Dining room 2020: Main design trends

For most of the last century, only a few could boast that in their house a separate room was allocated for a dining room. Today their number has increased, so many are interested in what would be the trends of the design of the dining room in 2020.

Planning options

The design of the dining room in 2020 largely depends on what kind of room you want. Several options are possible:

  • separate dining room;
  • dining room-kitchen;
  • dining room combined with living room;
  • dining room, “taken out” to the loggia.

In the first case, the design of the dining room will depend only on the taste and wishes of the owner of the house.

It will be more difficult for those who have a combined dining room. Its design should be in tune with the design of the room as a whole. It is important to carry out zoning, highlighting the corner, designed for family meals.

Design of the dining room 2020 combined with the kitchen

The kitchen-dining room is a fairly common option for many people. A “bar counter” is usually used to separate the dining area from the kitchen itself. A design under this code name can be used for various purposes. Most often, the bar counter serve as a table or work surface.

The design of the dining room combined with the kitchen is best done in one of the modern styles. The trend continues to be Loft. You can use coatings that mimic brickwork of different colors as a finish for the kitchen backsplash and highlight the dining area.

The furniture reminiscent of industrial will look original. This is especially true of dining room furniture. A great selection of chairs, “welded” from scraps of metal pipes.

Separate or dining-living room

Such a room is usually created in luxury apartments or private houses.

If your goal is to create a splendid and expensive-looking decoration, then you can choose the Neoclassical design of the dining room in 2020.

Its characteristic feature is the implementation of the basic principles of Classicism, through the use of modern materials and technologies.

For the interior of the neoclassical dining room in 2020, it is better to choose luxurious metallized wallpapers that have included many well-known brands in their collections.

As for furniture, the trend is upholstery made of velvet, preferably various shades of blue and aquamarine.

To complement the design of the dining room-living room is best to use a luxurious lamp with crystal pendants.

Dining room Loggia

Combining a kitchen with a loggia is the best solution for small apartments. If it seems attractive to you, you will need to insulate and glaze the loggia using modern double-glazed windows.

Creating the design of the dining room, located on the loggia, you can again use the bar counter as a “dividing line”. It is installed in place of the demolished glass partition.

A fresh solution is to create an open space by marking the boundaries of the zone with a beautiful arch.

As for the style, it can be any.

However, remember! Harmonious design is relevant when the whole apartment is designed in the same style.

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