Curtain Room Divider Ideas: Expert Picks and Tips

Curtain partitions have become popular in open-floor rooms and studio apartments. Part of the best space-dividing options, curtain room dividers stand out due to affordability, versatility of design, and low maintenance. Whether you want to add privacy to specific functional areas within the same room, underline the architectural features of the space, or for any other purpose, the curtain room partition is a great choice. In this post, you’ll find the different ways of using curtain partitions in your home. Interior designers suggest the following curtain room divider ideas.

Curtain Door

Have you ever thought of replacing interior doors with curtains? When you keep those curtains open, the space feels larger and airy, while at night, you can preserve privacy. That’s if you haven’t installed the doors yet. Curtains can be an affordable, even temporary, divider.

Curtain Divider in Open-Plan Spaces

This curtain room divider idea works best for studio apartments and open-floor rooms, such as kitchens combined with dining rooms or living rooms and bedrooms paired with lounge zones or workspaces. Ensure privacy for each with thick curtains or keep it together with white sheer curtains. During the day, you can keep the curtains open and enjoy the spaciousness of an open plan.

Modern Bedroom Closet

If you don’t have space for a built-in closet in your bedroom, let alone a walk-in dressing room, experts recommend improvised closets. All you need is a curtain rod, the curtain itself, and a few shelves and racks to store your belongings. If the space allows, it can become a walk-in wardrobe as well. 

Curtains Combined with Glass

Sometimes, it feels like your curtain divider needs an extra touch of privacy. That’s why glass-curtain partitions have become so popular. Interior designers use them primarily to separate the cooking space from the dining zone or the bathroom from the sleeping area. The additional glass divider is practical in these cases. You wouldn’t like the steam from your shower to get to your bedroom or the cooking scents to get to the lounge zone. 

Curtain Divider in the Bathroom

One of the latest curtain room divider ideas is opting for a textile partition in the bathroom. Shower stalls are no longer recommended by designers who find them overly hard to maintain in the long run. Thus, leaving the floor open and separating the wet area through a curtain divider is the best solution. 

Focus on Color

Another great way to use curtains as a room divider is by adding a focus to interior design through color. Luckily, bold tones are some of the top curtain trends this season. Experts suggest you try bright-colored partition curtains in open-plan rooms to underline the visual expressiveness of the space. Two in one, if we may say so, separating functional areas and decorating the interior as a whole.

Partition Curtains with Prints

Add a mood boost to the room with rich-printed curtains as partition solutions. Florals, geometric forms, stripes, checkerboards, and retro shapes are the trendiest. Don’t hesitate to pair your favorite pattern with a blend of vibrant colors.

Camouflage Utilitarian Spaces

Preserve your interior design aesthetic by hiding utilitarian spaces with partition curtains – affordable and functional. Those can be dressing areas in the entryway, a mini-laundry corner, the pantry in the kitchen, or a closet in the lounge zone. 

Extra Privacy

As of late, homeowners have been embracing the concept of a more private sleeping space. Consider curtain dividers to separate the bed area at night, especially if it is a studio apartment or a large bedroom combined with a lounge zone or mini-home office. 

Replace Walls with Curtains

Zone a large open-plan space into separate functional areas, most originally and affordably – curtains instead of walls. This trendiest curtain room divider idea is not for everybody, yet we cannot deny its authentic style. Once again, this option is perfect for studio apartments that require temporary room partitions to meet the owner’s needs. 

Why Should You Choose a Curtain Room Divider?

You won’t find a more affordable, versatile, and easier-to-maintain partition solution. Divider curtains come in various sizes, colors, and prints. Besides, you can always replace them with new ones. Aside from practically separating the room into functional spaces, curtain dividers add a point of interest to the interiors. If you’re looking for a quick way to zone an open-floor room, curtains are the first solution. 

What Materials Should You Choose for Partition Curtains?

In terms of functionality, choose from the thinnest, such as sheer, for a semi-translucent effect to keep it airy and spacious – to the thickest, such as black-out curtains, to ensure maximum privacy. Generally, organic and sustainable fabrics are much appreciated now – with care for interior design and the environment.

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