Curtains for the bedroom: features and ideas

A healthy sleep requires not only a good mattress, the right temperature and comfortable linen, but also complete darkness. Therefore, even if you do not like curtains or textiles in general, we do not advise you to refuse curtains at least in the bedroom. And now we will tell you how to choose them and what to look for!

What fabric to choose?

The choice of textiles for the bedroom is not limited by anything other than your own preferences. There are no specific conditions, humidity or odors – except try to take fabrics that are not electrified and do not attract dust. Therefore, pure synthetics may not be the best option, but natural or mixed fabrics can do the job.

The atlas with graceful draperies looks interesting and effective, but it is difficult to take care. Jacquard with expressive tapestry texture fits well into classic interiors. Together with it – brocade, velvet, velour and other luxurious textured fabrics.

Cotton and linen in all their variations are comfortable, practical and environmentally friendly. Rough burlap can be effectively beaten in rustic, loft or Eco-friendly interiors. From thin and airy fabrics, besides openwork sheer curtains, pay attention to chiffon, organza or veil.

Types of curtains for the bedroom

For the bedroom, the most interesting combinations and compositions are suitable if you like sophisticated decorative textiles. But you can limit yourself to simple concise roller shutters – everything is at your discretion.

Classic curtains

Heavy curtains made of expensive fabrics, gathered on the sides and complemented by a thin elegant sheer curtains – an eternal classic. In the bedroom, it is especially relevant, because multi-level compositions allow you to adjust the level of illumination in the room. Such curtains are best combined with lambrequins, sequins or other accessories.

Italian curtains

Italian curtains outwardly resemble those same classic compositions, but they have one fundamental difference. They do not slide apart at all on the ledge, and lateral grabs and holders are used to regulate the illumination. This design immediately creates a feeling of solemn pomp in the bedroom.

Roman curtains

In contrast to the massive compositions, laconic Roman curtains are good in minimalist interiors. They descend exactly through the window, and the height can be adjusted according to the situation. Choose dense fabrics or two-layer curtains – and they will well protect from light, even on the sunny side.

French curtains

Graceful decorative curtains made of thin airy fabrics are gathered by rounded folds along the entire height. They can be raised or lowered to a different level – the screed usually runs along the entire length. Although there are models in which only the lower part is assembled.

Austrian curtains

This type of curtains has common features with the French, while possessing a more restrained decor. In the omitted form, the horizontal folds are located only along the lower edge, leaving the upper part of the straight line. Elegant and at the same time concise.

Japanese curtains

Such curtains are several rectangular, even canvases that are fixed with rigid inserts from the bottom to prevent creasing. They can be with one-sided or central extension. Japanese curtains resemble a large folding screen, perfectly fitting into the minimalist interior of the bedroom.

Colors of curtains for the bedroom

White curtains for the bedroom

Why is white always trending? Everyone loves it, and is used in the creation of any style: from classic to loft. When choosing short curtains for a white bedroom, do a thorough analysis of the entire interior. The palette of white can be both cold and warm. Short curtains can be complemented with lambrequins or other accent details.

Beige curtains for the bedroom

Modern beige is rarely used in the manufacture of curtains for the bedroom, because this shade is often painted on the walls, and there are plenty of them in the interior.

Beige bedroom curtains look good with walls that have deep shades, such as blue steel. If the background is gray, then beige will look appropriate and practical. Solid colors have become the novelties of bedroom curtains this season.

Blue curtains for the bedroom

The blue color for curtains in the bedroom is used with extreme caution, because it can create a cold atmosphere. Shades of blue are diverse: from purple to turquoise. Choose a color depending on the effect you want to achieve.

To create a cozy atmosphere, we recommend choosing warm shades of blue for curtains for the bedroom.

Red curtains for the bedroom

Many designers insist that there is no room for red in the bedroom. But at present, red is more often found in the bedrooms, and curtains are not an exception.

Red color is suitable for people with a balanced psyche, most often they are leaders by nature. Choosing red curtains for the bedroom, the owners want to be at the center of attention. Designers advice alternating red colors with lighter shades.

Black curtains for the bedroom

Black curtains in the interior create a special stylish image and go well with other colors. Black is a universal color that has not gone out of fashion for years and fits into any style. The right combination of curtains with furniture and decor items will give the room chic, elegance, originality.

Dusty pink curtains for the bedroom 

Dusty pink can be a great design solution for the bedroom. Such color creates an atmosphere of tenderness, tranquility and comfort indoors.

Gray curtains for the bedroom 

Will bring coolness and refinement to the room. This multifaceted color goes well with other shades and creates harmony in the room.

Brown curtains for the bedroom 

Deep color for a comfortable feeling. The chocolate shade looks expensive, wealthy and respectable and thereby brings coziness, comfort and a sense of security to the room.

Purple curtains for the bedroom 

Expressive, heavy and mysterious. Purple crumpled velvet is perfect for creating an extraordinary and interesting design of the room.

Types of curtains by method of attachment

A more imperceptible, but no less important point, an understanding of the features of which will greatly simplify the choice of ideal curtains, is a way of attaching to a curtain rod. By this criterion, several types can be distinguished.

