Different ways to hang curtains: tips, ideas, and pictures

Different ways to hang curtains: tips, ideas, and pictures

Choosing curtains so that their color, pattern, and texture perfectly match the room’s interior is 50 percent of success. The second 50 is a harmonious window decoration with curtains of your choice. Even before the panels are bought, you need to think about how exactly to hang the draperies in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or nursery.

If funds allow you, you can easily order curtains in a specialized salon along with a design project and pay for their installation. However, not all of us can show off in this way, so many prefer to cope independently. So, if the question of how to hang the curtains beautifully has become super relevant for you, let’s talk about it in more detail.

Before hanging curtains: valuable tips

There are different options for hanging curtains, as well as ways of placing the panels relative to each other. However, before choosing the one that you like best, it is essential to consider the following points:

  • Be sure to match the width of the panels with the length of the curtain rod. Do not forget that most of the time, the curtains will be pulled apart and for this to look beautiful, you need a curtain rod that will be at least 10% longer than the total width of the draperies.
  • Take care of natural light. Opened curtains should aesthetically frame the window and at the same time allow maximum daylight into the room. In this aspect, the width of the shifted panel is also important (experts call it a stack), which depends not only on the size of its cut but also on the density and texture of the fabric.
  • Don’t overlook decorative elements. Match brass rings to the brass curtain rod, chrome to the chrome. Take the time to find stylish tips. Think carefully about the design of window valances and tiebacks. There are no unimportant details in the decoration of the windows.

If you consider all these nuances, then the issue of hanging curtains can be solved faster and easier, whichever option you choose. Now is the time to talk about these same options in more detail.

Mounting methods for curtains

The fasteners on which you hang the draperies, as well as the way the pleats are formed at the curtain rod, significantly affect the interior as a whole. The fact is that the folds and fastenings of the curtains, as well as the design of the base for them, are not only a critical balancing element in the design of the window but also set a relatively straightforward interior rhythm. That is why you have to take this issue seriously, and if you do not know where to start, we have prepared appropriate and harmonious options for you.

Ceiling curtain track

They are strips on which curtain fabrics are attached – in some cases, they even have grooves for attaching hooks. This option can be considered very minimalistic because the system of fixing the draperies on the window is practically invisible. If desired, it can be hidden behind the ceiling plinth.

Of course, this system is not suitable for heavy classic curtains with voluminous window valances, but it is highly valued in modern interiors, minimalism, and farmhouse style. In addition, the ceiling curtain track is often recommended for bay windows.

Curtain rod

This is a prevalent and almost universal solution for any interior. However, it is crucial to understand that it will be visible from any angle in the room (unless, of course, you are using window valances or window scarves). Therefore you need to take into account its design. Fortunately, manufacturers are already ready to please customers with an extensive assortment. You can find many varieties of curtain rods on sale – wooden and metal, carved and laconic, forged and lacquered. And this is not a complete list!


This style of fastening curtains involves turning the fabric around the curtain rod with subsequent fixation. In this case, we talk about draperies literally. Of course, the pocket option is not very functional since moving the curtains along the curtain rod is not very convenient. However, the window decoration with such curtains hanging turns out to be harmonious and complete, and if you move the draperies no more than twice a day, you will not feel much discomfort.


Loop curtains are a more convenient and ergonomic version of the pocket version, but in this case, there is no fabric turnover along the entire length of the curtain rod. The panels are attached to the base using wide fabric loops that slide along the bar without much difficulty. This design solution gives the room a calm, peaceful look, and many prefer textile fixation to avoid the excessive harshness of metal elements in the interior.

There is also another version of the loops, which can be attributed to DIY. In this case, the loops are sewn like two ribbons and tied around the curtain rod in a charming bow. This option will suit your taste if you want to give your Provence or country interior a distinctive charm.


Panels on metal or plastic rings are used in various interiors, including the traditional and the most modern ones. Curtains with this mounting method look appropriate regardless of the type of fabric and color scheme. Moreover, many curtain rods are already sold with a set of rings, so hanging the curtains will not take much time.


