Curtains for boys room: trendy ideas with inspirational photos

We have recently come up with an impressive list of curtain ideas for a girl’s room, and it would be a shame to skip the boys’ room. To our surprise, there is a substantial number of similar aspects, particularly when it comes to the nursery, which tends to be neutral, implying curtain designs that go both for a girl’s and boy’s room. Another similarity would be the approach. As with the girls’ room, designers suggest opting for a particular theme for the curtains in a boy’s bedroom. Things change a bit in a teen’s abode, where experts state that teen boys tend to choose darker shades. 

The latest trends have taught us that there is no longer a distinction between colors suitable for girls and the ones suitable for boys. No less impartial became the patterns and themes. Still, a few elements make the boy’s room curtains stand out. Explore the latest curtain ideas for such spaces!

Pastel neutrality for the nursery

If you want to integrate curtains into a boy’s room as a decor element, consider cotton curtains with simple designs, devoid of patterns, and in pastel shades for a neutral effect. The standout options are green, brown, and blue with various intensities. Such curtains either harmonize with the overall design as a whole or serve as a bit bolder splash of color for a balanced accent. If you wonder why these colors, particularly, we hasten to convince you that nothing will enrich your kids’ room interior better than nature-inspired hues.

Cleanliness, freshness, and ease

Another standout choice for the nursery – all-white curtains of various materials to suit your needs. First of all, such an approach works for all-white nurseries, although this color would fit no less impressively pastel-colored spaces. Based on the amount of light you want to penetrate the space, choose particular materials of a specific thickness, from light sheer for extra daylight to thick cotton for a bit of privacy. It is definitely the definition of a perfect neutral bedroom. 

Privacy for a safe and sound sleep

Usually, parents opt for thick blackout curtains to ensure privacy when the little ones have to sleep. Blackout curtains are not necessarily heavy-looking and dark units of the kind. They can also be light-colored or in any shade that suits the interior design offering them a relatively light appearance without suppressing the environment. Still, their functionality is not spoiled, and they come in handy when you need to ensure a calm and undisturbed environment. It can either be thick cotton or velvet in neutral colors to serve you functionally and add texture to the style.

Jungle-themed curtains for small boys

As your boy grows up, he becomes more interested in the outside world. It is a great choice to start with a theme within his bedroom. As regards the curtains, one of the trendiest approaches is to opt for a jungle-themed unit of the kind. It can either be repetitive patterns with wild greenery or safari animals. There is no need to go with large print images of animals. Consider repetitive water-color patterns with cute jungle elements that will surely draw the attention of your little ones and integrate perfectly into the interior design.

Geometry for visual interest

This is the age when you should fill your kid’s space with as many patterns and colors as possible for a positive and inspiring environment. Luckily, the trendy geometric shapes in bold and neutral colors on curtains meet such expectations. It will serve as a harmonious companion for the bright belongings of such spaces and as an accent for neutral rooms. You can adapt the shapes and colors to your child’s age and be sure that this space will be up-to-date.

More energy, more liveliness, more joy

Don’t hesitate to enrich this space with bright colors and fill your kid’s bedroom with positivity. This is the age they should receive as much positive energy as possible, and curtains are a perfect source to go this way. Bold-colored curtains will work no less impressively as an accent and offer your child a splash of energy right after he wakes up. Popular colors are natural greens, standout yellows, and irreplaceable blues.

Sleek neutrality for a teen’s room

This is the age when you have to consider your child’s preferences most of all. Usually, teen boys choose neutral colors and a monochromatic palette. We suggest sticking to this approach and opting for curtains that integrate into the overall style through color. The first option to consider is curtains in one of the gray variations within an all-gray room or other color palettes as well. There is no need for complex designs. No patterns, no additional layers, only simple gray curtains, and you will surely stay up-to-date.

Full privacy with blackout curtains

Another popular option for a teen boy’s room is blackout curtains to ensure privacy at any time. They can be darker or lighter to suit the style. Nevertheless, the latest choice is black curtains, particularly if the space involves this color substantially. If you opt for other colors, they should be no less neutral, while the patterns should imply either geometric shapes or abstract forms. 

Alternative to curtains in a boy’s room

Regardless of the age, the curtains in a boys’ room can always be replaced with blinds as a more functional alternative that saves space and integrates no less successfully in various styles. Furthermore, you can opt for a combination of functional blinds and decorative curtains; pastel colors for the nursery, bold shades and patterns for a small boy’s room, and neutral designs for a teen. You can also play with thickness to reach the wanted result. Either way, blinds have recently made quite a comeback, and their integration in your kid’s room is more than welcome. 

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