a lot of inspiration.

Crown molding types

Before getting to the ideas on adding this element to a particular room, we would like to give you an insight into what types of crown molding exist. There are various types in this sense regarding the size, color, and shape of the cornice. Here, we refer to the crown molding type as the way it can be integrated into the house decor. Scroll through the following list, and you will get the idea.

Crown molding between ceiling and wall

This type is the most common one. It is placed between the ceiling and wall, usually having a standard shape. It offers a new sparkle to the room decor and adds a new point of interest. There are a lot of variations within this category that shall be discussed later.

Crown molding for cabinets

This type is to be set between the cabinets and the ceiling. It covers the left space and offers the cabinets a new look. One of the most common ways of putting in place this crown molding is by attaching it all over the upper portion of the cabinets.

Crown molding for partial walls

Many houses have walls that consist of more than one part. These sections are separated by distinctive lines that are eventually decorated with crown molding for an aesthetic look. There are various designs in this sense for particular styles.

Crown molding for interior doors

This is the perfect way of dressing a door frame. There is no doubt that it will look fascinating in a house of classic style. Nevertheless, it should be noted that such an installation supposes that the upper edge of the cornice will not reach the ceiling, leading, thus, to a large accumulation of dust on it.

There is no doubt that the most common type of crown molding is the one that is put between the wall and ceiling. Whether you like it or not but the other types are as much applied into the room decor. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 10 gorgeous ways of decorating the space with a cornice. We suggest you go through it and get inspired.

Extra-volume molding crown

It is a simple cornice that is shaped particularly for low-ceiling rooms. Its usual structure offers the room the needed simplicity for a minimalist style, while the extra volume improvises and extra space to make the ceiling look higher. 

We suggest you apply this idea if you are looking for a simple way of adding this feature to your room, especially if it has a low ceiling.

Built-in molding crown

Most cornices are attached to the space between the wall and ceiling. At the same time, there are built-in molding crowns put in place for a long time. There is no doubt that they look more authentic and add originality to the room.

There are various designs you can opt for, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Although, you should not forget that it has to complete the picture but not appear as too extra.

Extra molding crown

If you want to make a statement and take a bold step, putting in place a cornice, we suggest you stick to this idea. But what does it imply? You could use a specific design and put more pieces of the kind next to each other to shape a complex structure, or you could add to the existing design a new one.

It should be noted that going extra does not mean that there are no limits. We suggest you consider a complex cornice but balancing the contrast.

Minimalist molding crown

If you want to integrate this decorative piece into your decor, preserving the simplicity of the style, consider a minimalist approach. We suggest you put in place a simple-design cornice that will bring a new sparkle to the room while matching the style of the rest of the decorative elements.

Furthermore, such a minimalist style would go perfectly for an over-decorated room that requires a simple element like that to balance the environment.

Molding crown to brighten the kitchen

If you would like to enlarge a compact kitchen, brighten it, or offer it a new sparkle, we suggest you consider a simple-design cornice for a complex impression. You could either place it over the top of the cabinets, not reaching the ceiling or on the ceiling by forming a specific design.

This molding crown aims to be as simple as possible while emphasizing the main features of the kitchen.

Wood molding crown

This particular type of cornice is to be applied only for wood kitchen cabinets. It can either reach the ceiling or not, but the result will speak for itself. This decorative element will fill the left space and interestingly complement the kitchen cabinets.

We suggest you consider this option if you feel that your kitchen is missing something. Regardless of what it actually is, a cornice will replace it in an unreal way.

Molding crown for curtains

It is an original way of hanging the curtains by using a molding crown as a curtain rod. This way, your curtains will achieve a new look, while the rod itself will be integrated into the room decor.

Furthermore, it will offer the interior design a touch of elegance. It should be noted that such a decorative element should be put in place if it really fits the style of the room, which should be a classic one.

Coffered molding crown

The brownish shadow of this exquisite molding crown is traced back to the past centuries. There is no doubt that it will fit a classic style perfectly. Although, it should be noted that it is to be applied when it is really the case.

We suggest you opt for this cornice only if it matches your room decor, which could be true only if you are a real amateur of this style. You would probably agree that a contemporary-style room cannot be decorated with this element.

Flat molding crown

This idea of decorating your room with a molding crown does not differ much from the one that implies a minimalist style. Nevertheless, it has a distinctive feature – it is enormous and does not contain other decorative elements.

If you wonder what the purpose of another simple cornice is, we are happy to share it with you. The fact that it is large makes the walls seem higher.

Molding crown corner

A part of the cornice, which is not that often mentioned, is the corner. Of course, you could go the simple way and opt for a usual corner block for the molding crown. If you would like to make a statement and place a corner block that would match the room style, we suggest you opt for complex structures. Take a look at the photos and get inspired.