Interior decoration with decorative sofa cushions

Everyone probably dreams of a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the house. To create a similar atmosphere in the apartment, you can use decorative sofa cushions.

They are able to add a little color to the most boring atmosphere, a bit of chaos and color to an orderly and austere interior, and a bit of rural design to a terse urban apartment. A variety of shapes, textures and sizes allow you to use decorative sofa cushions in any interior.

To create an original atmosphere in your own home, you can create decorative sofa cushions with your own hands. This article will discuss the use of these decorative elements, their diversity and their functions, as well as how to sew a decorative sofa cushion yourself.

Variety of shapes, textures and sizes

The fact that there are large and small decorative pillows should not even be mentioned. But it should be noted here that large decorative elements can sometimes be used as furniture. For example, in children’s rooms or in oriental rooms, large decorative cushions can be used as seats.

Decorative upholstered pouf

In form, there are certain types of decorative cushions:

  • standard square version,
  • pillow-cushion (often used as the armrest of a chair or sofa),
  • round cushion,
  • cushion for the children’s room (more like toys, often in the form of animals).

The surface or cover of a decorative cushion can be made of various materials: velvet, cotton, linen, silk, velvet, fur, leather, etc. Sometimes the blankets are knitted on needles or sewn from rags, combining different textures. The best option for decorating a sofa cushion is to create several coverings that can change to bring something new to the interior of the room.

Functions of decorative cushions

Decorative sofa cushions in the interior can fulfill various functions: from creating a particular atmosphere and style in a room to an effective and necessary combination with certain details.

Decorative sofa cushion with knitted cover

It should immediately be said that it is not only the sofas and armchairs that adorn such decorative elements. They can also be used in the bedroom to decorate the beds, in the dining room for decorating chairs, in children’s bedrooms and in the soft floor area of the living room.

One of the tasks that the cushions solve is creating brightness and color inside. In rooms in pastel colors, where there are no bright details, they can become the brightest point, which will allow you to diversify the interior and make it less boring and bright. Although most of the time, this task also falls to other textile elements, so you should ask yourself what other decorative textile accessories are in the room.

In addition, the decorative sofa cushions inside create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Indeed, it is more comfortable to sit on soft cushions than on rigid chairs. You can also sit on the cushion on a sofa to be placed higher and reach easily, for example a party table, and relaxing in the afternoon surrounded by soft and comfortable cushions is much more practical than sitting on the couch.

Another task that decorative cushions can handle is the introduction of accent colors into the space. This is necessary to bring more variety to the austere and discreet interior, in order to shade the basic colors of the room. So, for example, you can dilute the black and white piece with red decorative cushions. If the interior is done in yellow-gray tones, you can use bluish tones as an accent. When the interior combines two or three basic colors, you must select an accent color to harmonize with each one.

Also don’t forget the color formation. The spaces seem interesting when purple is used indoors and the cushions are chosen in red and blue. The blue and yellow pillows will go perfectly in the room in green tones.

In addition, often with the help of cushions, a nursery rhyme is created for other textile details, as well as apparently completely different color elements of the furniture and decoration which are connected to each other. So these are decorative cushions that rhyme perfectly with carpets, curtains, vases and decorative accessories, paintings on the sofa, lamp shades and furnishing fabrics. If you choose these elements in the same style or use the same fabric when you make decorative sofa cushions with your own hands, you can successfully complete the design of the room.

In addition, the cushions can connect some of the details of the interior. In rooms where the sofa contrasts with the wall, you can use pillows in the same color as the wall. For example, if the wall is purple and the sofa yellow, the use of purple pillows will add fullness to the interior. In the next interior, the decorative cushions of the sofa are successfully combined in color with the fabric of the Roman curtain.

If you need to connect several details of this type, you can use pillows of different colors, skillfully combining them with each other. The same technique is used when you want to make the interior more alive. At the same time, the color of the cushions can not be combined with anything, but just choose these textile accessories with the same pattern or the same texture.

Application in different styles

Another function that these decorative elements can easily fulfill is to emphasize a certain style in the space. Different types of decorative pillows are easily applicable in different interior styles.

Variety of cushions

The most popular for using different decorative cushions is the oriental style and its derivatives – Arabic and Moroccan styles. They often use round cushions or ordinary pansies with tassels and special ornaments. You can use plain pillows, but they should be bright and saturated colors and you should use as many colors as possible right away. For example, when you create a Moroccan style, you can use sand or chocolate colors to decorate the room and choose bright cushions – orange, blue, yellow, purple, pink, etc.

When the piece is made in the classic style or in the Empire style, we prefer the thoughts of velvet and fringed tapestry, which underlines the luxury of these styles. They can also be combined with lamp shades, curtains and lambrequins, which in such styles often have fringes.

In minimalist interiors, you can use leather pillows or their imitation. Their coldness and conciseness perfectly complement such an interior. In addition, leather, fur and imitations of animal skins in the design of the cushions can be used in the interior in the safari style or African style.

For a glamorous style, fur cushions. They will be able to emphasize the love of luxury and a certain “posture” of such interiors.

Hand made

Separately, it is worth considering the question of how to create decorative sofa cushions with your own hands. It’s quite simple, even for those who are not particularly friends with threads, needle or the sewing machine. It is worth saying that more often people sew or buy several pillows, then simply change the pillowcases, depending on the mood, season or after renovation.

To make a regular square or rectangular cushion, it is necessary to cut two parts of the same size, sew them leaving a small hole, then fill the small cushion through this hole. You can then make various cushion covers from pieces of fabric of the same size, sewing them around the perimeter and inserting a zipper in one of the seams.

Cushion covers can be sewn from flaps, decorated with applications, embroidery, flowers, stripes, buttons, beads, etc. Unusually shaped pillows are also popular – hexagons, circles, etc. – which are made in the same way.

Separately, it is worth mentioning how to sew a decorative pillow for a sofa. This cushion shape provides a different working technology. To do this, you first need to create a foam rubber roller, which can be filled inside with unnecessary woolen trimmings. Then you need to measure the circumference of the roll and its length. After that, the details are cut and they should be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the roll for the cover to fit properly. But don’t forget the seam allowances. Next, three fabric details are cut – two circles and a rectangular part sewn in the form of a long “sleeve”. Then a part of the base of the roller is sewn to this “sleeve”, after which the foam is removed inside the roller. Then another base is sewn with a blind roller seam.

Similar to this option, you can sew a decorative cushion for children in the form of a pencil, changing one of the bases. Another option for children is a candy cushion, also used in oriental interiors.

Other children’s toys can be created on the basis of ordinary cushions. To create such toys, you will need a shiny fabric and blank cutouts in the form of a tail, paws, snout, ears, etc. Although creating such a masterpiece takes a long time compared to other types of decorative pillows, there will be no limit to the joy of your baby. In addition, the cushions with letters are perfect for children, from which it will be possible to make words.

It is important to show imagination and creativity when creating the decoration of your apartment. Independent creations will be appreciated much more than the others bought, so take the time to create your own collection of decorative cushions, which will undoubtedly become a decoration of your home.

Photos of interior decorating ideas with decorative sofa cushions

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