Eyelets are called holes with a metal edging, punched in the upper part of the curtain fabric. The curtain rod goes through these holes, leaving a small strip of fabric at the top, partially masking the bar. Eyelets have become relevant not so long ago, but they have already become a trend especially welcomed in modern, minimalist, or Scandinavian interiors.

Hanging curtains styles

The mounting methods that we mentioned earlier allow you to implement various ideas for decorating windows with curtains. We offer you the most stylish, in our opinion, ways.


The pleats in the upper part of the curtain fabric look luxurious. Their creation is quite laborious: the fabric of the curtain is attached to a special tape with longitudinal threads, which are then pulled together at a particular frequency. There are the following types of pleats:

  • Pencil pleat – the curtains in the upper part form even and narrow vertical folds, which diverge below into wider, but the same even draperies of the fabric.
  • Goblet pleat. In this case, it forms a fold, narrowing towards the bottom and widening at the top. The curtains are draped down with narrower but no less beautiful pleats from such folds at the top.
  • Pinch pleat. More geometric and narrower and has no clear border at the top of the curtain. It looks concise and suitable for any textile.
  • Double pleat. This is the name for flat, angular pleats with tucks. Look incredibly stylish on curtains with tiebacks.

The first, third, and fourth folds are more versatile and can even be used for modern interiors. The second is more often used in the design of windows in rooms with high ceilings, traditional furnishings, and luxurious heavy textiles.

On either side of the window

Symmetrically spaced panels can be used on both regular and bay windows. In the latter case, you get a cozy and well-decorated corner with textiles.

Straight panels to the floor

If you’re looking for serenity and you don’t need any pretentiousness and quirky lines, don’t complicate it – just let your curtains fall freely to the floor without tiebacks and additional decor. You can use rings or eyelets, or you can create straight pleats on the ribbon – all this looks not only beautiful but also visually increases the height of the ceiling.

Window valances

This decision completely contradicts the previous one – the decorative component is maximum here! In the period of militant minimalism, you should not hide your sincere love for luxury. If you want to afford a complete window treatment, do not deny yourself the pleasure!

Lucky Trinity

We are already so accustomed to the fact that only two panels are involved in the design of each window separately that something more is already taking us out of our comfort zone. However, such solutions can be charming – for example, using three panels on one window. Of course, you can often contemplate such a solution on two adjacent openings. Still, everything will look very harmonious in this case, especially if the amount of daylight in the room is not too significant to you.

Decorative curtains

Draperies are called draperies, which are used exclusively for the aesthetic decoration of the window. As a rule, they are hung on short curtain rods, and they do not carry any functional load. However, in combination with roller blinds or pleated blinds, they look great, adding volume and completeness.

Window scarves

This is the name of a very trendy solution today – strips of fabric thrown over the curtain rod like a wide muffler. It looks very modern. Besides, it practically cannot get boring, since you can change the position of the fabric as often as you want, and there will always be enough natural light in the room. The only drawback is that with heavy curtain fabrics, this will definitely not work.

Tiebacks and Holdbacks

If straight falling panels on the windows seem dull to you, the solution is straightforward – use tiebacks! Wide fabric bands and cords allow you to arrange the drapery in a nice semicircle and raise it if the curtain is too long. In addition, the holdbacks can be periodically changed, adding a nice variety to the window decoration and the interior as a whole.

Unity is strength

Is just one curtain on the window a shock? Not at all. If the window opening is too narrow, one panel, with or without sheer, will add the necessary harmony and balance. You can let it fall freely, or you can use a beautiful tieback.

Let’s be honest – these are not all options for hanging curtains on windows. However, they have become the most popular in interiors that are relevant today, and all other design methods are mainly variations of all these styles. Whichever one you like, we have no doubt: this way, you will bring the decor of your room closer to perfection.

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