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Curtains in the kitchen: design tips and guide to choosing
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Curtains in the kitchen: design tips and guide to choosing

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Curtains are an important component of the interior, they can create warmth, comfort and visually add lightness to the space. Choosing curtains for the kitchen, you need to consider many criteria: the type of design and fabric, color, shape. This article is a selection of interior photos that will help you choose the ideal curtain style, plan its design, choose the fabric, determine the size and also choose a curtain rod.

How to choose fabric

Cotton and linen fabrics, viscose and polyester fabrics, as well as mixed fabrics from natural and synthetic fibers are suitable for kitchen curtains. But it is better to refuse silk and wool – they are too capricious and are suitable only for the decoration of the dining room windows.

  • Flax is an excellent material for kitchen curtains, because it is durable, has a beautiful texture, well tolerates frequent washing and is resistant to fading. However, it is expensive, quickly wrinkles and sits strongly after washing. When buying ready-made linen curtains or fabric for sewing, you need to take into account the length margin for shrinkage.
  • Cotton curtains in the kitchen are beautiful, strong enough, but it wrinkles in its pure form, shrinks after washing and burns out in the sun. Therefore, fabrics made of 100% cotton should prefer polycotton (fabric made of polyester and cotton) or complement the cotton curtains with a lining (from the same cotton).
  • Viscose (modal, lyocell) is a budget and more practical alternative to silk, but it does not tolerate frequent washing, as it is pretentious of water. When choosing kitchen curtains from this material, give preference to models with polyester in the composition and / or combine curtains with lining.
  • Polyester fabrics are inexpensive, do not wrinkle and do not fade from UV rays. Attract dust and lose the beauty very fast.

Size of the curtains

Determine the size. As a rule, the cornice is installed at a distance of 20-25 cm from the top edge of the window niche or to the ceiling. But the length of the kitchen curtains can be different:

  • Very short when the canvas is about 1 cm from the window sill. This length is suitable if the window sill is used as a bar counter or a cutting table.
  • Short curtains in the kitchen in the style of Provence Short, when the canvas hangs about 10 cm below the window sill. This length is suitable for small kitchens.
  • Long when the canvas is 1 cm to the floor or touches it. Particularly suitable for large kitchens and for window decoration with a balcony door.
  • Very long when 5-10 cm of fabric lies on the floor. Such curtains are more suitable for decorating the windows of a classic interior of a kitchen-dining room or kitchen-living room.

Methods for attaching curtains

With roller blinds, the easiest way is that different models are still attached in the same way to a rigid frame. Ordinary curtains on the ledge can be hung in different ways – and this is also an interesting design technique. In addition to ordinary rings and crocodile clips, plastic or metal eyelets are often used – rings that are inserted directly into the fabric.

If you like volume and elegance – pay attention to the ties and ribbons, but they are only suitable for light fabrics. Laconic elegance is textile loops which are put on a cornice. Such curtains can be with fasteners or buttons – and the curtains can be easily removed for washing.

If you want to hide the curtain mount as much as possible, use decorative braid. This is a good choice for curtains with folds and frills – it can be neatly and evenly picked up in the same spirit. And the most silent, but not very convenient for washing curtains – with a drawstring, which is directly worn on the ledge.

Types of curtains for the kitchen

Now there are so many types of curtains that choosing the best option for the kitchen from them is not an easy task. Short and long, thin and dense, laconic and decorative, voluminous and compact – eyes run wide. But remember that we are talking about the room where you cook, so do not forget about practicality. 

Roller blinds

The main advantage of rolled curtains is their compactness, because the canvas on the guides fits snugly against the window. This is a tidier and sleeker alternative to blinds. Roman curtains that came to us from ancient times and regained a second life with a fashion for minimalism are great. The canvas can be fixed at any height: it is not necessary to keep the window fully open or closed.

Cafe curtains

Such curtains in the kitchen are more than appropriate, because this is the same balance between decorativeness and convenience. The frame is not mounted above the window, but in the middle, due to which daylight is evenly scattered, and the room is always cozy and comfortable.