Drawstring curtains in the bedroom

Fastened to the cornice by tying ribbons or lace around the structure. Better for thinner fabrics, but in the case of dense material, it is recommended to make wide strips. Large bows help create an airy design that is relevant for children’s bedrooms. The advantage of this type is the absence of extraneous sounds that usually occur when moving along the cornice.

Curtains with eyelets in the bedroom

A drawstring is a pocket tunnel at the top of a fabric into which a cornice tube is threaded. Differ in noiselessness and accurate appearance. They are considered a kind of straight curtains that form light folds.

Braided curtains in the bedroom

Unlike the previous version, this one is characterized by frequent vertical folds that give the curtains dynamism and splendor. The effect is achieved using sewn-in cords that are pulled together. It is recommended to choose a fabric wider than the used window space, since when assembled, the curtains can become one and a half to two times smaller.

Curtains on the rings with clothespins in the bedroom

This kind of curtains can be found in the interiors of many apartments. Curtains are attached to the cornice thanks to special rings with clothespins that extend beyond the fabric. The most practical option for curtains for the bedroom, which does not require additional effort during installation. Creates a classic design, suitable for different styles.

Curtains and interior styles

A variety of fabrics and shapes makes it easy to find stylish and beautiful curtains in any bedroom. Whether it is luxurious baroque or futuristic hi-tech, not a single room will be left without so important and necessary acquisitions.

Curtains for a bedroom in the modern style

With all its craving for practicality and a minimum of unnecessary details, the modern style does not refuse curtains. It is focused on functionality, so pay attention to concise compositions, simple curtains on hinges or rolls. But you can experiment with materials and textures – combine different natural and mixed fabrics.

The modern style remains concise, so there should not be too many accents. It is better to combine different textures with one color, and for different colors take the same fabric. Against the background of the neutral finish, bright curtains look good, but deep, not screaming tones – burgundy, malachite, mustard.

Curtains for a bedroom in the classical style

Classic is always magnificent in scope and monumentality, therefore it is in such a bedroom that multi layer decorative compositions are appropriate. Instead of sheer, pay attention to silk or organza, and on top – velvet, velour, voluminous tapestry fabrics. But keep in mind that this is only appropriate in a large and spacious bedroom.

Magnificent curtains with lambrequins, brushes and pickups go well with the same canopy above the bed. Pay attention to details: gilded embroidery, antique fittings, massive metal rings. Just remember that you will have to take care of all this, so immediately count on your strengths and capabilities.

Curtains for the bedroom in the Scandinavian style

Laconic and practical Scandinavian style is one of the most environmentally friendly. It is completely based on natural materials and fabrics – and in the bedroom this is especially important for a healthy atmosphere. Here even textures are appropriate, such as hard linen or burlap instead of silk and thin cotton.

Scandinavian style will be complemented by handmade accessories – hooks, loops, interesting fittings. The color scheme is neutral-natural: beige, brown, gray, white or black. And if you want bright accents – these are the same natural colors: yellow, green, blue, red, purple.

Curtains for the bedroom in the loft style

When decorating a loft bedroom, there are two main options: go retro or modern. In the first case, those same classic velvet curtains with heavy pickups on iron rings and a massive wooden cornice will be good. But this decision requires space, as well as the style itself.

The second option – curtains of the simplest form and configuration, but from bright and rich colors. Look at interesting models that close not only the window, but completely tighten the entire wall. If there is not so much space in the room, feel free to choose roller blinds.

Curtains for the bedroom in the Provence style 

Provence is one of the most romantic styles for arranging a bedroom, and it is in it that textiles decide a lot. Light and airy curtains with shuttlecocks or pick-ups will be just as good as plain linen with floral embroidery. Lace inserts, a combination of several fabrics, ribbons, braid – all this is openwork provenance.

Curtains for the bedroom in the minimalist style

When mentioning a minimalist style, the question may arise: why are curtains needed here? After all, design involves a limited set of items that serve only practical purposes. But in such a private room as a bedroom, curtains are more a necessity than an ornament.

Curtains should not contain textures, but be made in white, gray or black. A simple classic curtain, roller blinds, as well as Roman curtains will be enough to create the desired effect.

Focus on soft and light pastel colors and natural fabrics. The motifs on the curtains can overlap with wallpaper, bedspreads, decorative pillows and other textiles.

The choice of curtains for a small bedroom

The first and main rule for a small bedroom – do not complicate. Large and voluminous multi-level curtains are unlikely to fit in a small bedroom. Rather, they will simply occupy space and accumulate dust. We recommend that you pay attention to roller blinds or shortened curtains on the windowsill.

Compact and functional Roman curtains look much more elegant. You can choose a canvas with a blackout lining – and it will be much more comfortable to sleep. And airy and elegant Austrian or French curtains will fit well into romantic interiors.

Curtains in the bedroom – photos and ideas

Curtains for the bedroom can be very different – and so we have put together a large photo collection of ideas and interesting interior solutions for you! Have a look and get inspired!

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