Curtain Design Trends 2023: Up-to-date Ideas for Every Room of Your House

Regardless of what comes or goes for interior design trends, at some level or another, curtains always have their say. The new season brings good news for those who love to decorate their house with textiles. 2023 is all for new colors, materials, and design challenges meant to help your design projects stand out and acquire a personality of their own. 

Vibrant shades of color, rich-textured fabrics, statement designs, and personalized styles go hand in hand with natural materials, calming colors, and simple designs in the upcoming season to satisfy any taste. With a more emphasized love for everything natural and more courage for self-expression, the latest curtain trends in 2023 bring lots of ideas for inspiration. Considering the main interior design trends in 2023 according to TrendBook’s forecast and designer advice, we discovered the following curtain design trends with the prospect of staying in style for the next few seasons.

Color of the Year: Digital Lavender

Coloro + WGSN, the global authorities on the color forecast and design trends, introduced the timeless lavender shade as the main color trend in 2023. If you really want voguish curtains, lavender and even any purple variation are your go-to trend. The a la mode shade is meant to bring balance, well-being, and serenity with its peaceful notes, features we have been craving since the isolation period and still strive to achieve. 

Statement Curtains: Hot Colors in 2023

Unlike the previous seasons that found style in neutrally colored curtains, 2023 trends fully rely on bright pops of color that know what a statement design means. Designers firmly state that this year encourages self-expression. Go ahead and follow your taste with the brightest shades possible and make your interior bloom in a whole new color. As references, experts suggest the hot colors of the year: mustard orange, deep teal, bright blue, and fine red. 

Organic Well-being: Natural Materials

The love for natural materials and designs inspired by nature started a long time ago, and each season it shows itself more intense. In 2023, designers bet on organic materials, such as cotton, linen, and velvet. Moreover, more emphasis is put on sustainability, and designers advise opting for eco-friendly produced curtains. 

Self-expression through Bold Prints

The time of minimalism has passed. Bold colors and distinctive patterns have taken it over. Blooming floral prints, surprising botanical motifs, and unexpected geometric patterns are the most popular choices among designers. It is the time when large-scale shapes and obtrusive colors look particularly beautiful on neutral backgrounds and are not regarded as unstylish. 

Steady Simplicity: Never out of Trend

Bolder decisions may be much trendier now, although simplicity is not fully out of the window treatment trends. You can still decorate your interior design with plain panels in a neutral color. In this case, sheer curtains work most of all. Designers give preference to hidden curtain track systems to free the space. This is a constant curtain style that doesn’t give up and perfectly suits those who still stick to simple solutions.

Since the bedroom is a personal space, the curtain design should feel the same or at least match the overall style. We prepared for you a few must-haves and a few personalized curtain designs that are trending in 2023.

  • Blackout panels. Since privacy is one of the sought-after features in contemporary bedrooms, the darkening curtains that can easily be opened and closed are a great asset for full privacy at night and full daylight during the day. 
  • Calming colors. We know that bright shades are the go-to solutions this year, but neutrals have not left the party yet, which means they are a totally no-fail option in a space requiring relaxing notes.  
  • Airy sheer curtains. The latest trends celebrate spaces where you can unwind and design choices that help you escape the daily hustle. With the stylish sheer curtains, you can experience relaxation and peace in your personal space unless your window location requires blackout panels. Quick tip: combine sheer with darkening curtains and use them accordingly. 
  • Modern Art Deco textiles. Although Maximalism is still on the way to conquering interior design, its features slightly penetrate the trends, and even if most designers and homeowners are still not ready to fully embrace the style, the slightest touches of boldness are enough, such as bold-colored curtains that resonate with some accents in an Art Deco bedroom.
  • Pastel shades. This is a variation of the trend with bold colors. It applies to the bedroom with a tiny change – instead of the truly saturated colors, opt for their pastel variation since the bedroom should stay trendy yet preserve a bit of impartiality.

In the living room, one is freer to choose the style. Since current trends expect everything to flow around comfort, this is what you should set as a basis. Comfort lies in what suits your liking, and going with a style you prefer works in this sense. Still, here are a few expert design suggestions.

  • Soothing over saturated. Since bold colors may seem too harsh at the beginning, you can get comfortable with the trend by slightly integrating it, such as going for a start with a mild version of the bold colors.
  • Light sheer panels. A living room with full-length windows cannot stay in trend without the sheer curtains that let natural light fully flood the space and decorate the lounge area with the outside landscape. 
  • Rich-textured linen. Go fully organic with natural curtains made of linen with intensely textured panels that roar organic beauty and harmonize the style, lending it the appealing taste of what trendy feels like in current words.

How bold the trends wouldn’t get, the kitchen and dining room are about functional design solutions, and they don’t allow exceptions for curtains. If there is a window in the cooking area, you better leave it as it is or treat it with blinds. Curtains work best for the dining area. Although you are slightly limited, you can still stay trendy with one of the following design approaches.

  • White sheer drapes. There is something delicate to be discovered in dining areas decorated with white sheer curtains for large-scale windows. The design seems complete, the space feels free, and the furnishings are not disturbed.
  • Curtain layers. Layering slowly but decisively enters the curtain trends 2023. An extra layer of texture feels welcoming in decluttered spaces, and it works perfectly for formal dining areas.
  • Curtains with a twist. A trendy design for the dining space, if it is a separate dining room for guests particularly, is to consider bold-colored drapes that steal the attention as soon as you enter the room.

Camouflaged Drapes for the Home Office

The solution with simple choices for the curtain color and patterns is part of the home office trends 2023. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed by anything while working, and curtains whose color almost fades into the wall shade are exactly what the current trend wants – to ensure an appropriate and impartial environment for work. 

Partition Curtains for Open-Floor Interiors

The latest trends in interior design show appreciation for open-concept plans and combined functional areas. Such projects require smart partitions, and this is how designers started to pay attention to room dividing options that functionally and stylishly separate the spaces, one of which is the partition curtains. On the one hand, the neutral panels go hand in hand with the overall color code; on the other, the standout curtains are meant to add visual interest to the decor.

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