Interior decoration with decorative letters

The house is not just a man’s stronghold, where he can spend time with his family and relax after a hard day. Like clothing, it is able to express the very essence of personality through certain decorative elements, interior solutions and finds.

A popular trend, widespread thanks to interior designers, in the form of decorative letters for the interior, as well as other typographic elements, will suit every home. Thanks to a wide choice of options, you can create a unique decoration of letters that highlights the good taste and personality traits of the owner.

How to choose letters, sentences, digital prints for the interior?

Decorative letters allow you to add notes of freshness and creativity to the interior of a room. When choosing such accessories, it is important to choose the appropriate font, color and size. Decorative letters can be found ready-made, or you can create them yourself. The good solutions would be fabric, metal, wood. They can be large, small, flat, bulky, be made in the form of digital letters.

It is important to choose interior words that bring a touch of personality to the atmosphere of the room.

Such compositions will go harmoniously in the headboard of the bedroom and look great on the wall, on the floor, in the corner of the room.

How to organize the inscription?

Among the options for the placement of large letters in the interior are:

  • asymmetric method. With this type of arrangement, an unusual composition is obtained in which letters of different shapes, colors and sizes are used. These decorative letters for the interior are usually arranged in random order, according to the tastes of the owner of the room. Experts advise not to get carried away with an abundance of coloring solutions. It is best not to use more than four colors in the composition. Otherwise, the painting as a whole risks losing some integrity;
  • alphabetical placement. Such solutions are particularly relevant for the children’s room as a training tool. By making the space more fun, colorful, they will develop, teach the baby, present letters to him from an early age;
  • capitalization, simple sentences and long expressions. Such decor will personalize the house, distinguishes it from other houses. In the child’s room, you can also use whole words. Above the bed, on the door or above the table, you can write the name of the owner of the room. The preferred sentences, declarations, letters of the names of each resident will give an emotional coloring, will contribute to the unity of all the members of the family.

Please note, do not use more than four colors in the decorative letters of a room.

What to use to make a similar decor?

Decorative letters for the interior are made of various materials, which allows them to satisfy all tastes. They can even be created independently, with all the material at hand. To create letters for the interior, you can use leather, plastic, wood, suede, foam rubber, metal and also combine these materials together. The easiest option to do is a flat letter or an inscription on the wall. The volumetric elements are executed a little more complicated, require a lot of time. The thick wire wall inscriptions look original. A similar accessory can be completed with colored threads, beads, ribbons.

In addition, the lettering decor can be made of fabric. To sew a soft pillow in the form of a letter, you only need basic sewing knowledge, as well as the ability to create a pattern and sew a fairly simple shape of the product. Graffiti is another type of lettering. The element is made using a marker, a paint, as well as a stencil. They can be performed in different languages, combining them with each other and creating creative combinations. An interesting addition will be made up of words and sentences composed of buttons, various laces, braids, shell options, beautiful stones.

Where to post a letter decor?

The letters as a wall art can first of all be used to connect the owner of a particular space. Among these elements, you can use capital letters of the family name, proper name, letters of the child’s name. The use of wooden letters inside, forming words and various winged expressions, has also become common. These additions will be relevant not only on the walls, the ceiling. They are placed in a room of all functionality. They are good for the following places:

  • a coffee table;
  • shelves;
  • on the fireplace;
  • surface of the dresser;
  • window sill;
  • stairs.

Thus, the interior letters will be an ornament of the living room, the bedroom, the children’s room, the office, the kitchen and the corridor.

Decorative letters in the living room and office

Under this type of art in the living room, you can highlight the entire wall. They can be combined with framed photographs, creating fashionable design solutions for all styles. From there, the spacious apartments will look brighter and more original. Letters made of soft materials can be placed on the floor on a sofa. When watching movies or meetings with family friends, these items will serve as pads for extra comfort.

In a room as simple as an office, you can use wooden words. They will look expensive, original, highlighting the unusual taste of the owner. Motivational phrases in the workplace will encourage people to want to work and to fight fatigue.

Decorative letters in the kitchen and bedroom

To create a similar decor on the tile wall, you will need photo printing products. Kitchen accessories made in the form of letters for decoration are very unusual. In this form, various containers for cereals, salt shakers, pepper shakers can be presented. On the fridge you can place magnet letters, and to create a harmonious interior, complete the table with printed cups. You can also decorate kitchen textiles with inscriptions. They will look appropriate on aprons, curtains, tablecloths. With the help of these decorative additions, you can update the appearance of chairs, potholders, paper towels.

In the bedroom, the letter element creates the comfort of the home, charge with positive. Here you can find not only words on the wall inside, but also on the ceiling. Different neon phrases placed in the ceiling area will create an unusual backlight that will serve a decorative function. At the head of the bed, beautiful names, affectionate words, pleasant expressions.

Decorative letters in the children’s room

Being one of the most popular rooms for decoration using interior decorative letters, the children’s room allows you to realize your imagination and creative ideas. Above the cradle of a small child, you can display their name and decorate the work corner of the first grader with the alphabet. The letters will help divide the room space into zones. This is suitable for apartments where two children live in the same room. Older children will be interested in participating in the decoration of their room with adults. A child can choose the colors himself, add an ornament, polka dots, flowers to the elements of the letter.

Accessories with letters and letter-shaped furniture elements

In addition to the usual placement of letters on shelves or on a wall, today you can choose more original options for placing this type of decor. They can be found in the form of furniture made in the form of letters. Among these products are various shelves, cupboards. They will give originality to any apartment or house, suitable for premises in the Provencal, avant-garde, futuristic, classic and other style.

Among the accessories, soft cushions with prints, decorative plates and other dishes with the image of letters, photo frames, book safes, notepads and lamps are particularly popular. Wallpaper with lettering and an original print in the form of inscriptions, romantic phrases, winged expressions in different languages will help refresh the look of any room of any style.

Interior decorating ideas with decorative letters

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