7 Custom-made houses that are to die for

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There are several reasons why building a custom-made house is better than buying an already built structure. For one, you will be able to dictate the style that you want and decide on the materials that will be used in building it. Aside from a personal expression, you are also ensured that your home will be able to cater to your needs and the needs of the other members of your household.

There is also a lesser risk for any design errors should you opt for a custom-made house. This will ensure that in the long run, you will have a profitable investment because of a timeless design that can add an extra value to your property. If you are already set with the idea of building your custom-made home, below are some design inspirations which are to die for.

1. Modern

One of the most popular custom-made houses invokes a modern design that is typecast by geometric bounds and flat roofs. It is also characterized by solid white walls and high floor to ceiling windows. Modern homes have an open floor plan, generating wide and spacious rooms. A seasoned custom home builder will be able to accommodate this architectural design regardless of the land that you intend to build it on. For this, you need to schedule a consultation with them to lay out fine details before they come up with a blueprint. Rest assured that you are kept in the loop even when their build begins because they will likely accommodate your input in terms of the contemporary style of your home.

2. Victorian

Another custom-made house design to die for is one that boasts of a Victorian architectural style. This style is defined by ornate trims and eyebrow windows, as well as decorative railings. More often than not, Victorian style houses that took inspiration from the 19th century era have two stories and more complex floor plans. The reason behind this is that the interiors of the house are adorned with lots of bay windows and cozy seating.

3. Cape Cod

There is also the option for you to delve into a cape cod architectural style for your custom-made house. A cape cod design is smaller compared to modern homes or Victorian style homes and this also features a simpler exterior design. Additionally, it is characterized by a pitched and gabled roof with a large chimney. You are most likely to find a mezzanine inside a cape cod architecturally designed home.

4. Mediterranean

There is just something about shallow and red-tiled roofs which are pleasing to the eyes. You can find this in Mediterranean inspired houses that draw inspiration from Italian and Spanish origins. Aside from the roof, this house style is also defined by stucco walls, as well as a light and warm overall color tone. If you intend to build a custom-made house with a Mediterranean style, you need to invest in natural materials such as ceramics, wood, wrought iron, and cotton, which will be extensively used for this style.

5. Craftsman

A craftsman architectural style is determined by low-pitched gabled roofs that extend far past the exterior walls. It is also defined by horizontal lines and it showcases hand crafted local materials with decorative elements, hence the name of this style. The intricate details of the house makes this design one of the most popular architectural designs to date. Wooden features are also plentiful in the interiors of a craftsman designed home. Oftentimes, this style is also associated with bungalows.

6. English Cottage

An English cottage can have one or two stories with asymmetrical features. You will also see cross-gabled and steeply pitched roofs with this design. Additionally, this architectural design is characterized by irregularly shaped rooms that adds to its countryside aesthetic appeal. It also has over scaled chimneys and tall, narrow windows in bands, as well as half-round or arched doors with decorative hardware.

7. Tudor

You might confuse a tudor architectural style with an English cottage design because both have steeply pitched roofs as well as asymmetrical features. Tudor also has multiple gables with doorways that are arched and house exteriors are composed of materials such as brick and stone or stucco and wood. Overhangs, dormers, as well as oversized fireplaces are common in this design too. The conception of this design dates back into the 19th century.

Aside from the seven common architectural styles mentioned above, you can also explore on the french chateau, the pueblo revival, or a Spanish style home. Rest assured that you can refer to various inspirations online such as on social media platforms, as well as dedicated websites. You can even install apps to help you come up with the best custom-made house that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. All these are geared towards coming up with the perfect custom-made house for your abode.

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