Top 17 Decorating Ideas with Books, According to Experts

Top 17 Decorating Ideas with Books, According to Experts

Books have always been a “yes” for interior designers and decorators when putting together an interior. We are sure you’re here because you are looking for ways to arrange your favorite reads or display your book collection. But did you know that books are more than this? They reveal your interests over the years, make the decor speak, and personalize your interior design. In this respect, we narrowed down a list of designers’ beloved decorating ideas with books. Enjoy and get inspired!

1. Vintage Charm

If you have a beautiful collection of renowned novels with vintage covers, don’t hesitate to make the most of this style. Display them beautifully on open shelves in the company of weathered accessories, candle holders, pottery accents, and handwoven baskets. Spread the books unevenly in the available space – some horizontally, others vertically. 

2. Accessorize the Coffee Table

One of the modern decorating ideas with books is showing them to the world by stylishly displaying contemporary books on your coffee table in the lounge zone. First, it looks aesthetically pleasing. Second, it can become a great conversation starter if you often host guests. 

3. Make the Perfect Intro

Set the right tone in the entryway with an aesthetically arranged hallway side table or bench. Inspirational book covers, candles, pottery items, and a vase with live flowers are all you need to make a tasteful introduction to your interior design. 

4. Nightstand Decorating Ideas with Books

Store your current reads or the books you like to re-read on the bedside table. Arrange them stylishly with a trendy glass vase, candles, and customized decor pieces. Simply place the books horizontally or vertically on the upper surface or store them in the lower section with an open view. 

5. Decorate the Cooking Space

It’s impressive how many options we have for decorating with books. Experts recommend paying as much attention to the kitchen, where cooking books are welcome on open shelves or the countertop. Additionally, consider handwoven baskets with decorative compositions, including books, whose place you can easily change if you need more space for cooking. 

6. Enliven Your Hallway

Let your hallway tell a story. Opt for built-in bookshelves and expose your entire collection of books and future reads. Let their color and story breathe energy into a seemingly utilitarian space. Besides, if you lack space for a personal library, the blank hallway walls are perfect for hosting your collection of romance, detective, science fiction, or historical novels.

7. From a New Perspective

Bring a change to your bookshelves by turning your books to the other side. We won’t lie – it doesn’t seem practical for large collections. You’ll spend hours finding the wanted book. Yet, it perfectly works for small displays of books in a minimalist lounge zone.

8. How to Style a Bookcase

For a perfect-looking open bookshelf in your living room, bedroom, or home office, decide in advance on a color palette and theme. Consequently, choose the accompanying accessories. The trendiest are pottery accents, candles, candle holders, paintings, photos, glasses, and pots with indoor greenery. 

The secret is not to strive for perfection. Separate books by size, color, author, or genre with one piece of decor for each group and place them on shelves. Don’t forget to leave some space between each. 

In addition, consider handwoven baskets on the lower shelf filled with books as a continuation of your collection. 

9. An Invitation to Dinner with Books

Combine your personal library with the dining room. Let your book collection become decor. This way, you’ll display your favorite reads in the most visible place and ensure a great conversation starter for the dining area. 

10. Match the Color Palette

If you decide to redecorate your interior design with occasional trending books to match the aesthetics of your home, pay utmost attention to color. Whether it is a side table, coffee table, or bedside table, make sure your books’ color harmoniously fits the overall color code.

11. Reading Nook

This great decorating idea with books for small rooms consists of styling a corner bookcase. Add a comfortable seat, manage the decorative part – and your reading nook is ready without taking up much space. 

12. Inspirational Book Decor

Always decorate your work desk with your favorite reads and let them inspire and motivate you. Whether you work from home or love completing personal tasks at a desk, remember that decor is essential to your inspiration for productivity. A beautiful combination of your favorite novels that influenced your personality is a great start. 

13. Door Frame

Opt for an accent interior door frame by decorating the surrounding space with open bookshelves. Display your entire collection of books and share it with your interior design. Let them add meaning to decor and color your living room, dining room, or bedroom with stories. 

14. Bookshelf Nook

Save space and opt for an original book display by considering a built-in book nook in any room. The key feature is color. Choose a bold and catchy shade for the built-in bookcase. Draw more attention to your collection and add energy to the space through color.

If you need inspiration, check out the latest paint color trends

15. Antique Piece

Bring more authenticity to your selection of reads with an antique bookshelf. Regardless of the design style, such a weathered piece will delight the eye with its worn-out effect, which, together with the books, has a story to tell.

16. Aesthetical Baskets

For practical storage and stylistic value for your property, consider one of the trendiest decorating ideas with books in handmade baskets. Artisanal pieces are of interest to interior designers and amateurs alike. Expose your current reads in stylish baskets carefully placed near a sofa, accent chair, or desk. 

17. Favorite Book Cover

Show off your favorite books’ covers with a beautiful display of reads in rooms where you usually host guests or spaces only you can access. Let your endeared stories complete the decor by giving it personal meaning. 

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