Desks in the interior: tips for choosing

A desk is one of the main components of the interior. This is one of those attributes in the house that take on the performance of basic functions. A person can spend most of his time behind him. By its purpose, it can be both a school and a workplace.

In shape, there are standard (with a rectangular worktop) products, as well as corner structures that are more compact. Additional drawers, shelves, add-ons included in the kit increase the practicality of this attribute. It is very important to choose a table that will be convenient for you in all respects and will successfully fit into the stylistic design of your home.

Design tips for choosing a desk

General recommendations:

  • When choosing, you have to be primarily oriented to the requirements and age of the one who will use this desk, for example, if more extensive work is expected, then wide and roomy worktops should be preferred.
  • For small rooms that require additional storage space, models equipped with numerous drawers, shelves and more are suitable.
  • You should also take into account the interior features and size of the room, for example, it is not advisable to place too bulky desks in a small room.

Types of desks

There are several varieties.


These models practically have no shortcomings and always become a worthy solution, for example, for a small-sized room in a one-room apartment.

Built in furniture

A desk built into a spacious closet eliminates the need for extra furniture and saves space. The design combined with the bed is particularly convenient and provides two functional places for work and for sleeping.

Window sill desk

Makes the area near the window a real full-fledged workplace with natural light.


Due to such a modern design solution, it turns out to optimize the internal space and get rid of the problem of lack of space in the room.


It can differ in a wide variety of options and can be equipped with different parts that, when assembled, give the transformer table a compact look, and when disassembled, increase it several times.

Varieties of materials

Models for writing are made from a wide variety of types of material:

  • Glass. It has a light and airy design and visually does not burden the space. For worktops, people most often choose a design in the form of tempered glass with a special film.
  • Wooden. Designs from this material are the most beautiful and durable. They respond well to the restoration. Most often, such massif as walnut, oak, cherry, beech are used for the manufacture of furniture. Also, more simplified materials are used for manufacturing, for example, laminated plywood, particleboard, MDF or veneer.
  • Particleboard due to lamination can simulate the color and texture of natural materials, is inexpensive, weighs a little. Cons are considered: high susceptibility to moisture, loose structure, the risk of toxic substances. All this negatively affects the service life.
  • MDF is distinguished by its strength, resistance to high humidity, more options in terms of shape. This type of wood board does not contain any harmful components to health. Exterior veneer finish allows you to get a product that is similar in its properties to wood.
  • Metal. These durable and reliable iron products will last quite a long time, while maintaining a presentable appearance and giving the atmosphere a metallic sheen.
  • Plastic. The model made of matte or glossy plastic is very light, practical and has a variety of colors.
  • Combined. Using a combination of different materials, you can get desks with a beautiful decorative look.

Desk design options

Fortunately for buyers there are a large number of varieties, which allows you to choose a desk that meets all the requirements.

One of the classification parameters is the design features of the model. So, consider the most popular design options. 

With drawers

It will be an excellent solution for decorating a room for a student or a home office. Thanks to the drawers, it turns out to be stored at hand the most necessary things and objects for work.

With shelves

Wall shelves are a fairly lightweight, not burdensome environment, design, which can have absolutely any location and quantity.

Double model

The elongated double model with the same type of work areas, supplemented by elements in the form of drawers or shelves, makes it possible to combine a desk and a zone with a computer and is very convenient, for example, for twins.


Due to the aging effect, products acquire an antique look that carries the spirit of the historical era and attracts with its reliability and warmth.

With bedside table

The cabinet is considered a very convenient furniture addition, which is perfect for storing papers, books or stationery. Also, bedside tables can be equipped with key lockable compartments or even be a mini-safe.

With baize

The baize coating is pleasant to the touch, different colors, such as blue, burgundy, dark green or swamp, and goes well with a tabletop made of expensive wood.

With leather worktop

For decoration, both natural leather and its artificial analogues are used. A worktop with a leather insert becomes an outstanding interior accent and gives the atmosphere a special sophistication.


It can have a wide variety of forms and combinations, striking in its unusualness and originality.

From wood slab

It is a solid work surface, gives the room a natural woody smell and is especially relevant and ideal for connoisseurs of ecodesign.


Neon or pink, violet, lilac, blue or other LED decorative lighting, in the design of worktops or shelves, will give the design visual lightness and put the focus on itself.

With patina

Small scuffs add some warmth and charm to the product.

What colors are there?

The most common color scheme for desk models.


It gives the interior novelty, light and lightness, harmoniously combines other shades in the room and further emphasizes bright decorative details.


Traditional and modern brown shades, regardless of the material, always have a very elegant appearance.


Due to its conciseness, noble texture and exquisite beauty, dark wenge undoubtedly draws its main attention.


It is an excellent base for any interior design and at the same time adds design rigor and tenderness.


It is quite expressive, stylish, rich and slightly brutal in color, forming an official style.


Discreet and elegant gray or white-gray, has an amazing ability to soften the interior space.

Light green

It will add bright and positive notes to the room and give only positive emotions.


Deep and noble shades of red, furniture forms are favorably emphasized and will create the necessary emphasis in the room.

Desk shapes and sizes

The most common types of shapes and sizes of desks.


It is considered a very convenient option, since it is easy to place additional add-ons over a long worktop.


These narrow products have a very elegant design and allow for maximum ergonomics.


The massive worktop provides a lot of free space for work and is a very solid piece of furniture that fits perfectly into large rooms.


The writing mini-table, despite its compactness, has maximum functionality and convenience, which is especially appropriate in a room with limited space.


It can have both left and right versions and can be placed in any free corner of the room, thereby creating significant space savings.

