Curved bedroom wall design ideas

The variety of architectural solutions offered for residential buildings is not finite. Every year, designers offer more and more options for the layout of premises in apartments and cottages, which, combined with numerous traditional techniques, gives such buildings an unconditional individuality. And one of these solutions is rooms with a round wall.

It can hardly be argued that such curvature of the walls looks unusual and inspires the most incredible design projects. And if the design possibilities in the living room are vast, then you will have to think carefully in this case of the curved bedroom. We invite you to learn a little more about the features and nuances of designing a bedroom with a round wall – from layout to furniture and decoration.

Round wall bedroom design: Basic principles

Bay windows and semicircular walls in the bedroom are a non-standard solution, but it is now more and more common nowadays. Of course, it is impossible not to note the originality of such a layout. Still, you will have to be prepared because not all ideas can be realized in a bedroom of such a configuration, and your design project will have to be adapted to it. As a rule, experts recommend adhering to the following principles:

  • Take into account the characteristics of the curved wall. In the bedroom, it can be in the form of a bay window with one or more windows. Based on this, a decision is made on the arrangement of furniture, decoration, and lighting scenario selection.
  • Avoid overly voluminous textures and overly complex solutions. Layouts with curved walls are so distinctive in terms of lines and shapes that it is categorically not recommended to overload them with something else. Therefore it is worth turning to simplicity and the maximum possible restraint.
  • Whenever possible, consider customizing furniture and accessories. As a rule, such a bedroom configuration is not always compatible with the furnishings from most furniture stores, which most often offer standard dimensions. If you have the opportunity to order something according to individual parameters exactly for your bedroom – do not deny yourself such pleasure. Later, you yourself will enjoy your own pedantry.

Simultaneously, do not think that arranging a bedroom with a semicircular wall is something super complicated and difficult to do. Modern materials and capabilities allow you to realize any idea, and the most important thing is not to rush and carefully think over every detail.

Finishing a curved bedroom

As we said earlier, a room with a round wall requires a thoughtful and careful selection of textures – and first of all, this concerns decoration. When decorating a bedroom, be guided by the following solutions:

  • Walls. The best solution for vertical surfaces will be smooth and low-relief textures, which will provide materials that are relevant today – high-quality paint, decorative and Venetian plaster, flexible wood-like panels.
  • Ceiling. You can give free rein to the imagination regarding ceiling structures in a room with a curved wall. The design, implying round niches and reliefs, allows you to visually “loop” the room, create a feeling of safety, comfort, and isolation from the outside world.
  • Floor. The choice of flooring in such bedrooms depends on the style of the interior chosen by you and the shades, textures, and materials preferred for it.

Continuing the theme of choosing a style for a bedroom with a curved wall, we can say that neoclassic, modern, art deco, glamor, and the Mediterranean are the best options for such bedrooms. Directions that emphasize strict geometry – minimalism, Japanese, and classics – will look somewhat alien in such bedrooms. But hi-tech can be easily integrated due to the non-trivial design of walls and ceilings and multilevel lighting.

Furniture, lighting, and decor

According to the maximum compatibility principle, the furnishings for such a bedroom are chosen carefully: eclectic accents in rooms with curved walls are highly undesirable. That is why designers suggest paying attention to the following solutions:

  • Round beds – without a back or with a back of the same shape. A ceiling canopy or a stylish round screen can convey a special chic and harmony to the bed’s design. Another effective technique is a round podium for the bed, which creates the perfect interior rhythm.
  • Consoles, dressing and bedside tables, and banquettes. For a bedroom with a curved wall, the same shapes and smooth lines are preferable, but you can quickly dilute them with something clear and rectangular – but in moderation.
  • The moderate use of decor. As a rule, a bed is usually placed against a semicircular wall, and the bay window is designed as a recreation area. The necessary harmony and aesthetics in both cases will provide you with niches for paintings and knickknacks in the walls, high floor vases and lamps, as well as collages from photos and paintings. Try not to overdo it with the decor: two or three elements will be enough.
  • Multilevel lighting. Decorative lighting of the ceiling, niches, the lighting of the entrance, recreation area, and sleeping place create a unique atmosphere and emphasize the room’s attractive layout.

A curved wall in the bedroom promises a lot of perspectives in terms of the original design. Don’t be afraid to be creative: this stylish and cozy corner will become your place of power and a source of pride.

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