French curtains

French curtains are decorative that are gathered in beautiful and light folds from below. The height can be adjusted using special clips – and these curtains are good in the kitchen. For sewing, thin airy fabrics are used, which fall in beautiful and rounded waves.

Classic curtains

Voluminous traditional curtains with lambrequins, pickups and multi-layered compositions are appropriate in large and spacious kitchens or combined studios. Do not use them on a work surface, stove or sink. But in the dining area, in the living room or to protect the entrance to the balcony, they are quite welcome.

Priscilla Curtains

Priscilla curtains are another cozy and effective option that is good in the kitchen. Two canvases are connected along the upper edge to the full length, and the ends are bred in different directions. They look easy and elegant, but at the same time greatly darken the room – a good choice for the sunny part of the house.

Panel curtains (Japanese)

Japanese kitchen curtains are sliding fabric panels – they move along the guides like the doors of a sliding wardrobe. Japanese curtains are well suited for a kitchen with a balcony door and / or large windows. They are easy to use, can be controlled remotely (this is particularly suitable for very tall windows). Also, it is easy to maintain thanks to an anti-static impregnation: it suffices to wipe from time to time with a cloth. Due to the length of their floor, the curtains visually raise the ceiling and, due to the absence of folds, they do not overload the interior, so they are suitable for small kitchens too.

Colors and patterns for kitchen curtains 

Green curtains

Green curtains in the kitchen – a cheerful mood in the morning and pacifist in the evening.

Nature abounds in green: from cool sea waves to saturated conifers:

  • Green will look good with floral motifs;
  • Light green shades are ideal for creating an accent in a neutral room;
  • Turquoise will look good in bright, well-lit kitchens;
  • The mint shade on the curtains will perfectly dilute the chrome and metallic high-tech;
  • Aspid green is a comfort factor in a kitchen with pine furniture.

Red curtains

Red curtains in the kitchen can never play the role of a neutral background. They will always be an accent and striking. Red curtains will help to realize the most ambitious ideas in any style in the kitchen, especially when you consider the huge range of colors.

Red curtains in combination with black look beautiful, but such a design will not suit everyone because of some aggressiveness. In a kitchen with white furniture, they will become an indicator of good taste. They will fit well into a cozy Provence and in a classic or modern style. In high-tech, red will become the color spot for harmony.

Gray curtains

We can safely say that the gray color in the interior has recently become a trend. This also applies to gray curtains. If you want to match the modern trends of the kitchen interior, then buying gray wallpapers, be sure to pick up gray curtains for them. To create the perfect hi-tech curtains should be a rich metallic color and be deeper by the tone of the background.

Orange curtains

Orange curtains in the kitchen guarantee constant good mood. The combination of orange and olive or light green has become an unconditional hit of our time. Orange curtains will suit the kitchen of any shades, but you will have to support them with additional accents: upholstery on furniture, a kitchen backsplash of the same color or a bright lampshade.

Which kitchens will look good orange curtains:

  • In the kitchen with brown furniture – a traditional combination in oriental style;
  • With white furniture – a great palette for modern styles;
  • With violet or black – a bold combination for cutting-edge styles;
  • With gray – a great harmonious combination.

Beige curtains

Beige curtains in the kitchen will create a feeling of warmth, peace and proximity to nature. Beige curtains will look good in a brown kitchen, in white, in blue. With beige curtains, you can safely make a bright decor in the kitchen.

Choosing beige curtains, you can safely experiment with colors in the kitchen. For example, choose a kitchen furniture with a brighter facade: fresh greens or yellow, red and deep blue. For lovers of contrasting combinations, they will create the necessary effect in the kitchen with black furniture.

Brown curtains

There are a lot of shades of brown in nature: this is chocolate, coffee, the color of brown cola and all shades of wood. Curtains of coffee, chocolate, sand or classic brown will harmoniously combine with wooden furniture and floors. Dark brown classics give the kitchen an atmosphere of luxury.