With rounded worktop

In a small space, a rounded worktop will significantly reduce the risk of injury.


The rounded shape, due to smooth bends and noble lines, gives the product a special elegance.


Comfortable and ergonomic round worktop, does not have sharp corners, is considered less traumatic and harmoniously fits into the surrounding design, without weighing down the situation.


The familiar and standard form does not deprive the interior of harmony and allows you to competently organize the space.


This form is distinguished by unusual smooth lines and almost natural bends, combining with any situation.


A workplace does not always imply rigor and conciseness. With the help of a figured shape, it turns out to bring diversity and originality to the interior.

Desk location ideas in the room

The most winning and correct placement options.

Near the window

This location, not only provides a sufficient amount of natural light, but is also a good solution for the most efficient use of usable area.

In the corner

The l-shaped design, located in the corner, can significantly increase the workplace, while not cluttering up the space.

Along the wall

This option is considered more appropriate and advantageous for a room having a rectangular or elongated shape.

In the bay window

A large, small model or worktops that perfectly combine with the bend of the bay window will perfectly fit into this ledge.

Photo of the desk in the interior of the rooms

Examples of using the desk in various rooms.


Here, both simple and concise products are chosen, as well as desks equipped with a pedestal for a printer, a shelf for a monitor, an attached bookcase, visible or hidden drawers. Also here will look great secretary desks or executive desks.

Living room

In the living room, designs are selected taking into account the individual size of the room. Models should not be too bulky and have a functional concise design. Desks are also equipped with drawers, shelves or prefer the simplest options without additions.


For the bedroom, more traditional and elegant designs are chosen, for example, a hanging option, a console table, a computer desk, a secretary desk and others. If the room has a niche of sufficient size, it will be a great place to create a working area. If the room needs additional storage space, use a desk and combine it with a bookcase, chest of drawers or cabinet.

Balcony or loggia

The balcony mini-office provides a secluded space with natural light. The choice of a desk directly depends on the size of the loggia, for example, for a small balcony, hinged, folding or more compact desks are suitable, and for a large balcony, solid and dimensional models.


Quite often in the interior of the kitchen there are convenient hanging models that can be freely placed in various places, window sills desks or roll-out options.

Children’s room

Desks can have a variety of designs depending on the gender and age of the child. Most often are used products with drawers, cabinets or superstructures, transforming models on extendable legs with a worktop that can change the angle and height, for three children or more, use long double designs. Particular attention should also be paid to the choice of chair, it is desirable that its back is anatomically shaped, which will contribute to the formation of proper posture.

How do desks look in different styles?

The desk in the house should, of course, be made in the same style as the entire interior. Therefore, the types of desks, as well as interior designs, are many. And each desk has its own zest, due to which it is attributed to one or another style.

Photos of desk models, in a variety of style solutions.

Modern style desks

For desks in modern style there are practically no restrictions; the main thing is ease of execution and practicality. They are made from any raw material, can be combined from several materials, in different colors, combined with leather, plastic or glass. In general, it is not known where technological progress will lead.

Classical style desks

It is elegance and simplicity, no extra details. This style is timeless, it is always relevant. It is characterized by universal forms and standard colors, as well as practicality in use.

Tables in this style are made of natural wood and have virtually no unnecessary details. The only decoration can be thin jewelry carving on the legs. The table top is often trimmed with baize or intarsia. Designs made in this manner can have a massive appearance or, conversely, have thin elegant lines.

Such a table will add gloss to your interior, create an atmosphere of grandeur and aristocracy.

Hi-tech style desks

Modern high tech style. Its concise and elegant manner of performance, as well as practicality in use are very popular.

Desks in hi-tech style can be made of various materials: glass, plastic, metal. There are no decor elements, but a distinctive feature of this manner of execution can be chrome surfaces, metal balls, pipes or various high-tech features.

Loft style desks

This is a modern fashionable style, although the furniture in its execution is shrouded in the spirit of antiquity. This is one of the varieties of minimalism. Its principle is simplicity and conciseness. No decor. All items have their place and purpose. Harsh and industrial on the one hand, on the other – simple and reliable.

Desks in this style are made of combined materials. For example, the worktop can be wooden, and legs – metal. A combination of glass and wood is also acceptable. The basic principle is minimalism in detail: no patterns, curls. The color scheme is black, gray, brown.

Scandinavian style desks

Restrained in its execution, this style brings peace and harmony to the arrangement of your home. Desks in scandinavian style are characterized by simplicity, naturalness of materials. Contrast colors: in white and black. Designs of this type have no decorations and are created in the spirit of high functionality.

Art Deco style desks

This style comes from France. It has a rather interesting manner of execution, as it combines several different types of interior. Here, strict classics, and the mysterious East, and sustained minimalism. It differs in that everything in it is exclusive, which is why its price is quite high.

The desks here are symmetrical, with straight lines. They can be made of plastic, metal, glass, wood. But the original finish in the form of leather, ivory, bronze will give chic even to such an ordinary part of the interior as a desk.

There are no restrictions for the color scheme: it can be calm tones and a riot of colors, which gives the furniture an elaborate and unusual look.

Provence style desks

This is a French style, made in an old rustic style. Light pastel colors predominate in its color scheme. Natural fabrics, flowers, wicker accessories – his business card. This kind of design creates a warm and romantic atmosphere, gives a feeling of stability, calm and measured life.

Provencal desk is made of wood, mainly in white or beige colors. Elements of abrasion may be present. The legs are decorated with carvings. A special kind of worktop is raw unpainted. In general, simple but tasteful.

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