The rich brown colors in the kitchen will blend in perfectly with the light finish. For a white kitchen, soft coffee and warm coffee shades will be an exquisite choice. In a beige kitchen, the best solution is to complement brown curtains of the same color with an apron. Brown bamboo shutters will look good in eco and rustic styles.

Purple curtains

Violet is a very complex color for the kitchen, although some psychologists believe that it completely discourages appetite. However, people able to grasp the seductive shades of wine and grapes in it will definitely like it. For modern kitchens, you can choose curtains from light purple shades, especially since they blend perfectly with trendy gray.

Curtains and interior styles

Textiles in the kitchen are independent accessories and one of the basics in planning interior design. These are not only pillows, potholders, towels and coasters, but also stylish curtains that can easily become a remarkable accent!

Curtains for the kitchen in the modern style

Even the freshest trends, with all the desire for minimalism, do not completely abandon curtains. But they allow you to experiment with materials, shapes, colors and textures. Modern style subtly balances between pretentious classics and abstract expressive futurism.

Combine different materials, but do not abuse the accents. If you have several textures – combine them with color and dilute the plain composition with a texture. If the overall decoration of the room is neutral-restrained – turn the curtains into a bright accent of deep saturated color.

Curtains for the kitchen in the classical style

Classics require scope and monumentality, therefore, it traditionally uses complex and multi-layer compositions from curtains. Choose a thin translucent fabric, and on top – luxurious velvet curtains. Use hooks, brushes, lambrequins, large metal fittings.

Instead of regular sheer, pay attention to silk or organza with delicate decorative embroidery. But keep in mind that classic curtains are the hardest to care for, so hang them in the dining area. And using such complex compositions right next to the stove is not only impractical, but also unsafe.

Curtains for the kitchen in the Provence style

Cozy and warm rustic style is largely based on textile decor. Pay attention to elegant curtains that fall in waves, or to deliberately rough linen curtains. Shuttlecocks, braid, ties, hooks and lace inserts – all this at your disposal in Provence style.

Choose natural fabrics and pastel shades, but use special impregnations to preserve their beauty in the kitchen.

Curtains for the kitchen in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style combines conciseness, practicality and the rejection of artificial materials in the interior. Choose natural fabrics with an expressive embossed texture – linen, cotton or even burlap instead of delicate silk. Use accessories and jewelry made of wood or metal of a simple shape.

The color scheme is as natural as possible: black, white, gray, beige, brown. For accents in patterns, pickups or jewelry, yellow, green, blue or red is used. Pay attention to abstract geometry and the principle of contrasts – two popular techniques of the Scandinavian style.

Curtains for the kitchen in the loft style

A rough industrial loft still does not do without textile accessories. Especially in its modern variations, more relaxed and adapted to ordinary apartments. Elegant organza air curtains or lace sheer would be inappropriate here, but you still have several options.

The simplest and most pragmatic solution is Roman curtains or any other roller blinds. Classical multilayer compositions look interesting, because a loft allows you to combine modernity with retro. Or turn the curtains into a bold accessory – use bright and flashy colors and stretch such curtains to the full length and height of the wall, if the layout allows.

Curtains for the kitchen in the high-tech style

The style of the hi-tech curtains can combine chrome, practical and original details. In some cases this style can give up the curtains.

The choice of curtains for a small kitchen

In a small kitchen there is hardly enough space for a full dining area. One way or another, the curtains will be located close to the working surface, therefore, we recommend choosing shortened models from durable and resistant to dirt fabrics.

If you need effective protection from the sun, choose dense rolled models from curtain fabrics. If this is not necessary, pay attention to thin and light airy fabrics that protect against street dust and dirt. Such curtains can be from organza, sheer, veil, mesh and similar materials that do not overload the interior.

Kitchen curtains – photos and ideas

If you still can’t finally decide which curtains to take to the kitchen – take your time! We have put together a photo gallery for new ideas and inspiration. Enjoy!